RN’s Soul Searching Has Many Avenues

Written by Clarke Kent

She relates in a comment on post entitled “BB comments – Do They Hide His Agenda Of Creating A Ficticious Scenario?” posted July 22nd, 2017. She approaches her soul searching with “I thought of it this way how would each and everyone of us feel if it were our sons or daughters…being talked about.” (regarding Shellie’s murder.) I could take the same sentence and change a few words and I would be thinking about the exact opposite. Justice would prefer to soul search in a proactive way, so I thought of this way, how would each and every one of us feel if it were our sons or daughter that were brutally murdered and no one was talking about it almost 14 years later. So I would follow a more proactive avenue, one of doing, and taking the initiative and asking questions from day one. This is what the Carsons did, however they were not satisfied by the response from VBPD. They learned the reality that their daughter’s murder was not getting the attention and there was no positive leads leading to solving their daughter’s murder. They learned of some bungling by the LE and possible problems with the DNA.

When a group of students from Norfolk Academy approached the family with spirit and youthful excitement they were happy that the case might get more publicity and help. So the group known as the Students for Justice for Shellie took action and with a giant sign on Va Beach Blvd reintroduce the murder via a giant billboard. it’s a long story but they eventually moved on to college and graduate school. The bottom line is publicity and people come forward energized the adults who are still a part of today’s Justice for Shellie group.

We all can take different paths, Justice has taken a proactive approach and discusses all aspects of Shellie’s murder, while R who is respected prefers to urge others “that each one of you that post here really put your heart into what I have said and stop posting shut this down and let people move on and leave this to the real detectives and law enforcement officers.”

Maybe R’s approach is correct, however we Va Beach citizens have the right and passion to ask questions and talk to others. We still learn new information when we communicate with others.

R didn’t you speak to someone very recently and you learned what you considered was new valuable information according to you by communicating with another Va Beach citizen. Remember you sent me all the information.

My point is we learned by communicating with others and learned possible valuable information on Shellie’s murder. I prefer to stay active and keep asking questions.

R, we will miss you and wish you luck and good health.


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5 Responses to RN’s Soul Searching Has Many Avenues

  1. Evidence says:

    I can understand why R feels the way she commented on. Like her, I have been involved with this crime from the very beginning. It can be a emotional roller coaster. Many frustrations, many hopes, let downs etc.
    But usually it only takes a moment to reflect about the actual crime. A young woman not even in her prime, just starting out in life as a adult.
    And one day her parents face a night mare that can only be described as something beyond human comprehension. A horror so immense that one only wonders how they could live through it.
    Their child attacked by a monster. A monster that beat her with a blunt instrument over and over and over to the Point that their child’s face was almost unrecognizable. The monster did not stop there. He throw her along the road like a piece of trash. Nothing but garbage.
    Shellie was murdered 12 years tomorrow. 12 years already of a life taken. Nothing left but memories of her young life. A Family that still has to walk around and breath the horror from that heinous murder.
    And yet this monster lives. His smugness, his gall. He basically flaunts it in the public’s face. A sociopath, that only love’s himself.
    Just the idea of this monster still walking around and not finding justice with the legal system is in fact nauseating.
    If one only takes a moment to think of their own child and then waking up to that kind of horror, then that thought will send a signal from the brain to the whole body rushing it with a shock wave of repulsion.
    No, in Reality, I can not just walk away and let a monster run free, enjoy his life, laugh, be with his family and friends like nothing every happened.
    Free to kill again. Which I believe he will do.
    The heinous and horrific way he viciously attacked is a deep twisted mind of a cold blooded murderer. He is a person that only waits for the right time to unleash a anger so strong and vile, that some else will be a victim.
    So, do I just walk away? Forget it ever happened? Rely on the Police after all this years? I don’t think I can. I do not offer much to help, but I figure just thinking about clues, or just asking questions fulfills my duty in finding Evidence that will have this monster arrested and taken off the streets.
    Justice for Shellie if anything, is a Flame of Hope. A hope for Justice. A avenue to keep leads flowing in. We could wake up tomorrow with just that one lead that will be the Evidence to put the monster away.

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence Well said. I can’t add anything to your comment, it is direct and right on the mark. Thank you. Clarke

  3. Juliet says:

    Very well stated and my sentiments exactly, evidence

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