Numerous Conversations Between BB and MF PLus Statement Puzzling

Written by Clarke Kent

In the recorded conversation of BB on WS he reveals in post 4/29 a person names Pensfan asks BB when she rode her bike to his house the evening before she was murdered by a coward…(MF has told people that they had sex). What did you discuss with MF when you called him the evening before May was brutally murdered? (You/BB) mentioned talking to MF on the phone in post 429.

BB replies to Pensfan in his post #437 which is attached below. He starts his post by startling tell all “Well honestly that I didn’t know. Hmmmmm and thats news to me he didnt tell me that.” he continues “Well I guess Mary thought we was broken up that night until we made up when I came over later that night to her house but I have no idea what occurred with her and her ex MF but me an his conversation was about our argument we had he was there.”

What we know is there was 4 conversations between BB and MF just prior and immediately after BB learning of Shellie’s murder. When BB responds to Pensfan he tells us he had no idea Shellie had sex with MF and to my astonishment confirms that he was unaware they broke up even though he received the rings be returned to him from Shellie. Remember BB had possession of the rings Shellie cherished.

I have often reflected on the numerous comments BB wrote on WS and the Justice for Shellie blog/website. I have come to a conclusion that BB was using both WS and Justice for Shellie blog to advance his story. I strongly ask readers to evaluate all comments on both forums and note BB carefully introduces his bias slant on what information he conveys in his comments.

Are they planted to cover his story and account what happened? Did they ever reconcile since BB is the sole person who made that statement. Maybe BB visit was a prelude to his plan to pay her back.

There are so many comments and a careful reading will indicate clearly his slant of the reality of what really transpired including his receiving the call on his home telephone. Why it would give him the alibi of being at home.

Please note BB added post #438, 20 minutes after he posted #437 and it was only added to get the slant on the 1 am something on his home phone. See attachment # 438.


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17 Responses to Numerous Conversations Between BB and MF PLus Statement Puzzling

  1. Juliet says:

    Again… here he is going out of his way yo make a point of saying that she called him on his house phone. He has some sort of obsession with letting people know that she called him at home instead of his cell.
    I just find it strange that he throws that in EVERY SINGLE TIME. And this comment was written before anyone ever questioned him about that call, if I’m remembering correctly. It’s like he knew this call would come up eventually and he was setting the stage for his “at home” alibi… even at this early stage in justice’s investigation. Leads me to believe that maybe the police questioned him about this same subject long before justice got this info. Idk… just feels like something isn’t adding up here..

    • Evidence says:

      Exactly Juliet. And once again I applaud your understanding of what I call ” his Speak”. It is almost constant with him in all of his comments. He never really answers a question directly. It is alway’s a story with misc nonsense, injecting points to ward off further questions that he knows are dangerous to his credibility. Lol, actually his attempt to do this gives him away.
      His stories are bazaar and so out touch with reality. His lame attempts to embellish, distract, and ward off the obvious are a blessing to finding the real evidence and what he is seriously scared of.
      Of course this guy is going to say the most ridiculous statement like not knowing the MF was sleeping with Shellie. How naive can this man think we are?
      We have to focus on the time line after the murder. For instance the Funeral. Who did he attend with, his behavior at the funeral and after. His quick marriage so soon.
      It is my belief that who ever killed Shellie would be known to others. People that could help him cover up the Crime, give him advice, get rid of bloody clothing, protect him from the Police interviews. Moral support would be a huge asset.
      It would be hard for anyone. He is loud, belligerent and can go into a rage even when posting.
      This forum has to be nerve racking for him and his supporters. It never goes away. They have to always be looking for the next knock on the door which will be the Police. Has to be a hell of a way to live.
      He has so much smugness and gall. At times I bet he feels like he as gotten away with murder. But at times, even this sociopath has to worry. Maybe he thinks he found God and forgiven and all is well. That would only last for a short time. Reality has to creep in constantly.
      There will be a screw up at some point. A new Piece of DNA. Some one in the family that cannot go on. There will come a day when he will face trial. I believe this.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Is there a possibility that in 2005 you could transfer calls coming into the HOME phone to your cell phone. If that is a possibility I may be able to confirm it was BB in the car(white),as he followed her home from the 7/11, when she returned to her home while talking to BB as she biked at 10:45 to 11:30PM.

        • Watching and waiting says:

          How can you confirm without phone records from BB? no one can confirm just because it is possible. If that is how you confirm then your site is b*******.

          {{Edited by Miranda for language, please keep it clean}}

        • Juliet says:

          Do you mean have your home telephone calls sent strait to your cell phone? That’s a great question… Nd one we most definitely need yo find the answer to. New technology has a good idea with contacting verizon.. I believe that was the service Shellie used? Or was it sprint? Either way, id start with whatever company Shellie had and start there, call the corporate office and speak with someone who has worked there for years. And then go from there..

          • Clarke Kent says:

            Shellie made a call on Aug 13th at 10:54PM to BB cell with no answer and immediately made the next call to BB home phone and it was answered. Now if BB was transfering the call coming into his home to his cell he did not have to be home at the time BB& Shellie spoke on the home phone for 55 minutes.However BB could have been in his white car following her on her bike from the 7/11 to her home. She arrive home at 11:49PM and entered her house being greeted by her father.The route she took to arrive home was not thru Kings Grant Rd but another route.

  2. New technology says:

    three way calling was invented in 1964. Call 1-800 number for Verizon or call magic jack. I would call magic jack first.

  3. Watching and waiting says:

    Not 3 way. Call forward. Expensive to cell. 20 cents a min to a Sprint cell.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Thank you Watching and waiting for the term call forwarding. Do you know when call waiting became available for general us?. It seems to me that it was around for quite awhile. Was Sprint associated with Cox in 2005? I have information that a bus driver saw Shellie at a time she was conversing with BB but because of the home call it would eliminate BB, however he could have been following her and also talking with her on the home phone #. I will address the info I learned in an interview with this bus driver.

  4. Juliet says:

    Id also like to wish Shellie a happy angelversary. This day always makes me sad. My thoughts and prayers arw with Mr. Carson today and always.

  5. Clarke Kent says:

    Shellie had her cell phone with Sprint her number was 757 560 3366. I will ask Lois Layne to check out the ability in 2005 to transfer a call coming into the home phone to another cell phone number.

    • Lois layne says:

      Clarke, I will see what I can find out thru sprint this week and get back with you on this info asap.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Juliet & Lois L Bill also dealt with Cox for the home phone. I see information on both Co.,however I have the family records on the cell of Shellie Bill& Charlotte as well as Drother Drew.

        • Lois layne says:

          Actually the phone provider that we need to find out about is bbs company. Since he would be the one having his calls forwarded from his home phone to his cell phone. We would need to know what cell provider he used. Then I could call that specific company and find out when they started using call forwarding. If we can’t get this ingo, I will only be able to find out generically when call forwarding came out for all phone companies. But it would be nice to narrow it down to the exact provider bb used and when that company started that capability. I will see what I can find out, but unless someone knows what provider bb was using, or without bb giving us that info voluntarily, I’m not sure how to go about finding out what service he used. Unless you have the cell phone number that bb was using clarke? I might be able to find out what provider the actual number came from… because back then you couldn’t keep your same number when moving to a new company (I don’t think)…

  6. Clarke Kent says:

    Continued and all our from Sprint.

  7. Lois layne says:

    Clarje, do you have any idea what cell provider bb used? That would be the company that I should contact first to find out info about call forwarding and when that specific company started allowing that and the fees. If you don’t have that info, I will just have to get generic info on when call forwarding started as I won’t be able to confirm when it started via whatever phone company he used… Which is what I’d like to do.
    If anyone talks to bb and can ask him this info, it would certainly help in this endeavor. Thanks all.

  8. Evidence says:

    Timeline-again Clark brings up yet another important inquiry concerning B following/stalking Shellie.
    We know they have a very strong argument that day leading to a breakup of engagement. We know there was a serious love triangle going on.
    We know that B was extremely upset for the remainder of the day. We know that Shellie went over to B’s house and left to go back to MF that afternoon.
    Now according to B, he finally went over to Shellie’s house very late, around 12 midnight.
    So what was the timeline of B from say 5pm to midnight? Did he just stay home? Talk to anyone outside of family? Go anywhere. Or did he possibly start following her right away?
    What was his state of mind that day till midnight? Did he, actually arrive at Midnight to her house with no thoughts of jealousy? No anger? No agitation?
    He say’s they made up, all jealousy was ended, yet after he leaves, she hightails it back to MF.
    Could Shellie have been scared? We assume Shellie called his house for him,But for what reason? Or as in is it safe to go out, knowing he was actually at home? However, could she have called to find out he was home, and he not someone she felt was possibly following or stalking her? Maybe tell his parents she was frightened?
    The Phone call is VERY important to him. And now that actual evidence points against his alibi has really agitated him.

    B is also and has been worried about the car he was driving at the time. For months he would not describe it or the color when asked over and over. Why would he be concerned about this. Where was his car from 5Pm to 12am and later?

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