HRT Driver Sighting Raises Perplexing Scenario

Written By Clarke Kent

Justice has been trying to fit known facts into a scenario that indicated the HRT bus driver timeline on her sighting of Shellie. the bus driver known s Anon Linda revealed the following: She was the bus driver known on Va Beach Blvd and because the route requires that she arrive at each pick up location at specific times and therefore was very conscious of time on date of Aug 13/14, 2005. On the evening of Shellie’s murder, she started at 11 PM and was traveling east of Va Beach Blvd. She arrived at one of her appointment pick up spots early and while parked on the east bound side of Va Beach Blvd she observed a single young female riding a bike on the opposite side (VB Blvd) going westbound. As she watched this young lady ride her bike she observed a white sedan medium sized following at a distance. She became transfixed on watching the bike rider and the white sedan. She explained her intense interest was because she was molested at a young girl and some how she sensed possible danger. The time line she observed the young girl was between 12:20 and 12:25AM. She continues that she, the bike rider in the westbound lane she saw a vehicle following had two riders, the driver was taller than the person on the passenger side. She could not see the driver but could only see a smaller image of the passenger. She described the car as white or cream in color and it was following who she believes was Shellie, at a close distance. When prodded she feels that the bike rider (Shellie) was unaware of the car. Anon L continues that the car in the far right lane and for obvious reasons was diving at the same pace as the bike, thereby traveling 15 mph in a 45 mph speed limit on Va Beach Blvd. As the bike passed she watched as she approached Little Neck Rd corner and did observe that the bike rider turned right followed by the medium sized sedan.

The perplexing question is if we assume for research investigation reasons to assume it was Shellie, how do we fit this scenario into the other facts that we know? That is what I’m asking the cadre of sleuths that follow our blog to assist us with there thinking.

These are the facts that are confirmed. Shellie arrived at her house and was greeted by her father at 11:49 PM on Aug 13, 2005,and retired to her room. She had arrived home on her bike and entered the house by the side door. The parents then retired for the evening. She had a 3 minute phone call at 12:53 lasting to 12:56AM. We know that she talked on her cell phone to BB (10:54 to 11:49) 55 minutes to BB home phone arriving home at 11:45 PM that confirms the parents time of her arrival. We know that BB told us he visited her between 12 and 1 AM and they reconciled. We have never confirmed that BB reconciliation actually happened. The question and problem we have is if Anon is correct how do we place her on a bike being on Va Beach Blvd between 12:20/12:25. The only plausible reason I can see is either Anon L was mistaken by 1 hour and Shellie was on Va Beach Blvd at 11:20 – 11:25 which would be very possible or she went home, left immediately and was returning after a visit with someone east of Va beach Blvd and returning home leaving her cell in her bedroom prior to visiting the Seven Eleven.

These are what we absolutely know as facts

A. Conversation ono bike returning from 7-11 at 10:54 – 11:49PM

B. Parents confirm Shellie home at 11:49PM

C. Cell call incoming 12:53 – 12:56 incoming 3 minutes

D. Cell Call incoming 1:05 AM; 1:16 AM; 1:24 AM not answered

E. No out going calls to BB on her cell after 11:49 PM

Justice requests any input from our cadre of sleuths or any other scenarios or comments that could further our thinking on the HRT Bus drivers story.


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14 Responses to HRT Driver Sighting Raises Perplexing Scenario

  1. Juliet says:

    Ya know it would really help and quit the suspicions on bb if he would just produce the phone records of his home phone and cell phone. Why would he not produce this evidence to justice if he has nothing to hide? It would completely squash him as a suspect, or at least as the one making those calls to her. The only plausible reason I can think of is that there is something on those records that isn’t adding up to the story he has told.
    Can anyone, Shellies father or brother, or a neighbor, anyone confirm that he actually came to her house around midnight that night? Did anyone else see him? Hear his car pull into the driveway? Anything? We know that he knew about the b scratched into her skin, but he could have learned this info via telephone with shellie, or via telephone with mf later in the night, after she had already gone back to 711. Just because he says he saw it on her arm doesn’t mean it’s true. It would be interesting to know if Shellies brother or her father actually witnessed bb at the home that night. For all we know, that entire story could be completely false. I think it’s possible that the 3 minute call was bb and at that time, Shellie told him to leave her alone, she was no longer interested and that she was going back with mf. She may have even told him she was leaving her home and heading to 711 to see him. Maybe she purposely left her cell at home so that she wouldn’t have to deal with all those calls and her phone ringing every second with bb calling trying to get her to forgive him. He calls her 3 more times after the initial 3 minute call and she doesn’t answer. After the 3rd unanswered call, he becomes angry because she had already told him she wasn’t going to answer anymore and that she was going to be with mf. When she didn’t answer that 3rd call, bb became very mad and basically had a psychotic break and jumped in his car and hi tailed it to 711 to confirm what Shellie had told him she was going to do. He sees her in the store, maybe kissing mf, maybe hugging him, or maybe just talking. Who knows. This is where it would be nice to know what’s on that surveillance video. Or who is on that video.
    Anyway, bb becomes enraged and waits for Shellie to leave, following her so that she can’t see him. Or maybe he came upon her, wanting her to see him, and an altercation broke out, concluding in Shellies brutal murder. It all makes sense to me. And what really gets to me is that bb would have a perfectly acceptable alibi for not making those calls at all, if he would just produce his cell records for the dates of Aug 13 and 14, 2005. Those records would eliminate him as a suspect, at least in my mind. Either that, or confirm that he is a main suspect. So by not producing these records, only adds to the suspicion that he is hiding something.
    Something just stinks with the whole scenario. I can’t get past the feeling that bb is hiding something. Even if he isn’t the one that actually threw the blows that killed shellie, I truly believe he knows what happened to that poor girl. He has to know more than what he has told us. His story just doesn’t add up. All the details don’t make sense. Why is he so against justice for shellie? In the beginning of the blog, he was all gung ho about helping. Then he realized that Clarke actually knew what he was doing and all the evidence was pointing at him. He gets scared and therefor shuts down, at the advice of whoever was his accomplice, or family, attorney, or whatever the case may be. Whatever it is, something just stinks all the way around.

    • Miranda says:

      Bill said the police said they have the phone records of BB, MF and Shellie. He also said that the police told him that there was only one customer in the store that night while she was there (which makes no sense to me at all). It was a regular customer who comes in to buy lunch meat for his pet.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Juliet The reason for this post was to get our cadre thinking and discussing points that may not be facts. Our only knowledge of BB presents at the so called reconciliation is straight from BB alone. We have no corraboration from other sources. Shellie and the “B” on her arm could have been scratched on after her murder, however the first impression of the B was BB reconciliation which indicated that he saw it and was aware of it. The VBPD interrogation of him would be of great interest as they probably asked how it got there.I remember talking to gigi and she told me that BB called her the morning of Shellie murder and he informed gigi that he told her she was murdered via a vehicle. This call is prior to to the VBPD visiting him at work at JC Penney’s around noon and BB faked surprise when LE informed him of her murder. How can one reconcile gigi learning before BB started work and his surprise when VBPD told him of Shellie murder. How did he find out when the Caeson’s only learned about at 11AM Sunday morning. I can produce so many statements from BB about finding out of Shellie Murder on LE visit to his work site. Also a point to consider is on my last question to BB on our last interview I produced Shellie’s cell records and ask him to explain why in had no call from her to his house phone. He could not explained and got furiuos with me for the question and abruptly left.

    • Miranda says:

      Bill told you and I that the “B” on her arm was not suspicious because she was a cutter. And if we are choosing to believe what MF has said this week, he told me that she already had the B on her arm when she visited him at 7-11 the last time and she told him that she did it to herself.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Miranda I’m trying to think of other scenario’s that don’t include BB reconciliation account, because BB is the only one confirming that it took place. I agree that the “B” is a powerful indication of Shellie participation, however I would like a confirmation from someone to substantiate knowing that he was diffinetly at the Carson house for the reconciliation.

        • Juliet says:

          Clarke have you asked any of the Carson neighbors if they remember seeing his car there that night? I know at this point, it’s a long shot that anyone would remember, but I feel like it’s worth a shot to at least ask the surrounding neighbors.

  3. Juliet says:

    I can’t believe that no-one, a neighbor, Shellies brother, no-one saw him or his car in the driveway or them talking outside as he says happened. Now I know it was fairly late and people go to bed but you would think that someone would have noticed something…
    Although if you weren’t looking for it, maybe you wouldn’t notice it. Who knows.
    Now I suppose we could ask mf if Shellie said anything to him about bb coming to her house before she came to see him. But who knows if we’d get the truth. Has mf been asked about this? Just curious.

    • Juliet says:

      I do remember him saying that he saw bb car leaving the area about that time. But that doesn’t confirm that he actually went to Shellies house.

      • Juliet says:

        But did he say anything about Shellie telling him that bb had just been to her house before she went to 711?

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Juliet In BB interview in which MF was present MF stated he saw BB car in the parking lot. BB was furious and told him that is incorrect. In LL and mind last interview with MF he changed it to seeing his car pass the 7/11. There is a good possibility that it was changed after they talked with each other. On the first interview with MF the only way we could get it was thru BB who demanded to be present. Collusion??

          • Juliet says:

            It definitely seems like those 2 have gotten together and hatched up a story. Well prob never get the whole truth from either of them, unfortunately… esp since they are the last 2 people that we know of who saw shellie alive.

  4. Evidence says:

    In relation to the Bus Driver observations. I feel that she may have mistaken the time by the one hour.
    Questions. If it was Shellie, the car obviously fits the description which seems more than just a coincidence. The timeline on traveling on a bike would also fit the distance of about 3mi. from Va. Bch Blvd.
    The question would be “were would she be coming from”? What would be the timeline and or distance from the point of observation from B’s House?
    If it was B’s car, then it is of great importance to know who was in the car with him. Was the Bike Rider unaware of the car following her, or just not acknowledging it? Was she frightened from where she had just been?
    The question of B’s whereabouts after 5PM have never been established as far as I can remember. Could she have been at his house, left and B and his Mother in the car that was following?
    We know that all that day was a heinous storm brewing between B,MF and Shellie, and becoming worse each hour.
    I believe B and very Possibility Mother were on the prowl all night and did witness MF and Shellie together later at 7/11.

  5. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence Very insightful . I will address your analaysis tomorrow with information that will reveal what we have learned.

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