BB and Ex-Wife – Marriage- Divorce – Part #1 – Possible Bombshell?

Written by Clarke Kent

Lois Lane in a email to justice records a conversation she had with BB exwife’s close and personal friend (Anon XWF) It is a sad and painful account of a quick marriage and divorce filled with pain, suffering and dominance and ending in the second precinct of the VBPD, where because of a restraining order on BB the divorce decree was signed with police presence as the ex-wife is leaving she learned information about her husband that is considered a bombshell and may indicate the direction of the Shellie murder case.

Lois Lane does a magnificent job of revealing what the x-wife (K) faced for 2 years and concluding with learning that surveillance was part of her life with BB.

Justice in a 2 part post reveals Part 31 where we discover that BB was using the MySpace Website as a dating service. The truth about the rings are finally revealed. We can comprehend how an utter dominating and controlling BB didn’t allow K freedom to see her parents or friends. We are informed that K is basically held hostage. We discover that BB was fired from his job and we discover why he was sexually harassing 16 year olds and was accused of inappropriate touching. We become aware that K bought BB a car and that she became pregnant however she suffered a miscarriage. We end Part #1 when K sends a text to one of her friends pleading for help to get out of her marriage, something she needed help with. We learned that on the same day as the text her mother in the middle of the night arrived with her friends and physically extracted her from BB house. The next post, Part #2 will expose what K learned after signing her divorce papers. Her bombshell discovery in Part #2.


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23 Responses to BB and Ex-Wife – Marriage- Divorce – Part #1 – Possible Bombshell?

  1. R says:

    Ok lets get part 2 up.. here is something I need to question, I believe it was said early on the the marriage lasted less than a year? Am I correct in this? I could be wrong. I know they got married within 6 months of shellies murder.
    I think I would feel more comfortable if this info was direct from the x instead of a friend of the X… as this just goes back to a 3rd party hearsay..
    I honestly believe that the “boyfriend” is not as innocent as some have made him out to be through this blog.. stating he is too dumb to have done it and gotten away with it, that his mentality is that of a much younger person, that he is slow, etc..
    We ALL know this boy has a very short fuse, that his mother is a little off and from another person on this blog that so is his sister..
    Was the X ever interviewed by police? Did she ever go to them about his behavior and the possibility he could have been involved with her murder?

    • Lois layne says:

      R… the entire relationship… from the time they met til the divorce was 2 years. The actual marriage lasted about a year

      • Back to Back Faces says:

        Why did he leave JC Penny’s and who helped him to get the job in the first place? What was the detectives name living next door to BB? Could he have helped to hide the truth due to living so close to BB? We need more information on this detective. He could have been telling BB and family what to say to keep his name out of public eye. This detective needs more investigation. Let me clarify he was fired from Dominoes right? His mother hides what she needs to keep BB away from submission right or wrong. I think this marriage was set up to take place to guide guilt away from BB and family. He couldn’t control Shellie so he decides to control ex wife. He wanted to be sure she didn’t cheat on him like Shellie. He sees weakness in girls and tries to use that. Thank Jesus K’s parents came to the rescue or that girl would have been in trouble as well ya think? I think the mother and sister are involved. We need to put together who else BB knew that would have helped in this any one know who? Can we connect him to TN, BB keeps saying he didn’t know of CT and TN I think this is a crap taking place. We need to see this through and fined out what the ex fiancé knows about TN. She didn’t marry him because she found out about Shellie and that he did have something to do with this or was this rumors. I have always said this murder was covered up by someone who helped to cover this? Who was the detective living next door? That’s a easy look up.

  2. Evidence says:

    This is precisely the way I mentally Pictured the marriage. His marriage behavior fits the whole persona of the the Boyfriend we have all come to know over the years. At the sociopath behavior The lying, the extreme anger, the way he would constantly Proclaim this love for Shellie after her death, as a way to bring attention to himself and pity to himself, never really caring for her.
    Selfish, spoiled, dangerous. A perfect package of explosive rage and jealousy that showed his face on the night Shellie was murdered.
    Look at the 12 hours before her death, the complete time line, the storm on the horizon growing bigger by the hour.
    The word “Stalking” is used on this interview, exactly what I believed he did after he left her house that early morning before her death
    And once again, we have the insane Mother. The Mother that would condone a horrible behavior, a dangerous behavior. One that would be a ally in his final act of defiance to the jealousy and rage he had that one Sunday morning. Her rage.
    It all fits. I believe his mother and him did follow her to 7/11. Sat in the parking lot in the small white car. Watched her embrace MF and then followed her, both enraged. Then later one of them, most likely BB pulled the car up next to her.One of them got out, approached her in a state of rage and then the attack. I believe the Mother could be the actual murderer. Both working together to move the body across the road from the circle to the bushes on the side of the road.
    The mother taking care of him later, getting rid of the clothes, calling him at work, the mention of his “New” shirts. I believe they were working in tandem. And of course, she would be his alibi.
    The rings, the cigarettes, not calling Shellie that morning, calling MF right away etc. etc. It would take someone strong to protect BB. Someone that could guide him constantly to keep the police off. I believe the Mother and BB are two of a kind.
    Great job Justice!

    • Juliet says:

      Evidence. Your comment is great. I will have to say after reading this… my views on bbs ” mentality” have changed. Cant wait to read tomorrows post!

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence You at all times was super suspicious of BB. You have been consistent in maintaing your position.We have written volumes on BB and he has personally contributed to the website/blog in his own thru hundreds of comments.You mention the drama surrounding the rings, the cigarettes,Shellie make up at Shellies house that got them back together after a fight. and him calling MF when he left and his promise to call her when he got home which was the factor that caused BB to leave the website/blog after I confronted him in an interview with Shellie Cell records are all indicators of he inability to have consistency in what happened. His calling gigi on the morning of the discovery of Shellie’s body and telling her Shellie was murder via a vehicle and BB asking her to call the parents for him and his urging her to come to Va Bch is so out of place and revealing. Yes BB is a serious Suspect as he was on the day of Shellie’s murder and has been confirm by his inability to articulate a consistence story.My next post dealing with the Detective as revealed by the x-wife will only increase suspicion of BB.

  3. R says:

    Excellent views and points Evidence! Something we both have discussed throughout the years together

  4. R says:

    Oh I have a question if anyone knows the answer what color shirt was B wearing that night? It has a bearing on something so I am hoping someone knows the answer

    • Juliet says:

      I sure dont know. Idk that anyone would be able to answer that question except bb himself and i doubt hell ever answer.

  5. R says:

    You know I got to thinking over this post and a few others thanks to Lois Lanes hard work! Over the years everything myself and Evidence has ever stated about B was pretty much always dismissed now years later thanks to Lois Lane it appears that everything we came up with is now resurrecting!
    We pushed the buttons and our brains over the top on all of this now why is it that after all these years thanks to Lois that the info on the X has come out! Why didn’t Justice know anything or have such a hard time getting this info? Not bashing justice but I find it odd that there is someone who knows B and has spent time with him that this person never brought this out on the table, it seems that someone had to know this critical information and for some reason it never surfaced until Lois Lane got involved! I personally thank you for all your work

    • Lois layne says:

      All i did was start a facebook page. The wonderful va beach community are the reason we have learned all this new stuff. Everything ive learned and the people ive talked with are all people who contacted via facebook. Lots of these people didnt know the blog existed, or they would have contributed their knowledge sooner. The only people to thank is the local community who continute to fight for justice for shellie.

  6. R says:

    Question how long after Shellie was murdered did B go into the police station? How much time passed did he have to go in when he was accompanied by someone? How many days was it until police searched his home and take his clothing? Very curious as why his parents did not accompany him to the police station for questioning

    • Clarke Kent says:

      R When we broke the story on Z. as Shellie protector see Post dated 6/5/12 entitled” Shellie Terrirfied-Z as Protector” There are other Z post see dates 4/24/17 or 5/11/15. The cold case unit asked Miranda to meet with them to review what we published. Miranda was the person who talked with Z and BB asked to join her. The LE were happy to have BB present and did talk to him individually. I will ask Miranda to address what occured and the outcome. This is aside from any other interviews with BB. He also gave DNA The amount of interviews BB had with LE is unknowned. The first interview was at his job atJC Penny in which happened around 12 noon after LE left the Carsons home after ID ing Shellie as the victum. BB account was he was so surprised of Shellie death and we have numerous accounts of his response. This however isn’t consistenct with gigi telling Justice BB called her on the morning of Shellie murder and revealed to her Shellie was dead via a vehicle. How could he know prior to LE who only discoverind Shellie was the victim about 11AM on Sun morning, when Charlette confirmed the sneakers worn by the victum were her daughters? BB’s statements esspecially those on our website/blog are very inconsistence. We have over 75 Statements from BB.If you look carefully at the x-wife’s view of his revelations to her regarding Shellie murder she confirms they are inconsistent.

    • Miranda says:

      I have no idea what meetings that BB had with the police prior to our meeting with them. When he went with me, it was the first year that the blog was up and running and he was taken into a separate interrogation room than myself. They never asked me any questions about BB. They were only interested in information on the 4 guys theory and I answered the questions to the best of my ability. The only time BB was brought up inside the interrogation room was when I asked the detective if he felt that I should be nervous about me driving him to these types of meetings and meetings with Justice. They said they had no concerns, but that I should not be anywhere near the guys from the 4 guys theory because with them I would be “playing with fire.” When I left the interrogation room, BB was brought up a second time. I was in the room with the detectives longer than BB was and they had finished questioning him and he was waiting for me outside of the door of the room he went in. At this point Tucker (I believe) approached us and told BB that when they caught the guys, they would come visit him at work or home to tell him immediately after notifying Mr. Carson. They stated that they could put him in his bed that night and asked us not to let anyone know that was the case. They said we didn’t have to comply, but asked us to, which we did, until BB broke the silence on that. Afterwards, I took him back to his house. I believe that the next time I saw him after that was the night that we all went out on the anniverasary, which was actually the last time I saw BB. I have no idea if he has spoken with the police since, or how long it had been when I took him to speak with them. They seemed really happy to see him, they told me that he would be happy that he had come and told him, in front of me that some mistakes were made when the initial investigation had happened. I do not pretend to know what that meant, but it is what was said. It has been probably 5 years since then, so I will answer any questions to the best of my ability that anyone has about that interview, but it would probably be best to look back at the post about it, because it would contain more detail.

  7. Evidence says:

    No offense to Justice, but one of the things that has frustrated me over the years, is the fact that once the discussion starts to focus on BB, and begs to dig deeper and keep the investigation and probing going, Justice will switch gears and to directly South to another subject or person of interest. Mostly the 4 guys in a car. (Which I never bought into).
    Hopefully now, with these new revelations, of important information, we can continue to stay focused on who quite arguably is the number one main suspect in the bludgeoning death of Shellie Carson.
    Recently MORE info is being asked about his mother. It was RN who years ago described the case of the Mother, basically raged and going into the Carson house looking to find Shellie.
    It is my opinion that we need to go back to the original timeline. So many fine details in that 12hrs that have to be scrutinized and honed in once again.
    A new focus has to be on the Mother, and her possible collusion and complicity in this murder.
    The question of “Why” didn’t the Mother or Father go with police on the latter interview needs to be addressed now. Why was he represented by someone else? And again, when did he go for this interview? How long after the murder? When was his house searched? Was his Mother every questioned as a suspect? Accomplice?
    Stay with me Justice on this one. Stay on BB. Keep focused, there has to be more out there. Change gears now would be a mistake.
    As Always, Thank you for all you have done, as usual.

    Juliet and R, maybe time to get back in the Saddle. Lois Lane is a fresh flower. She has the ability to go over a cold, dead trail and find new prints that we all got lost on, she found where the trail was lost and now she is back on where the trail traveled. Lets join her and follow that new trail.

  8. Back to Back Faces says:

    I’m supposing here but how did BB know there was a detective living next door to him or were they watching BB and the house. Someone is helping to keep the lids on this case. I still say that BB had connections to CT and MS and the others. He partied with all of them its b—— if someone says different. The sister was in there somewhere as well. But the mother is hiding something right or wrong murder is different. I’m in agreement to keep eyes on this family. They wanted to be accepted by the Carsons especially the mother. But regardless no one has the right to go to anyone’s home and kick doors in to talk to someone. This mother has a problem and that is anger. Anger is what murdered Shellie. BB and the latest updates choking ex wife why is this how he gets his kicks. He couldn’t control Shellie and now ex wife he couldn’t control. I guess mommy and sister are controlling him now to shut up. We will find out. I think we need to make more connections in Norfolk and see what we can find?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Back to Back Today I will post Part #2 on the X-wife and you will found out what the E-wife learn when she was at the VBPD Second Prec. to sign here Divorce papers. Justice has no information to support your contension that BB knew CT or any of the 3/4 friends associate with CT. CT has told me he only met Shellie once at MS house and didn’t mention knowing BB. What information do you have to support CT’s& BB knowing each other. While BB mother was at the Carson home it was because Shellie had given her daughter a drug that she was furious at Shellie and made that known with her visit.She Did Not Kick the Door in.

    • Juliet says:

      Back to back, Bbs mother is not the one that kicked in the door. It was the ex wifes mother that came in bbs home to get her daughter out of there. Bb wasnt allowing her to have contact with her parents so thats the only way she could get to her daughter. This is the way i read it anyway, lois please correct me if i am wrong.

      • Juliet says:

        Also i am pretty sure that bb and ct and his crew do not know each other. Ct has told me he doeant know bb and bb has told me that he has never met ct. Bb personally told me he only ever seen ct one time and that was at burger king.. but thwy did not speak or associate with each other that day or any other day. I have talked with a million people about this case and never once has anyone ever been Ble to confirm that those 2 knew each other.

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