BB’s Coments – Do They Hide His Agenda of Creating a Fictitious Scenario?

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has attached 3 comments by BB on WS. Post #431, 432 and 434. In Dec 2011 BB presents 3 comments dealing with his cooperation to help solve the murder of his girlfriend. As well as his guilt for not getting her the cigarettes and his consternation with the VBPD for not agressively pursuing the case. he tells us “ok imma say this and I don’t care if the cops see it….I think there being lazy on this case….seems like they don’e give a crap about it there taken all this information and throwing it aside obviously it says even the smallest anonymous tip could help they need to pursue that this case needs to be solved this animals need to be put down locked away seriously angers me that the justice system here is messed up beyond the max.”

Justice reminds readers to evaluate all BB comments with a critical view that everything he transmitted to us is his version and by repeating it over, and by repeating it over and over he slants it as almost facts. The cigarette issue is a perfect example. We know that Shellie from BB perspective called him after the reconciliation and told him she was going out to get cigarettes and it went to his house phone. We know from cell records that, that did not occur. BB reveals a story around his guilt for not getting her cigarettes, however he doesn’t make any  effort to follow up in the morning. Very odd fora guy when he is trying to reconcile with his fiance that didn’t happen and he never returned her rings. Pretty puzzling. Maybe everything BB is telling us is information to create his own version of events. You be the judge.

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12 Responses to BB’s Coments – Do They Hide His Agenda of Creating a Fictitious Scenario?

  1. Juliet says:

    So I’m still confused abiut the whole cigarette thing. Was it ever confirmed that she actually got cigarettes? I dont think cigarettes is the reason she left. I believe that if she wanted cigarettes that bad she would have harped on bb harder to get them for her. I think she left her house for another reason. Had bb gotten her those cigs, I still think she would have left her house that night. We really need to find out who made that last call to her where she spoke for 3 minutes. I truly believe that whoever made that call knows what happened to shellie.
    I also think it’s very important that we try to find out who the guy was that went to jc’s house and made that early morning call to the Carson home. If we could find out who made that call, we very well could find out who killed shellie. I sure hope Clarke and Lois can get that interview with him.
    Also I believe it might be a good idea to try to write dNr in prison and ask him why he called the Carson home that morning after not seeing or speaking with shellie for over a year. Those 2 phone calls are extremely suspect. And the fact that they both came so close together from different phone numbers only adds to the suspicion. Ever since we found out that it wasn’t jc, but someone else who made that call.. I cant stop wondering if it was bb. I dont think anyone can verify that he was home that night. All night. And it certainly can’t be confirmed that he was at home when that call was made around 10 something in the morning. He didn’t have to be at work until 11 so it is possible.
    I wonder if anyone knows if bb and jc knew each other. Does anyone know how old jc is? Did him and bb go to the same school? I really hope justice can get that I rearview with jc.

    Another thing… again in these comments, bb makes it a point to say that Shellie called him on his house phone. Why is it so important to him for everyone to know, or at least believe, that Shellie called him at home. Why would it even matter whether she called the house phone or the cell phone… unless he is trying to plant in everyone’s head the fact that he was at home that night.
    And why did bb never tell anyone that he called mf that night to tell him that he and Shellie had made up and that he got home ok. But forgot to call shellie?? Makes no sense. I mean who was he in the relationship with, Shellie or mf?
    If you pick apart the pieces of bbs words, you can blatantly tell that half of it makes no sense whatsoever. What is he hiding? Even if he didn’t kill shellie, I still believe he is keeping something to himself. Something he doesn’t want anyone else to know. What in the world is it? I cant get past the feeling that he is hiding something.

    • Miranda says:

      Don’t know how old JC is, but I am pretty sure that he and BB did not go to the same school. BB didn’t go to the same school as Shellie from what I remember. And I remember that JC had gotten into some trouble for trying to hurt Shellie at school. So that would indicate they went to different schools.

      Also, did JC give Lois the name of the person that called from his house that morning? Have we even been able to verify that it was a real person? He dropped off the face of the Earth after the interview, right? Maybe he was lying about someone else calling, if he didn’t give a verifiable name.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Miranda. The issue with JC and his story about a friend of his brother could be false as well as JC stating that he(unknowned) was the person who made the call to the Carson house. We have not been able to schedule a meeting with JC as he hasn’t given us a time. Lois L is actively trying to set up the meeting.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Miranda Both JC & Shellie attended First Colonial High School and I belief were in the same grade. They were both suspended for problems associated with their relationship. So there ages would be similar.

  2. Lois layne says:

    Miranda when I spoke with jc via Facebook he told me that some guy that was his brothers friend made that call and that he had to show video footage of him at work when the call was made to prove it wasn’t him who made the call. He said it was his brothers friend and he can’t remember the guys name. I asked him to ask his brother and get back with, but as of now, he has not given me the name of that person.

  3. R says:

    I am going to say what’s on my mind here and if I step on toes so be it!
    After many years on and off this blog, we all have put out too many names and such. Not one single person on this blog is of law enforcement at all. This blog has caused a lot of problems for people’s lives, making accusations etc of people. I mean my goodness look at what it has caused so far in the courts. I personally feel that when people go out and play detective by interviewing people is crossing the line, no one here is a dective nor an officer of the law. Each one that posts here is doing more harm than anything. I will also admit I played a part in it, but not any longer after a lot of souls searching.
    In time this case will be solved let the professionals do their job! Shut this blog down, let people move on with their life.
    Things are being reported here that are not true and are ruining people’s lives! Stop going out setting up meetings interviewing people.
    With my soul searching I thought of it this way how would each and everyone of us feel if it were our sons or daughters having their name well initials being talked about. Think about that.
    With this said I will no longer participate or be a part of this ever again. I highly suggest that each one of you that post here really put your heart into what I have said and stop posting shut this down and let people move on and leave this to the real detectives and law enforcement officers.
    If not you may find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in.

    • Juliet says:

      If it were my child being accused of murder.. I’d do everything I could to get them to cooperate and prove their innocence. I would not mind one bit if anyone asked questions because I’d have nothing to hide. It’s simple.. If you have nothing to hide.. Why hide?
      And I’m pretty sure Clarke is not going to shut the blog down. This blog to continue is the final wish of Charlotte Carson. And I know Clarke is not going to go back on his promise to her. Period.

      • Evidence says:

        Seriously if some sick SOB
        did this to my child, I would hunt him down to the far corners of earth. Cops as in Cold case cops? Really? Virginia Beach police does not give a rats a** about a cold case. No political reward in it for them. Long gone, more politics and a few parents and family left behind. No big deal. Not enough votes to matter. They left this case a decade ago. Screwed it up from the beginning, and this monster is actually now the victim. I am so sick of the defending of this creep. I have watched it go on for years. Makes me want to puke.
        There is more to the defending of this monster than most will know about. He has been helped, advised and God only knows what else.
        This was never a difficult case, it was only made to seem difficult. The TIMELINE of the past 12 hours of her life with her boyfriend is what this real crime is about. So simple and right in our faces. Yet so far away. Focus on the monster instead of inventing new one’s in your dreams. Focus on who is protecting him from day one.

        • Juliet says:

          Say it again for those in the back!! Lol
          I couldn’t agree more.

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Evidence Again you are right on thr mark. When they appointed Det Z to the top job at Cold Case he had one year prior to retirement and did noting to advance the investigation on to Shellie’s murder. It is so frustrating to anyone who cares after almost 14 years that this case has not been worked on seriously. Tony S. an investigator with a good history of success at his former job is my hope for someone who sincerly cares about success in Shellie’s case. We have communicated numerous times and I believe he can make a difference in the cold case investigation.

          • Juliet says:

            Clarke that’s good to hear and I hope it’s the truth.. that detective Tony s will put this crime at the top of his priority list. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that this killer, this monster has been running free for all these years. Living the life that he took from shellie. I can’t see how anyone who has invested as much time as Clarke has into this mess, just quit. Lol. Not in my little corner of the world. Not that I’m really doing anything except for giving my 2 cents every now and again… But my only hope that this case will ever be solved is justice for shellie. Sorry to say I have absolutely zero faith in our police department when it comes to this particular murder I investigation. In fact, my belief is that someone with some authority is making this case unsolvable for some particular reason . If we could find out that reason, we could very well solve Shellies murder.

    • Back to Back Faces says:

      You are absolutely right. I’m done.

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