Old Information Creates New Interest

Written by Clarke Kent

In working with Don T to create a composite sketch of the vehicle he observed leaving the circle at 5:15 AM, he mentions seeing a bike rider on his early morning walk on 8/14/05. He also related that he told the police what he is telling Justice. We had asked him to retrace his walk of 10,000 steps with Justice. We started at his house on Suffolk Ct at 4 AM and proceeded south past Kings Grant Rd and the Kings Grant Park (at 3797 Kings Grant Rd) on the left with 4 tennis courts visible and a lone basketball court and some picnic tables in the rear of the park. It also borders Buchanan Creek to the south and the backyard portion of several homes on Suffolk Rd as well as home on Suffolk Court. He describes seeing a lone female bike rider moving at a slow pace in front of him a block distance away. He observes her for 15 to 20 seconds as she rides her bike from side to side. The road makes a sharp right turn and he lost sight of her. However when we and his dog turned right, he is amazed that there is no sight of her since the rest of Suffolk La stretches in a straight line for 2 blocks. However there is a small street that interjects Suffolk La on the left called Suffolk Ct., with 5 homes in all. This raise our curiosity: Was the lone female actually Shellie? Since Don T set out his 10,000 steps at 4 AM he would have reached Suffolk Lane and Kings Grant Rd at 4:06 AM when he observed the lone female bike rider. Since we know that the Navy Seal observed her on the circle between 4 AM and 4:15 AM, but closer to 4 AM, we set out by bike to gauge the time and distance to see if it was feasible that the lone bike rider was actually Shellie. We did 2 tests and found the milage from the exact spot that the Navy Seal saw Shellie until the arrival at the junction of Suffolk Lane and Suffolk Court was .9 mile and that took between 5 minutes 12 seconds and 6 minutes 10 seconds. If she arrived at the circle between 4 AM and 4:05 AM should we have arrived at Suffolk Ct at 4:10 to 4:12 AM. That would fit into Don T’s timeline.

Was this actually Shellie? I asked Don T how she knew it was a female and he described her blonde hair and light clothing. We asked a neighbor and he was not aware of anyone in the neighborhood who would be out at 4:10 AM riding her bike by herself. If this was Shellie how did she end up bak on the circle with her bike at 6 AM? And more importantly why was she past her street on Queen Elizabeth? Was she meeting someone or just wasting time before going home? Justice intends to seek answers.

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