Clarke’s Corner – Focus on the Boyfriend – BB

Written by Clarke Kent

Update to Bill Carson – Bill is currently ongoing serious therapy treatment that has exhausted him. We all at Justice for Shellie wish him our best wishes for a speedy and successful out come. While I speak with him often it is mainly concerning legal issues associated with Justice for Shellie website/blog. We all wish him well and pray for him. The website is still viable and I am dedicated to the true purpose of Justice for Shellie to investigate a cold case murder that will have it’s 14th Anniversary on Aug 14, 2017. We have a cadre of motivated people who will not give up this quest.

Justice and Lois lane work tirelessly on seeking information on Shellie’s life and murder. We are contacting many people and are learning new things with every passing week.

Contact has been made with a person who has come forward with new information of the marriage and divorce of BB ex-wife. This person has had personal knowledge of all aspects of this relationship and was willing to share with Justice via Lois Lane what she has personal knowledge of. Because of her close relationship with the situation we can not reveal how s/he has come by this knowledge. Our interview is concluded and we are preparing a post that I consider “A Possible Blockbuster Information on BB.” We strongly encourage you to read it carefully and let us know your thoughts.


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3 Responses to Clarke’s Corner – Focus on the Boyfriend – BB

  1. Juliet says:

    Please send all my love and prayers to Mr. Carson. I know this whole ordeal has taken a toll on him. I pray he gets to feeling better soon.
    And i pray that this is the year that justice will finally be served for shellie and her family. Then maybe mr carson can try to wnjoy the rest of his life, knowing that his daughter is finally at peace. That is my hope anyway.

  2. Evidence says:

    Have been waiting for the BB’s EXWife interview for a real long time! Something tells me, that I will not be shocked by anything in the interview.
    Good Job Justice, keep up the great work.

    • Lois layne says:

      Evidence.. the conversation i had with the person who we will call anon xwf, was definitely eye opening. The post should be up today. Please let us know your thoughts as i know you have suspected BB for a very long time.

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