Justice Reveals BB’s Story in His Own Words

Written by Clarke Kent

BB reveals in his own words his story concerning Shellie and that night of the murder. The story appears in WS under Miranda’s thread “Mary Rachel “Shellie” Carson, 18, Murdered in Va Beach, VA 2005.” Please see attached post #409 in Dec 2011 under CheddahB. It is strictly about him and his persecutions by the Va Beach Community. There is however clues that I think are important and may unmask a subtle stratagem to place him at home the night Shellie was murdered. I refer to his statement “I was at home sleep I had no idea what was taking place she told me she was going to sleep at 1 something when she called me on my house phone that was it I told her id get her cigarettes in the morning I thought she went to sleep once again well that didnt turn out to be the case.”

At another place in his “story” he states “I dont even have a criminal record would never put my hand on a female I have morals I would never hurt a person let alone kill them.” His Ex-wife K I’m sure would disagree with the plaudits BB himself implies that he is such a gentleman. Why would she need a restraining order?

He closes his statement announcing “If you ask me I’m very hostile cause don’t matter what I say Im made out to be a liar everyone wants to assume the bf did it that always the case well news flash things don’t always happen like they do in the movies and this is not my doing Im, being 100% real with everyone on this forum.

Justice believes very strongly that BB was using his home telephone contact as his alibi for when he returned home after visiting Shellie. My last interview was terminated after he was confronted with Shellie’s cell records and he couldnt explain why there was no indication or proof that Shellie called him after 1 am as he had insisted. It was her cell phone to his home phone. Do you know anyone who would purposely insist the call was to his home phone. Most people would just say I got a call at 1 AM, unless they had a reason to want to prove he was at home to answer her call, thereby creating an alibi.

There are so many other statements to be read and Justice will keep them coming. Please respond to what my thoughts were as well as BB story line. You be the judge.


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38 Responses to Justice Reveals BB’s Story in His Own Words

  1. F**you says:

    How about leave bb alone and focus on the murderer he has been through enough but y’all don’t care about other people’s life’s and how many you have accused gets it together

    [[Edited by Miranda – Please don’t use real names, thanks!]]

    • Juliet says:

      Please tell us what information you have that tells you without a shadow of a doubt that bb had nothing to do with this crime? Wouldn’t it be pretty stupid to rule out anyone at this point? Bb is the one that put the suspicions on himself by not being truthful and changing his story so many times. There are others, like you, who also believe bb is innocent. And in all actuality, I tend to believe he didn’t do it too. But I would be stupid to rule him out completely. There is no proof that he didnt do it or have anything to do with it. So until proof can be shown, he will continue to be a suspect. That’s just the way it is. Just like ct and his group, and ph, and others not on the radar are all suspects… And will continue to be until someone is convicted.
      All of us have our own stories and own struggles. We have all been thru “enough.” What about Bill carson? Let’s talk about how much enough is for him? Don’t give me that crap about bb’s been thru enough. Everything he’s been thru he put himself thru.
      What about ct. Hasn’t he been “thru enough”? Including all the trash talking bb has said about him. Oh but thats ok because bb has “been thru enough” lmao
      Give me a break. And justice doesnt care about anyone’s lives and who they accuse?
      That’s a fake statement. Nothing about it is true. How about you call your little buddy bb up and tell him to “stop telling people ct killed shellie. Ct has been thru enough. But bb doesn’t care about other people’s lives and how many he’s accused” right?
      hows that for turning your words around? Something bb seems to do a lot.
      So sorry to break your heart but I don’t believe bb will be cut out as a suspect anytime soon… unless you have factual information about the “real” killer.
      Do ya? ….. didn’t think so…

    • Back to Back Faces says:

      I will ask you F**you, I guess Oceanview is in question. Sounds like this is MF or maybe TN. Being baptized is nothing when blood has been shed for no good reason. Does no good if guilty. It’s like anything makes one feel better but really doesn’t do any good for one that has no empathy. I can go to the doctor and take medication but the condition is still there that’s why people become addicted relives the pain for a while then angry reels it’s ugly head and events occur all over. I think someone feels they can control BB as if he was boy he is a man now and like others will have to be punished if outcomes don’t go as one wishes. MF is a liar, that’s why Shellie liked him they understood each other had a relationship right in from of BB and they made him look stupid when he found out and he did find out that’s why the wedding was canceled rings taken back and he went home. Shellie didn’t want him anymore he has convinced himself of this that’s why he can be friends with MF but always look out my friend what goes around comes around. People tire of liars and MF can’t control BB likes he thinks he can. MF’s girlfriend, MF, and BB probably have severe depression and differential personalities. Shellie’s face was destroyed, very jealous individuals didn’t like to get dumped I guess. I think MF was the one that called Shellie out to arrange this outcome. I think he pushed BB’s buttons. I also mostly believe his mother was called or his sister to help cover up what happened. That’s why MF wants to blame BB, He may be right but was he watching?
      Here is an article I found:
      How to spot a family killer: Experts discover ‘distinct psychological’ traits in men who murder their partners and children
      Forensic psychologist studied the mental health of 153 murderers in the US
      He found men who killed their wives had a distinct psychological profile
      They had more severe mental illness, fewer convictions and lower IQ
      This could help to identify men who are at risk of killing family members Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3211390/How-spot-family-killer-Experts-discover-distinct-psychological-traits-men-murder-partners-children.html#ixzz4mrNYpZYR
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  2. Lois layne says:

    I’ve been reading the entire blog from beginning to end and taking notes so that I can try to remember all the small details , and as you all know, there are so many.
    But I just wanted to point out, and I was actually reading about this last night so I remember pretty accurately, that someone (I can’t remember who) said that bb never said he’d get her cigarettes “in the morning” but that he actually said “tomorrow” and people(j4s sleuths) kept saying “morning” so bb eventually followed suit and started saying that himself, even though what he really said was “tomorrow”
    Well the above comment was written in the very beginning, before the blog even existed, so I find it hard to believe bb was just repeating what was heard to him this early on, because, well, there was no one at this particular time (when he wrote this comment) questioning him about whether he said he was going to get her cigs or not and certainly we hadn’t gotten to the point of specifically asking him whether he was supposed to get them before or after work. So I think it’s only fair for me to assume, especially after reading this comment written by bb himself, that he actually told Shellie he was going to get her cigarettes “in the morning.”
    But he never even tried to call her that morning, correct? Not even to tell her he had forgotten last night that he had to work early or that he woke up late and didn’t have time to go get them for her… whatever… nothing, nada. No calls. Idk. I just find that kind of strange. At first I was thinking… ah well they were young, people didnt have their phones attached to their hips like they do today or whatever… But the more I think about it the more it really bugs me. And then reading this comment makes it bug me even more.

    • Miranda says:

      It was me that had said that. He also says here that he’s not going to repeat his story over and over. Was there a comment with his story before this one Clarke? When they pulled WS, Clarke was the only one with the copy of it. I might have been basing that off of what I could see on the blog itself, since I couldn’t see WS anymore. There are several posts and comments on it over the course of about a year.

      Also, as for calling in the morning, we only have about 8 – 11 days worth of phone records, but it was not out of the ordinary that they did not speak in the morning. I can’t remember exactly, but somewhere there is a breakdown that I did of their calls to find out if he had answered only his home phone for the day of the murder and before or if that was typical. It’s not a comment but an actual post. I’m not going to get into all of the stuff and just going to let you guys go and see what you can figure out. All of the things that will come up and be said that are remembered wrong will be in there already. Plus it’s been long enough now that I don’t remember everything 100% anymore and I don’t have time right this second. I have already been up for about an hour answering emails, moderating comments, checking SPAM and fixing small glitches and I am not done yet and I have to work too. But if I get a minute, I will see what I can find.

      • Lois layne says:

        Miranda you are correct about bb and Shellie not talking , at least via her cell phone, pretty much ever in the morningtime… So I do see that it wasn’t uncommon for them not to speak in the ams. And his comment of getting the cigs in the morning could be completely innocent. Maybe he just wasn’t thinking when he said it. I personally don’t find that a huge deal. What I do find interesting tho as Someone else pointed out is that he threw in that she called me “on my house phone” just a strange way to talk is all. That could be innocent too. But something to ponder.

        • Miranda says:

          I am not sure if this was said before or after we had already discussed this. When confronted with the phone records of her cell, he doubled down and swore that she called him from the cell and that he had the information on the caller ID on his house phone. I *think* that was why he kept bringing that up. Then at some point, he brought the house phone to a meeting with Clarke and Bill and had Bill plug the phone in so that we could see for ourselves that the call was on the caller ID. Unfortunately, there were no calls at all on the caller ID. It had been in a box of things that he was saving from he and Shellie’s relationship for years because it supposedly had that last call on it. I had seen the box of things (letters, stuffed animals, employee tag with info for crimeline on it, the original phone box with the phone in it, etc) and he got the phone out of it and brought it with us to the meeting. I assume that the calls were all gone because the phone had been in this box for years without power, but do not know. And it’s been so long now, I am not 100% on the order of things.

  3. R says:

    Lois I have been working on this since right after she was murdered! I never recall the word tomorrow only morning and no he never spoke to Shellie after he left her home. And i see he is back with the post above either him or his family more than likely

    • Juliet says:

      I wrote a comment about the “house phone” comment as well as a couple other points id like your opinion on, as well as evidence. It went into moderation because i think i used a word that would be considered a cuss word. Oops. Sorry miranda. Anyway when it posts id like yalls opinion.

      • Miranda says:

        It’s no problem. I just got up and I am reading and approving now.

        ETA: No idea what triggered it. It was all fine.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        On receiving the Shellie cell records I reviewed the Aug 13/14 records of her 2005 cell conversations. I remember destinctly BB responses when Shellie tried to contact him. He was only answering the house phone and not the cell phone calls. Shellie would call him from her cell phone and BB didn’t pick up, however she would then call him on his home phone & he answered This keep recurring and setting up a pattern so that she could talk with him. I noticed this and asked myself why. My thinking was he was trying to establish that he was HOME. It was BB who always claimed that Shellie called him about 1AM after their fight and “reconciliation” and he was absolutely certain it came from her cell. On our last interview I confronted him with Shellie’s Cell Records and he completly lost control which ended the interview. He then attacked me vigorously in the web site/Blog.

    • Evidence says:

      He said morning. Why would he tell her tomorrow? Why would any smoker take that for a answer? Why did he not just go the three minute drive to 7/11 and get her cigarettes at her request, especially given the trauma of the day’s break up and them make up etc. Time to get real. It was noon when police arrived at JC penny, the whole morning had gone by with a call to her.
      And then the strange call to MF. Here is his, after finding out Shellie has been murdered, and within minutes of leaving JC penny he calls HIM? And then MF’s odd remarks about the call. Justice needs to go over that incident for the readers.

  4. Juliet says:

    Also clarke, I agree that it’s really strange that he threw in the house phone part. Why didnt he just say … ” she called me…” he had to make a point of saying that she called him on his house phone. Why is that? I hadn’t really sat here and thought about that statement yet. But like I believe it was evidence who said he throws in these little tidbits of information that don’t even matter to the subject at hand at the time. It’s like he’s creating an alibi for himself for some future conversation he’s going to have with someone and he puts these little stories in people’s heads. I can’t figure out if bb is really really smart or really really stupid. The more i think about it, the chillier i get. Like legit goosebumps.

    And again let’s point out that in this comment, yet again, he’s flipped the whole scenario around with his words, turning himself into the victim. ” i almost drank myself to death. Ive lost so many friends. My life is so full of chaos”… etc.

    Something else he says drew me in… he said at the end that “once again that didn’t turn out to be the case..” talking about he thought Shellie was at home going to bed. This statement to me says that she’s snuck out on him before. This ain’t her first rodeo. So him saying he didn’t know she was cheating and all that… that’s a crock of crap… cuz he says it right here “ONCE AGAIN” read the whole paragraph and give me your opinion as to what you think that “once again” comment meant. I know I don’t like it.

    • Lois layne says:

      Where is his empathy for Shellie and her family? Not once does he say anything about how she lost her life… She anything. It was all me me me. I’m the victim. This destroyed MY friendships, MY life. BB BB BB
      No remorse for the young life that was lost. I’ve never seen remorse from him. And maybe that’s just because he keeps his feelings to himself. But then I can’t say that cuz I see his posts on Facebook. Although as of late, it’s all been about God and going to church. Him and his mother were just baptized with a video of it posted and he posts biblical quotes everyday now. Complete 180 from the old bb posts.

      • Lois layne says:

        I totally get what you’re saying, Juliet. And I know only half of what you know!!

      • R says:

        Look how many pathological liars hypocrites etc play the religion game! Way too many
        Look at all the people in prison that use religion to their advantage to say I have found God etc and go up for parole and bam get out and right back doing the same thing maybe b is using the religion/ being baptized in case of near future charges for when you stand before the courts you can say I am a changed person I have accepted Jesus as my lord and savior
        Seen it too many times

        • Lois layne says:

          My thoughts exaxtly, r. If you go into any prison at any given time, you will find it full of people who have been saved or turned their life over to God. Sometimes when they come out, they live life that way. Others, well, they use religion to help themselves get thru whatever time they’ve got and when they come out, everything they’ve stood for while inside is thrown out the window. Now I know bb not in prison physically. But maybe mentally he is. Maybe the guilt of what he’s done or been a part of has eaten away at him for so long and he feels so guilty that he had to turn to God and ask forgiveness because in his mind, the world is ending and he is feeling extremely scared because of what he’s done in this life. Total extremist attitude. I don’t know. Just thinking out loud. Has anyone else seen these crazy posts on facebook?

          • R says:

            Lois I have new information that i was called on last night and given!

            • Lois layne says:

              R I can’t wait to hear what you’ve learned. I’m assuming it’s something regarding bb and his new religious attitude? Or maybe I’m off. But either way, I’m looking forward to hearing about what you’ve come up with. As always, great work!

  5. R says:

    Forgot to add that if he has turned to God then his nasty filthy music videos etc should be out of his everyday life!

    • Lois layne says:

      He actually wrote a post about that exact subject. It said something along the lines of “I want to thank everyone who has had faith in me and listened to and enjoyed my music. But I’ve decided to go in a different direction and I am only going to be recording Christian songs from now on.” He went on to say that he didn’t have the money now, but whenever he does, his next project will be a Christian cd. So to answer your comment above, bb did say that he won’t be recording any vulgar lyrical songs anymore.

  6. R says:

    ALERT JUST GOT IN MORE EVEIDENCE TO SHOW BB’s crazy behavior that is happening now. This is real. I will call Evidence in the morning with info and also Clarke prior to posting.

    • Lois layne says:

      Very interested to know what you’ve learned. And yes his Facebook posts are really weird. Talking about get saved now because the world is ending in 2017 and all sorts of crazy extremist thoughts that I certainly don’t comprehend. There is nothing wrong with being religious and showing your faith… But I think he’s taking it to a whole nother level. Flat out weird stuff coming out on his page. And I’m not friends with him so I have to go onto a mutual friends page so that I can see this stuff. Just weird. Makes you wonder if he’s trying to get forgiveness for some sin he’s committed in the past? I don’t know. And I can’t pretend to know what’s going on in that head of his.
      But r… looking forward to your comment.

      • Evidence says:

        Lois Layne, you want to see weird? He had made a video that featured a young woman strapped and “Burning in a Chair”. That was weird! I cannot find a download of it now. He also had a YouTube video where he had taken pictures of girls and laughed while he threw them into a flaming bucket. Seemed to really turn him on.

  7. Evidence says:

    Juliet says “Also clarke, I agree that it’s really strange that he threw in the house phone part. Why didnt he just say … ” she called me…” he had to make a point of saying that she called him on his house phone”

    Lol, Juliet, You are leaning and getting it! In reference to how and why he speaks and brings into the comment on Non trivial words and descriptions. Because they do have meaning. Great Job in pointing that out.

    PS readers stay tuned, R has valuable info coming!!

  8. R says:

    Lois I am awaiting a call from Clarke as I want this info to be a new headline post! Also can you message me who is in charge with cold case now of this case? The information that was called into me the person wants name of who is handling case info

    • Clarke Kent says:

      R Received your email regarding your new information. I will certainly incorporate your information in a post I will work on this afternoon, as a new Headline Post. I will email you the information on contact at Cold Case Unit.

    • Back to Back Faces says:

      Be sure then hammer away.

  9. R says:

    ALERT UPDATE I want everyone to know that until this information can be 100% confirmed as accurate I am holding off posting
    I would not want to post this type of information without following through with complete accuracy

    • Clarke Kent says:

      R& Others. After careful examination R & I thought it would be more prudent to wait for further information before revealing what R learned from her friend. When the information is confirmed we R & Justice will share it with our cadre of Sleuths, via a joint Post.

  10. R says:

    What was Shellie telling us when she wrote this poem

    “Nothing Lasts Forever” written by Mary Rachel “Shellie ” Carson

    Following the threads on a sweater, Seeming endless and beautiful, Each strand is the same, But a little different from all the others, Each hole is significant of a person’s life. You wrap your fingers around one of the threads and pull, For a long while, it seems as if it will never end, But when you get to the last inch, You realize that nothing lasts forever”.

  11. Juliet says:

    Notice how bb says that he’s lost a lot of friends over “this case.” It’s always that way with him. He never says anything like…over Shellies murder” etc. He never incorporates Shellie into it.. making it about him and not her. I just find that strange. It’s like in his mind this crime happened to him and not shellie. He is the victim. Shellie was the one who was killed but he lost his friends and his life was chaos “over this case.” That’s a hell of a way to talk about your beloved fiancees murder. He never acknowledges that Shellie was killed. The only thing he ever talks about is how “this case” has affected his life. It’s never “Shellies death” or “the murder of my girlfriend”. It’s always just “this case”
    Sounds like true love, huh?

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