Justice on Boyfriend (BB) – Verified Statements – A New Focus

Written by Clarke Kent

Miranda originally started a thread on WS in early 2011 entitled “Mary Rachel “Shellie” Carson, 18, Murdered in Va Beach, VA 2005. ALso in 2011 a young student at Norfolk Academy start a group called Students for Justice for Shellie. The 15 young girls were introduced to me and I took an interest in learning more.I was at a meeting in the Central Library in Va Beach and was introduced to Miranda, the originator of the Shellie Thread on WS. When the WS terminated their relationship with Miranda, my daughter’s group i helped create a website called Justice for Shellie with the idea of continuing our investigation into the Shellie Carson murder. the VBPD were the ones who instigated a complaint to ws and we were terminated  and started the blog on our new website.

As our sleuths understand we seek information associated with Shellie and listen and listen to what others tell us. we report what we learned and share it with our cadre of sleuths with the understanding that much of what we learn is hearsay and advise readers to ponder what they hear, make your own judgment and dialogue via our blog.

With that said we have recently learned via Lois Lane’s interviewing of a very close associate to BB Ex-wife named K. Among what was learned was that the VBPD surreptitiously planted a person (detective) in a location near BB home to spy on him. Blockbuster since it means he was a prime suspect from the beginning. Our focus now will be concentrated on reviewing his verified statements for clues.

Justice will focalize on his published statements in WS thread as well as his statements on the website/blog of Justice for Shellie which can verify his word for word statements. One last word from Justice before we begin our journey of BB words/statements. We have many people who have been with Justice for Shellie and their knowledge of the case  and BB himself is highly valued and respected.

Evidence has followed BB probably the closest and I rely on his thinking and contribution. Juliet, Miranda, R as well as Lois Lane as well as Back to back know the case and also are valued contributors to our overall knowledge of Shellie and her murder.

BB introduction to WS and the case occurred in December 2011 when he posted #403 in which he stated “I am now a member of this site would hope all the slandering against me and my mother is done and over with.” He posted under the name “CheddahB.” He was immediately challenged by AnnelieseMichel in post #404.

See attachment which is post #404, 405, and 406. This from our archives and interesting because of Cheddah immediate reaction in #405 and finally Kimster, a WS administrator who verifies BB as Cheddah in post #406.

Weigh it carefully in your mind as this is the story of the Journey for BB dealing with his participation in his own wording.. Your following now will open up your thinking and give you an opportunity to appraise his statements for yourself. Please believe me his statements will be worthwhile and we anticipate many responses.

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20 Responses to Justice on Boyfriend (BB) – Verified Statements – A New Focus

  1. Juliet says:

    Im sorry that im NOT SORRY to say this… I think bb is completely full of **it. How can he not assume people would suspect him. The boyfriend is always looked into first. And even way back then, before the blog, when it was just websleuths.. He was popping off at the mouth anytime anyone questioned him. He never gives an answer.. just runs words around in a big circle turning himself into the victim.
    I know that bb knows who “juliet” is, and at this point I really don’t care that he knows I have suspicions about him. There are questions asked that he could easily answer, yet he wont. Why? Only someone with something to hide, runs away and hides.
    I mean, he’s the one who got me to come onto this blog in the first place. Hes the one who got me interested in this crime and hes the one who told me all about his relationship with shellie. But now hes mad at me because i still keep up with this case and would help if i could. And i still speak with clarke. He said that ive betrayed him and i was never his real friend. When i ask him why he believes that.. i get no answer. Its always a one sided conversation with him. I think he really thought i would come on here and defend him. Which i will do if anyone says anything that i know to be wrong. But how can i possibly try to defend someone that im not sure about and someone that does nothing to help himself … or shellie and her family. Or doesnt answer simple questions. Doesnt he know that all makes him look even worse to any normal outsider , especially if they dont know the details and are just reading the comments he has written. Lol. He is digging his own grave. Did he really think people weren’t going to suspect him? Or that after I learned how he’s acted, that I wouldn’t have suspicions? Especially after the way ive seen him run his mouth and talk to others who are legitimately trying to help. Anyone in their right mind would have to question some of his actions. Just makes him look more guilty in my opinion. I used to be able to ask bb questions and he would answer them for me. Now he just says he has nothing to say. What is he afraid of? I don’t know. But I do know that the way he is acting isn’t that of a concerned boyfriend who wants justice for his beloved. And he claimed to be so in love with the Carson family. Said they took him in as one of their own… great way to pay back their kindness bb. Smh.
    Now this doesn’t mean I necessarily think bb had anything to do with this murder.. only that his actions def make him look suspicious. And the police would be really dumb to cut him out as a suspect. In my opinion anyway.
    Now this is just me, but if someone I claimed to love sooooo much was murdered, even tho I would prob be a suspect, I’d get the heck over it and help find the real killer so people would know it wasn’t me. Why isn’t bb trying to help? And in fact, seems as though he is trying to hinder this investigation by not giving us truths about certain things. Ie the rings.. his car.. etc.
    Now if it is true that he gave those rings back to his mother, than why didn’t he just say that? What is the big deal? He could have said .. “yeah we made up but I didn’t feel like it was the right time to ask her about the engagement, therefore I waited.”But he didnt say that. He said she threw the rings at him and they got lost in the car. And thats all he would give us. Why didnt he just say he gave them back to his mother? And why did mf lie and say he gave them to the ex wife? Seems like mf is trying to throw the blame onto bb. In my opinion, both these guys, bb and mf, have knowledgeable information concerning this crime and they aren’t talking. Why? There are only 2 reasons I can come up with.. 1… they did it. 2… they know what happened and have been threatened by the real killer to keep quiet. I have racked my brain for months and months trying to figure out the deal behind these 2. Nothing about them, their friendship, their relationship to Shellie, nothing makes any sense. Why so secretive?
    I’m looking forward to reading more comments made by bb. Let’s see how many times he contradicts himself. And how often his story changes. And I keep thinking about what the ex wife told the detective… that his story kept subtlety changing. Like it was rehearsed with some forgotten lines that he made up along the way. That statement to me is so powerful. It shows that even so soon after the murder, bb was keeping consistant with the “changing story” and the woe is me attitude. What is he hiding? Is he scared of the real killer? Does he know who the real killer is? Is he the killer? Oh to be a fly on the wall in his bedroom.
    He proclaims his love and dedication to Shellie thru songs and tattoos, yet he does nothing to help find her killer, even tho I’m sure he knows his TRUTHFUL testimony could only get us closer to ending this battle. It’s all an act to him. The song, the tattoo, I believe it was all done to bring attention to him and to paint him as a victim. Someone so brokenhearted over losing the love of his life. Well how about all of us “justiceforshellie sleuths” get together and write a song … a truthful song… telling all his “fans” how much of a victim he really is. That’s what he wants right? He wants to be the victim. And he wants to be center of attention. Head of the limelight. Lets give him what he wants. How do you think he would rwact yo that?
    I cany help but to chuckle at my opinion of how he would react to see that someone else has written a song about him. He would probably secretly love it. And I truly believe that. He needs people to be all about him. Even if it is in a bad light. Forget shellie. He needs the world to mourn him. Why does everything have to be turned around to paint him as the victim? That’s the vibe I get from him anyways. And please remember, everything I’ve written in this comment is just my own personal opinion. And I apologize if it doesn’t make much sense. I’ve been up all night with a sick child, as well as myself being sick too so please forgive me if something doesn’t sound right. Lol. Ask me and I will try to clarify what I’m saying here.
    All I know is that it’s been almost 14 years since Shellie was taken from us, And that’s too long for a killer to be walking the streets free to live life accordingly, while Shellie never got the chance and her parents had to spend the rest of their lives, lives which should have been relaxing and enjoying growing old together, searching for a killer and worrying if he will ever be caught or if their baby girl will ever get justice. Hell of a way to spend your retirement years. So sad. And I hope and pray that if bb does know anything, that his a$$ is held responsible for not speaking up all these years. And not just bb. Anyone who is hiding anything.
    And I still pray every night that it wasn’t bb. I want to believe him. I want to have faith that this guy, someone I considered “a friend”, wouldn’t do something like this to anyone, let alone someone he proclaimed to love so much. I pray that he gets the closure he deserves and he will definitely get an apology from me. Not for having doubts, because that is human nature, but for not trying harder to understand his “out there rants”. Maybe that’s the only way he knows how to handle this loss. I cant even begin to imagine how i would feel or act if my children’s father was brutally taken from me the way shellie was taken. I would like to think I would act more civilized but I don’t think any of us can really say how we would feel to be accused of murdering someone we loved. I can understand why he’s so angry. But the way he goes about showing his anger is what’s getting him into trouble.
    Now if it was him, I pray he gets the punishment he deserves and then some. And if it was him, well let’s just say that my thoughts are too horrific to post on this blog. May God have mercy on his soul.

    • Marie Mackerel says:

      Hello, I am working on this case and I was wondering if I could interview you online? If you can contact me and I will give my my contact so you can be interviewed online, thanks!

  2. R says:

    Wonderfully spoken Juliet! However b will not ever post on here! Why would he be so mad at you for following and trying to help? Makes no sense However correct me if I am wrong didn’t you have first hand experience with his mom and sisters crazy behavior over something you sold them?

    • Juliet says:

      I never met his mom. But his sister bought something from me, paid for half and was supposed to pay me the other half the next week. After about a month of dodging me, she came up with some story of how it was a bad deal blah blah blah. So I said ok then
      Give it back. You’ve had it for a month so the first half you paid me would be her price for renting it. She said no she wanted to keep the product. A California king bed. It wasn’t until I threatened to take her to civil court did one of bb girlfriends pay me the money. Whether he paid her back or not, I have no idea. But that’s how that went.

  3. Evidence says:

    I have spent years studying this case. Studying the details, the personality’s, the statistics. I have been out at 4am and driven the course that Shellie took or may have took dozens of times. I have tried to come up with logical theories of other suspects. I researched those as well. Mostly Ph.
    But what is most interesting is how over the years, I feel I have been able to connect to B’s mind. What motivates him, his insecurities, his rage, his disabilities, his fears. The way he express’s himself and on and on.
    For many years, I worked with “R”. My God we must have a million phones calls logged together on this case. Studied and scrutinized every detail of “B”. You have no idea. Get to know her and you will find out that she has a special gift of finding out small details. I was the theory man and she the follow up with the detail half. Two minds working together for years. Man, she is good! She is the one that saw the small details in the cigarettes, the rings.MORE etc. And believe me, she has more details now then will EVER be posted here.
    That said, we both feel frustrated! We are held back by a force we cannot conquer. A protective party that we cannot go into.
    Yes, I feel like I know “B”. He has been in my dreams for a long time. He threatened my son and me. That does not matter. I initially was worried, but quickly dismissed that threat, he is a coward.
    Juliet, My gosh, have I always had a connection to you, to grasp the truth. I know you figured it out a long time ago. Great mind, great work. I read every detail of your comments and put them together in this hunt. Every comment was more than you think. We used it.
    I remember when I asked “Bill Carson” “Bill, tell my who you think killed Shellie”? Bill’s answer “B”. It seems he felt this way at her funeral and from then on.
    Yes, I know this “B”. And I have NO sympathy for him in any way shape or form. Even if it did not kill Shellie, he is a monster. My God, I piety the next woman that may marry him.
    No, there is not pity for a Man that could help so much to help find the killer of Shellie Carson, His MOST LOVED woman in the world. He brought on his own suspensions, with his total lack of help, sincerity, self absorbed personality etc.
    You want to post how you feel so sorry for him, ok, how about CT. Why does BB get this free ride?
    I will state in the most Honest way I can say. Justice needs to stop anyone from Protecting BB. This is a major mistake. He is a suspect into the murder of Shellie Carson Period. There is, and has always been a conflict of interest. Get rid of it. It is poison. I am not the only one who feels this. It has been a block for so long and we lost credibility so many times.

    Yes, BB, you have a great Protector/Advisor. You will need more in the end when the cops knock on your door.

  4. Evidence says:

    I saw the comment say what? I am not VER I am evidence, what is going on? Please correct.

    • Miranda says:

      Please correct what? Who are you talking to? If you are referring to your comment where you want Clarke to fire me, it has already been approved and placed on the site. Various things will trigger moderation. Overly long posts, using different names and email combinations, too many links, things on the blacklist, etc. I never know what causes it, unless it has too many links or is obvious SPAM, but I am guessing that the reason it happened this time was that you used a different name with your regular email. If you or anyone else is not seeing his comment, please reply here and I will see if I can force it thru. From where I am looking on the back end, it has been up for a bit.

      ETA: I just checked my alerts, and it has been up since as long as it took for me to read it and make sure there was nothing on the blacklist and click approve after 6:03, so it’s been up about 35 minutes.

      Also, I have told everyone before that I need people to be patient with moderation and please do what you can to not trigger it. I have no problem with approving them and get them as fast as I can, but in the middle of the night I am asleep. From 5 to 8 ish I am cooking for my family, bathing kids and getting them ready and down for bed. And if your comment is long, like some have been REALLY LONG lately, it takes me a minute to read it. As always, I get notifications on my phone and try to approve immediately, but I simply cannot drop everything 24/7 and do the best I can. We have had a lot more comments in the last 6 weeks and the more we get the more goes to moderation. And it’s not just the comments you see. I get notifications for SPAM as well. I’m doin the best I can. Just bear with me.

      • Juliet says:

        Ver thanks for your compliment.
        I hope you continue to contribute more as I’d like to hear your thoughts/opinions.
        I would also just like to say to Miranda that I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for this cause. I never have nor do I now think you are trying to protect bb in any way, shape, or fashion. Just wanted to throw that out there.

    • Juliet says:

      I’m confused… is this evidence?? Where did the ver come from? Idk what’s going on here… I’m confused. Lol

      • R says:

        Yes it was evidence that’s what evidence was referring to the name! Evidence was not complaining about post not going up at all!

        • Miranda says:

          I see things differently from you guys on the back end. I knew it was him all along, so between that and the fact that we cannot control what names people post under, it read differently and confused me.

          As for what is going on with that, Evidence, you might want to check with others in the house or that may use your computer and see if that is a name that they use that may have autofilled, or something?? I truly do not know because we really cannot do a single thing to a comment until it is published. Until then we have no control and only then can we alter it at all.

  5. R says:

    VER was pointening out that the name came up wrong that’s all Stating that Evidence it should be under username not VER.
    And thanks Evidence you and I have always worked great together and you are 100% accurate there are things I know that will never be posted. You know them and I know them!

    • Miranda says:

      OMG, I thought that there was something wrong with the post not being there. And that he was just letting us know it was him in the middle of trying to check why it wasn’t up yet.

      Also, that reminder at the end if for everyone. No one has been ugly about the moderation lately, but I wanted to post a reminder, because we are getting so much more activity this last few weeks, so it’s busier for me. At times I will get 4 or 5 notifications at once, and only one actually needs to be approved, if any. But with the increased commenting, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

      I will correct his name, lol.

  6. R says:

    You are completely accurate evidence that Mr B and Miss Char always thought that B did this crime as well as Shellie’s birth mother has always thought the same.
    I have no pity on B at all whether he is innocent or not. My mother, God rest her soul out in countless hours and days working on this case. She, myself and Evidence worked this case from basically day 1 after getting the website up. We saw many many posts from B on that site blowing up! My mother always thought it were B too and my mother studied psychology in college and had great insight on things.

    • Evidence says:

      God Bless your Mother RN. Yes, she was the “Queen” into the start of the hunt for the Killer of Shellie Carson. I only wish I could have met her. She was strong, did not pull any cards, worldly, intelligent, and driven. I loved her straight forward, sharp memory of the Carsons, Shellie, neighborhood, and her acute ability for details.
      I do know one thing about your Mother. (if I may) She was bent and determined to find the killer of Shellie. I know it “pissed her off”, a attitude of ‘Not in my neighborhood you Sob, not to my friends, family and people I love”.
      Yea, she seemed devoted, Pitt Bull Fighter and family Protective. What a shame she passed on, Charlotte passed on.
      But YOU did NOT! Your mother IMO, would be proud of the work you have done. Never to let the Devil come into her street and kill one of her DAUGHTERS or any Daughter or Son.
      It is hard to post to the reason why, you, me, Juliet, Clark, and all the team at Justice do what they do, and for so many years.
      Lol, I only wish I had a nickle for every time you told me, you were done with this. Lol, me too. Yet that ghost keeps reappearing in the dreams. Just like the nature of your Mother telling you to follow her. She wanted it. I heard her, so did you.
      I believe your Mother talks to you. “White Shirt”. She is telling you where to look RN. Focus. Get the details.

      [[Edited by Miranda to remove names, please don’t use names, guys!]]

  7. Marie Mackerel says:

    Wait… I am confused. You just emailed me. And in all the of the other articles and at the top of this one, it says Clarke Kent with an e at the end of Clarke. And it says here Clark Kent.

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