BW INterview With Justice

Written by Clarke Kent

Lois Layne and Clarke Kent met with BW in the Central Library. LL writes the attached comment on the interview. I had to make several small redactions however Lois Layne portrays what was said. Very little was learned as BW is very guarded and suspicious of people. Anonymous original contact Justice regarding a meth lab arrest of BW. Anon Source originally told me that with conversations with her sources BW may have been present at the party previous to Shellie’s murder. She related that BW is always on the brink of an emotional break down and lives every moment in serious fear for her life and terrified of MS2.

She was arrested on 11/07/14 and charged with a felony the first being manufacture of controlled substance case #GC14016636-00 and the second for Possession of Controlled substances #GD14016635-00. She was incarcerated for 45 days before she was released with a Nolle Prosequi – which means the Commonwealth was unwilling to prosecute. However if the statute of limitations have not run she could be re indicted and prosecuted again.

The only interest Justice had in following this arrest was because we believed CT and MS2 and LJP were involved in the meth lab and the VBPD would have a potential reason for cooperation for BW in exchange for vital information on Shellie’s murder and no charges however never materialized and the episode ended with no prosecution for anyone.

I found BW as a very unresponsive person who had no valuable information for us to hope for information that would lead to Shellie’s case being solved. Nothing of value was learned and I learned that BW had a child with MS2. I will quote exactly what BW told us about her and MS2. She said when she told MS2 she was pregnant his first response was “are you sure it’s mine?” Then he told her to do what she had to do but it wasn’t him problem. She then said shortly after finding out about the pregnancy, he went to Aruba for an extended period of time. He has never been a part of that child’s life and has only ever seen him a handful of times in his entire life.

Please read Lois Layne’s attachment that summarizes an interview that was not productive in our search for Justice for Shellie.



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