BB & Ex-Wife – BB – Prime Suspect – Part #2

Written by Clarke Kent

In Lois Lane’s interview with Anon XWF (Anon Ex-Wife’s Friend) leaves us on the realization from K that the moment her mother rescued her from BB home was when she knew the marriage was over. After the rescue the mother returned the next day to BB house and secured the rest of her things as well as the blue Ford Focus. She described BB reaction as “not a happy camper.” He repeatedly called her and “left a thousand hateful messages. She secured and was granted a “restraining order” against BB. She described that prior to the restraining order BB complained about not having his car which was purchased by K and she finally allowed him to get the car back and she reveals her story of his reaction. When she went to drop off the car to him, he started taking pictures of her new car and license plate and she asked him what he was doing and he said he was “keeping inventory.” She thinks it was weird and scared her and she just wanted him to leave her alone. She tried giving him the car would get him to stop calling her everyday and bothering her. Her plan obviously didn’t work. He left threatening messages over and over and wouldn’t stop calling her. This prompted her getting a “restraining order.” So K filed for divorce and because of the restraining order, she had to go to the 2nd precinct to meet BB to sign and finalize her divorce. BB leaves and then K learns a bombshell that her ex-husband was in fact the prime suspect in Shellie’s murder. This revelation was learned directly by a conversation between K and the detective that lived in the BB neighborhood.

Lois Lane artfully introduces how K learned about BB being a Prime Suspect. I will quote from her report directed to me with the exact wording K is getting ready to leave the second precinct “She was approached by a detective who came up to her and asked her is she recognized her.”

“She did. It was BB’s next door neighbor. The detective. She asked K if she had anything that she wanted to share that she had learned about Shellie’s Murder. She wanted to talk about whether or no BB  had ever said or done, or had she ever seen or heard anything to make her think BB was involved. the only thing she Could say about that was that she asked him point-blank one time if he knew anything about Shellie’s murder. He adamantly said no. But his story always changed. Not a lot. But always little differences or variations of the same basic story. Like it had been rehearsed, And some line forgotten over the months. K then asked the detective if she was working on the Shellie Carson murder case and she said that she was. Wow, what a coincidence that you live next door to her fiance, one of the main Suspects. The detective told her it was not a coincidence at all and that she was working and watching BB and his family.”

The bottom line is that the VBPD suspected BB as the prime suspect from the beginning thereby putting a detective to watch BB and his family. Sounds very serious, however almost 14 years later there is still no progress identifying the killers of Shellie Carson. Obviously they couldn’t create enough evidence for a conviction on BB or anyone else. What is your evaluation of learning that the le at least in the beginning considered BB a prime suspect. Does it tell us anything? Please read Lois Lane’s report several times and your comments and thoughts are appreciated. You may even have knowledge of other incidents that may be key to solving this brutal murder.


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  1. Miranda says:

    Lois, can you find out for me from XWF when, in the time line the incident with the person named Jewel being threatened falls? The way it is written is somewhat confusing. Was it before the divorce was final? Was it after? And after the divorce, how much contact did BB continue to have with K and for how long?


    • Lois layne says:

      Miranda… the incident with jewel had to have happened before the divorce was finalalized, and even before the restraining order was issued because anon xwf told me that he told her that during the same conversation where he was telling her about knowing she didnt vandalize the car. That was a week after k returnwd thw car to him. So fairly early on after k left the b household. She said that after the destraining order wS issued, bb complied and stopped contacting her. To my knowledge, after that day at the precinct, they havent had contact since. That wS my impression anyway. I eill try to contact her and see if they had any contact after the divorce was finalized. As im not sure how long the restraining order was supposed to last. I will get back with you.

      • Miranda says:

        Okay, all of this is very interesting to me. Because I met Jewel. Jewel was a very short lived relationship with BB. I would say that it lasted approximately 6 weeks, most of which Jewel spent in jail on a failure to appear for Domestic Violence between her and her sister. BB met her and they started dating and then Jewel’s parents moved to another state. Jewel moved into BB’s house with him and his family. At some point, they went to some concert in the park together and something happened that was unrelated to she and BB, but they checked everyone’s IDs and they found that she had a warrant on the FTA and put her in jail.

        The relationship with Jewel was long after the divorce and in fact, I am sure Clarke also remembers Jewel because he met her also. BB brought her with him to Charlotte’s funeral, some 10 years or so after the murder and what I would have to calculate as 8 years or so after the divorce.

        BB had shown me the pictures of the vandalized car when I met him in December, Jewel was around Feb, if I am remembers when Charlotte’s death was correctly. It’s been a while. The year or possibly the couple of months prior to starting the blog was when he showed me the pics of the blue car.

        I also remember when BB and Jewel were getting the threats. They were coming in on Jewel’s cell phone while she was in jail. BB and his mother called me when it happened and asked what they should do. I told him to call the police because there was nothing that I could do. I reminded BB that the police told him that if he was having any trouble with anyone harassing him, he was to call them, and he claimed that he did call them, or at least that he was going to when he called me and asked what to do. We never found out who the calls were coming from, but it had to have been someone who knew both of them because they were coming in on her phone. Clarke may remember this also because I was shocked that they would call me and ask what to do instead of calling the police immediately.

        I find it strange that K or her friend would even know about the situation with Jewel and the threats if they were not still in contact 10 years after Shellie’s death and so many years after the divorce.

        Shortly after Jewel got out of jail, she ran off to another state (I assume the state where her parents went) and got pregnant by some guy that she was cheating on BB with, long distance if I remember correctly. To my knowledge she is still in that other state.

        • Lois layne says:

          Interesting. I will see if i can ask her about this. The friend never said that bb and jewel were “dating” only that she was a friend of bbs. Hopefully i can get anon xwf to come on and comment herself. I will try.

          • Miranda says:

            Yes, they were def dating. She even moved in with him, as opposed to moving away with her family and he had brought her with him to the funeral. I did not have a postive impression of her either, honestly. And was very involved in the text threats, by BB calling me and asking what to do so remember distinctly when it happened. I was going to go on BB’s facebook and check for actual time, but he has at some point deleted me and made his facebook private so you can’t see those things anymore without being his friend.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Miranda Charlottes funeral was in March 3,2012 and Lois Layne time line between K and BB was Dec 2005 to Jan 2005 a span of over 4 years after Miranda and I was introduced to Jewel at the Funeral. The only thing I remember about her was that she was a “Flack”Miranda I had to leave immediately to drive to New Orleans to meet my family for a cruise and therefore I didn’t return to yhe Carsons house after the Funeral. Besides you telling me of her name I would not remember her except for my quick opinion of her which was negative. I don’t see a connection as this was 4 plus years after K’s and BB relationship desolved. I do not see a relevance, because of the time line.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      The Time line of K and BB is Dec 05′ Jan 08′ A correction from my first comment above.

    • Miranda says:

      The relevance is the time line. Why would she work this event into her story that was years before the thing with Jewel even happened? How does she even know. Was he still contacting her as late as 2012? If not, how did they know this happened?

      The threatening def happened after I met BB. I never met K, couldn’t get any info on her whereabouts and I don’t know her real name. She was long gone, or so I thought at the time that I met BB and it was a couple months after I met him that he met Jewel at a party or something like that. I just remember him putting on facebook that he had met her and then them changing their relationship status. The he called me when the threats on the phone happened and I told him to call the police and couldn’t understand how they got her number if it wasn’t one of her friends. That was when he told me that she was in jail.

  3. Lois layne says:

    Ok just got off the phone with anon xwf and she said she has no knowledge of anything that happened after the divorce. The call she is referring to when bb mentioned jewel was a week after k returned the blue car to bb. A week after she moved out of his house. This was late dec07/early jan 08. She was there when bb called k to tell her he was sorry to have accused her of vandalizing the car. If the car was vandalized again, it was years later and she knows nothing about it. She has no knowledge of the jewel person other than that during that call he told k he knew it wasnt her that vandalized the car because he had been receiving threats on his phone and a friend of his whose name she remembers as jewel was also getting calls saying they were going to kill her the way they killed shellie. This is all a conversation via telephone that she personally heard bdtween bb and k. Again, as of 2012, she has no knowledge of anyone he was hanging with or dating.

    • Miranda says:

      Yeah, BB didn’t have a car by the time I met him. That’s why I had to take him to the meetings with Justice and why he didn’t drive himself when we went to the police station. He had said that it has been a long time ago that the car was vandalized and only had pictures. And for certain, Jewel was long after the marriage was over and they read the text messages to me. They were very concerned that they had kids in the house and I am pretty sure they called the police and reported it. I think I remember Horvath mentioning it to me, as he did call me and tell me when things/people I had sent him did actually contact him. And the way Jewel was presented to me was that he had met her at a party, or one of his performances. I’d have a hard time believing that she got the same threats years prior and then got them again. Something is just very weird about the whole thing, knowing that we all met her and can put a solid time frame on it with Charlotte’s funeral but she remembers this as being years beforehand.Maybe it was a different girl?? Could it be possible that a different girl was also getting threats on their phone? Maybe heard about Jewel thru the grapevine and is remembering the name and/or timeframe wrong?? I don’t know. It’s really not a common name.

      BB certainly wasn’t seeing Jewel for several years. It was VERY brief and mostly him visiting her in jail.

  4. Clarke Kent says:

    I would think we are talking about 2 separate girls named Jewel.

  5. Lois layne says:

    Miranda i was going to say… maybe its a different girl? I really dont know.

  6. R says:

    I find this all interesting and I remember alledged incidents of vandalism and he thought it was Ct and them
    Bottom line in my opinion it always leads back to B
    Of course they haven’t made an arrest as they are awaiting for the one thing they need yep of course b have his DNA cause his DNA would be all over her anyways since they were together that day/ and morning
    Heck I would not hesitate to give mine either even if I was a suspect! B has always twisted his story poured on the oh feel sorry for me act poor pitiful me he always played yet he has an explosive temper as well as his M! Runs out gets married not long after the love of his life is murdered then gets tattooed many years later when the pressure pointed back to him, yet it appears every time it comes back to B then everyone gets side tracked back to the so called 4 guys in a car throwing a 40 oz hitting her to knock her down while in motion on her bike must me a darn good shot especially since these 4 guys were supposed to be high drunk as all! Oh and police do not go to a boyfriend after the family tompwrsonally tell them they got the person! They only go to family a boyfriend is not family!!’
    So Lois and Clarke keep pushing on B being the number one prime suspect and let’s not get back to the story line of 4 guys!
    I have a question though why didn’t his parents or sibling take him to the police meetings? And sorry I don’t care your age etc if you have a fiancé the love of your life that was murdered why on Gods green earth would the first call you make be to MF and not Shellie’s family? That is off the wall in my opinion.
    I would also like to say that his myspace page way way back when my mom and I got it right after Shellie was murdered was role play etc my mother had everything on discs and oh her computer but after she passed all that was destroyed! He had on there don’t leave messages for the role play on his MySpace but to contact him another way. B lied so much through all these years and when he is called out he blows but someone told him not to post on here anymore as it makes him look even more guilty with his rage and temper flaring. Lets not keep defending him and let’s focus on what is the most important thing and bringing her killer to justice.
    Great work Lois and Clarke

    • Miranda says:

      I just answered the question and said again what was said to me and him while in front of me. That they would come tell him was what they said. I have no reason to lie about what was said. And i am pretty sure that it is all mentioned, years ago, wherever it is posted. I believe it was before the site/blog, so Clarke would have it in his records from WS. I don’t know if BB was ever taken downtown or went in for an interview. I know absolutely nothing of that time except that they went to his house, talked to the family and I think they took his clothes. And he told me about the incident with them looking thru his car, and that he opened it up and they didn’t look. I know nothing of any of his other talks with police. And to my knowledge, as of the last time I talked BB he has never been questioned again.

      • Back to Back Faces says:

        Why would someone ask to open up his car but after he opened it they didn’t look in it. If they went thru his car then they were looking. Just saying. They looked all right but didn’t find anything I’m guessing. I wonder who told the police about Wolfman in the first place? I wonder if the detectives remember who started that trail. In my opinion someone told them about home and for some reason they concentrated on him for some reason. The detective next door to BB what was the reason for this does anyone know? If BB knew they were there who told him? Just questions not blaming anyone just thinking.

        • Lois layne says:

          The way I understood it was that the detective was looking through his car windows while he was at work. A neighbor called to tell him about it and he rushed home and opened up the door offering her to look inside and she said she didn’t need to.

          • Lois layne says:

            They didn’t actually ask to look inside and then decline when he opened the doors, they were caught snooping in thru the window basically.

          • Miranda says:

            This is the way that I understand it as well, except I thought he was out eating dinner with his mom, but I don’t know why I thought that. I don’t know if I was told or assumed.

            • Lois layne says:

              That would make more sense actually because if he was at work without his car, how’d he get home so fast? It would make sense he was in his mother’s vehicle.

          • Back to Back Faces says:

            This makes no sense how could he be at work and the detectives were looking through his car window at work then he rushed home to open it at his home. Lois Lane please explain.

            • Lois layne says:

              Back to back… spoke with anon xwf last night… She has no clue for certain where he was. Xwf said she assumed he was at work because that’s the only place he ever went but she really has no clue where he was… only that he wasn’t home but his car was and a neighbor called to tell him a detective was peeking thru his windows and he rushed home and invited her inside the vehicle but she declined.

        • Lois layne says:

          Also bb knew a detective lived next to him but he did not know the detective was working undercover and watching him.

  7. Evidence says:

    The other time line-The Sunday morning when BB goes to work.
    Ok, it is time to get focused. Let’s review the timeline when BB goes to work that Sunday morning.

    1) BB in interviews said he made up with Shellie
    2) refused to get her cigarettes upon her request
    3) told her he would get then in the AM

    So here we go. BB goes to work at JC Penny. After arriving he did not get Shellie Cigarettes or bring them to her in the Am.
    8am,9am, 10am.11am and later. BB never calls Shellie. He had just made up with her that evening, after a tumultuous break up of engagement. He, proclaims his love, but no call to her.
    BB obviously had to go to work, and obviously got up early that Sunday morning. Also up early was his mother who went to the Mall.
    BB receives a call from his mother. At which time BB and recall years later a tidbit of information to the extent that his mother said she “I BOUGHT YOU NEW SHIRTS”

    Now here is the thing, more than odd that he did not try and contact his beloved, but also the fact that he, who cannot even recall if he went to the mall the day before the murder or Circuit City remembers new shirts in a casual call.
    I have posted many times on how BB speaks. I believe he is a true Sociopath, which as a common denominator is the fact that they are good liars. When he makes a statement he will inject Trivial, unimportant information to make the story more believable. He does this frequently.
    BUT! Those trivial facts, are actually important to him. Why? Because they have meaning to him. He attempts second guess the interviewer. make the story believable.
    I sinclerly believe when his mother called, he was worried about the Bloody clothing. He had to be. He remembers this trivial detail from his mother’s call BECAUSE It was a major concern if the police came by and found them. I believe his mother did call. I believe she called to tell him she got rid of the bloody clothes. Hence the comment in disguise “I bought you new shirts”
    He also mentions that his mother said “I bought Shellie some food that she likes”. What does this mean. Is this some way saying she took care of the body. IS IT POSSIBLE that she returned to the body for something?
    Part 11. later. The weird call to MF

    • Juliet says:

      Evidence very interesting theory about the phone call from the mother about the shirts. I guess it is possible that was sort sort of covert call to let him know the crime scene has been covered up or something. I like your outside thinking.

    • Back to Back Faces says:

      Probably the rings. No one ever said if she had indents of rings on her fingers. Is that in autopsy findings? That’s another thing. Break up get rings back. Like I said this mother and son. I think BB has a lot of answers and how the mother fits in. But more important who is telling him to keep what he knows quiet? By the way where did BB grow up and what neck of town would that be? Who surrounds BB with the same area of where he grew up? Does anyone know? Evidence great point. I never thought of that in relation to the clothes.

    • Lois layne says:

      What I would like to know is if bb and the ex bf from way back, jc, knew each other. I can’t get past him telling me about the guy that came over of the murder night to “hide out.” And then called the Carson home early that morning before Shellie had been identified. I keep wondering if this boy could have been bb. I’m trying so hard to get an interview with jc. At first he was very forthcoming with information and then it just stopped. He hasn’t replied to any of my messages to him. It’s like someone told him to stop talking…

      • Back to Back Faces says:

        He shut up for a reason. Someone like BB and BF decides not to talk who is telling him to do this? Seems like the detectives should be questioning him not just trying to get an interview. I can bet they both grew in Oceanview? I bet you can go to Oceanview and start asking and you will come up with them knowing each other. Hell I lived in Oceanview and know deep roots in Oceanview I will start asking see what I can find out. I bet some people from this blog come from Oceanview. Stay on track do not let people deter you from checking this no matter who or what comes to light. Steady course. They knew about the detectives living next door from whom they just didn’t announce they were there they were informed that this is what they were doing so again who was talking to detectives to get that information? Detectives don’t talk unless they know the information will stay if not it’s there job on the line. So who leaked the information? Let’s also check some churches in Oceanview who goes where that is attached to the blog. The mother attends church where and if family is from Oceanview what church did they attend there and JC where did his family attend church. Some one is helping to cover up if we stay focused we can find out? What youth group did JC attend in school?

        • Lois layne says:

          Back to back… I’m having a hard time connecting oceanview to this crime. What is it about oceanview that needs to be checked out? I’m sort of confused

  8. R says:

    Great points Evidence as always

  9. Clarke Kent says:

    I could write a book on all the inconsistence that BB exposed during the 24 hours surrounding meeting up with MF & Shellie at circuit city snd the discovery of a muedered female on the Kings Grant Circle and the notification to the public that the murdered female was Shellie Carson.I will be reviewing my files and we will create a time line of the first 24 hours from 6PM when BB pickup MF & Shellie and heads to the circuit city.I will welcome all support from our cadre of sleuths in creating the time line from 6pm Sat 8/13 to 6 pm Sunday 8/14, 2005 when MF & BB visit the Carsons.

    • Juliet says:

      This is great clarke. I think we def need to get back to the last day before her murder and what transpired that night. Somewhere in that mess is the truth.

  10. R says:

    Back to Back b is originally from Norfolk as well as his father from my research. I can look up when they purchased the house in vb.
    B has total inconsistency with all his stories. He I believe in my opinion put out the 4 guys he stated to me that he never knew who or what Ct looked like but we all know that was a lie as he slipped up in a convo that he did know who he was.
    Back to back the wolf man was first suspect as he was known for dressing dark and walking the streets at night. If not mistaken he is also on the spectrum of autism.
    No there were no mentions of indentations of rings
    The timeline sets the scene, what happened those 12 hours.
    Again he avoided for such a long time about the rings the color of his car he first said pembroke mall then stated circuit city 2 totally different places and there is no way to mix up the 2!!
    Now I may step on toes but why why would someone go out of their way to get him to police meetings when you had never met him before? And he has a family a mother and father to get him there? How could someone not know anything about his xw her name etc when you have spent time with him and his family? No I am not making any accusations at all but this has bothered me for a long time and now it’s time to ask. Did you not ever think to ask him about her, yet you knew how long it was after Shellie was murdered to when he got married? It all seems odd to me and also to many others.
    Now we should all be about seeking the killer whomever that maybe and not seeming like things are being covered and protecting one.
    I can honestly say that if my son or daughter or friend murdered someone I would not protect them at all! Yes as a mother of my child did a crime yes 100% I would not cover and I would be the first to turn them in.
    We cannot let this horrid crime continue on unsolved.
    Lets not get back to 4 guys that’s all bs and let’s not go back to a Found key everyone in kg knows that tons of cars are parked st the circle and people loose keys there

    • Juliet says:

      R I don’t think he asked Miranda to give him a ride to a police meeting. I believe Miranda had a meeting set up with them and when she told bb about it, he wanted to go with her so she picked him up. I don’t think that meeting was for bb and in fact, I believe I read that the police were very happy that bb had come with her. They didn’t know he was coming. Miranda please correct me if I am mistaken.

      • Miranda says:

        You are correct. As always, despite the fact that I have not seen the kid in years, been married now for nearly 5, had two kids, moved 400 miles away and at some point (don’t even know when) he deleted me on facebook, apparently I am hiding something for him, and very possibly, I will be once again accused of doing other things with him.

        The police contacted me because they were reading the blog. They wanted to know where I had gotten the information from on the four guys in the car. They told me I had to come down and explain what I was doing and where I was getting the information and threatened to charge me with investigating without a license. I was not the one that was investigating/interviewing anyone at the time and had only been speaking with BB, who around that same time frame had brought us Z and several other people who claimed to have information. When he brought them to us, I would pass the information on to Clarke. However, we had made a promise to everyone that was giving us information that we would pass the information on to police without revealing their names. I did not want to get into trouble, however I also did not want anyone who had given us info in the past to hear that I had given up BB or anyone else, because we would lose their trust and people may not be so willing to come forward. Our integrity in not calling people out is a big part of why some people who are afraid to go to the police would come to us instead, in an attempt to remain anon, and still get the info to the proper authorities. So I let BB know that they were asking who was giving me the information and told him that I would keep my promise to not say if that was what he wanted. He told me he would tell them himself that he was the one giving me the info, so I took him with me. I was not taking someone I had never met before. Bill and Clarke were at the meeting where I met BB, and at that point I had been talking to him for several months and he had given us enough information to have the police questioning where I was getting it from.

        As for the ex wife, he didn’t talk about her. And I didn’t push. I asked a few things that really got not valuable answers, but it was a dead end trying to talk to him about it. Plus, at that time, there was a lot of talk back and forth between myself, BB and the people he was bringing to the table with info. and it all focused on the time of Shellie’s murder and prior. I spent countless hours talking with BB, his family, and the people he was bringing in. I was also in school, had a family of my own to take care of and at the end on my time spent talking to BB, was in the middle of getting married. My focus was on the constant stream of information coming in. He was bringing us a lot of info and people with info, and if there was something he didn’t want to talk about, I didn’t push because when you push someone that’s giving you info to talk about things that they don’t want to talk about, they shut down and don’t give you anything else. Get what you can and wait for other info to come if it is going to. I am not the police and he is under no obligation to answer me when I ask things. And carrying a flaming pitchfork to the door isn’t going to help find her killer. Just like overlooking the inconsistencies of everyone but him isn’t going to find her killer. Just leaves you spinning your wheels on something that may not be true at all.

        This whole situation is the reason I don’t comment on here anymore. No matter what I say, I am implicated in this by some, when I was the one who started the WS threads long before I met Justice or BB. Whenever I see something posted that is not true (about anyone), I used to make an effort to correct it. But Clarke was the one who did the interviews with everyone but BB. I was the one who talked to BB and who he gave information to, so primarily the things that I could correct were things with him. I don’t feel comfortable speaking on things that I did not witness for myself and if you look thru all of my comments you will find that I always make sure to either note how I heard something, where I heard something and source it on the blog when I can. And I don’t correct them to cover for him. I correct them because inconsistencies from us takes away from our credibility.

        I don’t recall BB ever “slipping up” and saying that he knew CT. The way I remember it, he consistently said he did not know him. Then when Clarke got me a picture of him, I showed it to BB and that was when he said that he recognized him as being the guy that was bothering Shellie at the BK. I got the feeling that he was more bothered than Shellie. But that was what he said. He also said that it caused problems for Shellie that he was upset and that she asked him not to look at him or something to that effect. Been a long time at this point, so looking over what I have posted in the past is probably best. I think that by looking you will see that my story has never changed on what was said or done in front of me. Since BB was the only one that was ever really talking to me, other than the brief convos I had with the people he brought to me, that was really all I was able to correct.

        Personally, I am still confused on the rings. Prior to the details about how K had purchased her own rings, the last I heard was that he gave them to K for their wedding. I would have to assume that is not true now either, so I don’t know where the rings are. But I can tell you he asked me to stop him “at the mall” to get something for his hookah, and it was actually a place right outside the mall, just like Circuit City was at the time. I think they just call that general area the Mall. But he did always say they were getting a radio installed, never acted like they were walking around in the mall, and I don’t know that you can have a radio installed somewhere at the actual Mall, but I don’t know.

        Finally, I never told BB not to post on the blog. I did tell him that if something wasn’t correct, he needed to correct it without cussing or losing it, because I would have to go in and redact all of it and it made more work for me, while making him look like a raving lunatic. He never listened to me on that so I just continued to redact. But I do remember, I think when he went to the meeting with MF, (where Clarke said that MF said he saw his car in the parking lot that night, but then later told Clarke that he didn’t see it in the parking lot, he saw it leaving the area, after BB left her house, and before she came back to 7-11 the second time…I *think* that was the same convo where he said that BB gave K the rings and met her at the funeral??) that he came on here and stated something about not posting here anymore and he hasn’t posted since. If he was told not to post here anymore at that time, I do not know who told him to do that. By then, I was already living in SC and was not in contact with him anymore. And when he was on my facebook, all I ever remember getting after we stopped talking was invites to shows and asking me to buy tickets, which I believe was just a bulk message that went out to a bunch of people on his list all at once.

        • Lois layne says:

          Miranda you are correct and apparently after interviewing anon xwf we have discovered that pretty much everything mf said to us at that interview was not true. Regarding bb marriage and when and where they met and the rings…

          • Miranda says:

            That seems to be a trend with him, from the beginning, honestly.

            • Lois layne says:

              What I would like to know is why he making up all these stories? It doesn’t make a luck of sense to me. Who is he trying to protect? Himself? Someone else? Why would he lie and say that bb and k met at Shellie funeral when k wasn’t even in the same state when the funeral took place. And why would he lie and say bb gave k Shellie rings? What is his motivation for having all the blame placed on bb? I tried again to reach out to him after finding out this new information from anon xwf and ask him where he got his information. He even told me bb had 2 close friends that stopped talking to him over those rings. But, of course, he is playing the silent game again. And on Facebook it shows you when someone has seen and read your messages so I know that he has seen what I’ve written him. He’s just choosing not to talk anymore. So my real question is why all the lies? What does 2nd have to gain by lying on bb like that?

              • Lois layne says:

                I believe mf knows what happened to shellie. Or at least who was involved in her murder. I believe he saw it heard a conversation between Shellie and someone and I believe that someone hurt Shellie and my knows about it. Why else would he lie so much. From the beginning when he said he walked her to the duck pond. In my opinion, my needs to be interrogated again. And then again.

        • R says:

          And again I was not accusing you of other things as you just posted like I stated I found it strange and wanted to ask
          The only way to get answers is to ask! So I believe he is hiding stuff from you since he never gave you information on his xw etc
          Don’t you find it strange that he deleted you never gave you information that was important like the ring info what type of car he had color and all the time you always believed in him and it’s my opinion that he lied to you, used your trust and blindsided you! Just try to see from this side looking in and then you can understand the questions and not jump to anyone of accusing you of anything like you suggested.

          • Miranda says:

            I don’t think that you have ever accused be of the other things, but you know it does happen. 🙁 And maybe it is just because the written word is so cold, but it did kind of sounds, the last few comments like you were claiming that I was hiding something. I really have nothing to hide and it does not benefit me in any way to hide anything for him. I only corrected things to keep the record straight.

            I didn’t really press hard on the ex wife. I don’t know if you remember but back then, I was getting thousands of messages a week from BB. I didn’t really have time to even think about the ex wife back then because I was juggling so much with all the people that he was bringing us at the time. He may have lied to me. I don’t know. I just report back what I have seen and heard and correct the things that are misunderstood. Unfortunately, I only really had access to BB, so that is really the bulk of what I can correct. But where I can, I do usually correct other things that I am sure about or can source.

            As for finding it strange that he deleted me from facebook? Not really. We are in two totally different age brackets and have completely different interests. I post a lot about politics (and have lost several friends in the last 6 months because of that) and I explain a lot of things where the Constitution is concerned on my feed. And we haven’t talked in so long I can’t remember. All I was getting from him for the last couple years was invites to shows and asking to buy tickets and I am not even in the same state, so it wasn’t something I even noticed until I went to check the other day to see where the stuff about Jewel was and noticed he was no longer on my list and I couldn’t see anything. If we had still been talking, and it had happened in a time where I would have noticed that he was gone, I would have thought that strange, but now, not so much….mainly because of the things that I post. But there could be another reason. I just assume that is the reason that anyone deletes me.

            • Lois layne says:

              When i sent bb a friend request and a message asking him something.. I got a not so nice reply and then I was blocked. I didn’t take it personal. And I don’t think Miranda should either. I believe bb has been accused for so long that he is just over it. He’s over the entire blog and helping because he feels that when he tries to help, people turn things around and he is always left a suspect. Unfortunately, even if he is innocent, it is something he has had to learn to deal with. I think he is trying to forget about his past. And justice for Shellie isn’t letting that happen for him. I think he just wants to be left alone and by blocking anyone associated with our group, he doesn’t have to think about it as much. I can’t say that I really blame him. If he is innocent, I feel extremely sorry for him. I can only imagine how it would feel to be accused of killing someone you loved for years and years.
              Not saying I agree with his actions, only that I can understand where he is coming from. Anyway… my point was that I really don’t find it strange that he deleted Miranda.

        • R says:

          Miranda you are correct and I thought that it was said that MF said at the meeting the first time that he saw b car in a parking lot then story changed I remember it was said that when MF said that B gave him this look and denied it! So you remembered correctly
          So what is MF and b hiding

  11. R says:

    Juliet I just find it strange that his family would not take him etc and for him to get to meetings with justice he doesn’t live far from there he could have ridden his bike! He got everywhere else he needed to be. Just my opinion on things as we are all entitled to ask questions.
    Has anyone ever advised b not to post on justice? I know the answer to this already, so let’s see if it gets answered truthfully or if I get banned

    • Juliet says:

      R how do we know that his family never took him to any interviews? How do we know he ever had any interviews at all besides the one with Miranda present and how do we know how he supposedly got to the interviews? Maybe his parents did take him? Or he had a car when Shellie was murdered so he probably would have driven himself right?

      • Lois layne says:

        Here’s a question I wonder if anyone can answer… does anyone know what happened to bbs car after Shellie murder? How long did he have it after she passed? And what was the reason he gave it up. Because after that, he didn’t have a car for quite some time if I am reading everything correctly. So what happened to his car after Shellie was killed and how long did he have it after the murder before it was sold/ disposed of?

  12. Evidence says:

    I will always remember the morning B met myself and Justice at 4am near the anniversary of her death to try and get lighting conditions of the time and follow the route that she may have taken.
    B was Mute. Not a word. I can only be totally truthful, when I say that on that day, I really felt he had been advised to NOT say a word. Which he didn’t until I looked directly at him face to face and said “Who do you think killed Shellie”? A silence and then “I don’t know”. That was it, nada, nothing else the whole time. Would not even answer me when I asked him other questions about Shellie. He did not volunteer any help, ASK any questions.
    After that day, I keep wondering why he even showed up? I got the impression he was there to FIND OUT WHAT WE KNEW. Not to help.
    Two other questions I asked “B, did you and Shellie ever come up here to this park? B’s response, Nothing.
    Question: B, did you ever know Shellie to leave her house without her cell phone? B Nothing.
    There was also something that I felt very strange when he first walked into the Carson house that am. I will not post now, but I believe Clark knows what I am referring to.

  13. Clarke Kent says:

    Justice has hundreds of BB statements that express in his own worde his thoughts and his expression of what transpired It Start with the posting on Websleuth and then on Justice For Shellie Web site/blog. The Websleuths was shut down by the VBPD on Jan 18th, 2012at 5:21 PM. When BB posted on Wedsleuth he used the name “Cheddah B” I will begin by sharing his comments. I have the only copies of this and also believe the VBPD also obtained copies directly from Websleuths Site Iwill start with a Post today.

    • Juliet says:

      Clarke I think this is a great idea.. go back and review all statements and comments from bb. Let’s make a list of all his inconsistencies over the years and see if we can figure out whY his story keeps changing.

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