BB – MF Reveals Jan 2012 – MF & BB – “We Stay In Touch”

Written by Clarke Kent

BB and MF relationship is unique for the boyfriend of Shellie. Shellie was manipulative and used BB for his car and her purpose. BB was head over heels in love with her. There had to be some jealousy from B, however Shellie included him in to things BB and her shared and MF was available. The relationship between MF and BB is of interest when you consider the circumstances of MF losing to BB. It’s interesting from both perspectives. I remember that after Shellie brutal murder, both BB and MF went and visited the Carsons immediately. The arrived together. I also remember back 5 years that BB made numerous statements regarding MF so I decided to start rereading the post from beginning and on Post #706 BB answers a question posted by a Shelby who asked him “Did MF walk Shellie as far as the pond or not?” Shelby continues “If not and he said that he did, why would he lie about something like that?” The two important points in BB answer were he defended MF and also revealed that they both stay in touch. I attach the post and answers as an attachment. I recall that we learned just recently that BB, after the reconciliation all [??] MF. I further recall all the other things BB did for MF including driving him along with Shellie to Circuit City when they began the argument/fight the early evening prior to her murder. I also remember it was BB who brought MF to be interviewed and stayed for the interview. There is a link between these two boyfriends of Shellie. Can it point to something involving them in the murder?


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  1. Juliet says:

    Their entire relationship is sketchy. And mf even walking her to the kings grant sign turned out to be false too, correct? I remember reading somewhere that the surveillance video from 711 showed that he never left the store while Shellie was there. Why did he lie about this? I still can’t wrap my head around it.
    As far mf and bbs relationship, bb has always told me that him and mf were and still are good friends. Granted, this was about 2 years ago I had this conversation with bb. But even after learning so much about how deceitful Shellie and mf were to bb, he still feels the need to make it be known that mf is his friend and goes out of his way to defend him any chance he gets. Now why is that? He now knows (I’m still not convinced he didn’t know back then either) that Shellie and mf were having a relationship behind his back. And from what I can tell, pretty much right in front of his face. He’s learned that Shellie was using him for his car and for her own personal gain, all the while still having sex with mf (and who knows who else). So why is bb so dead set on defending mf. He was obviously not a real friend to bb. From what I can see, he dealt with bb because Shellie was around him much of the time and he wanted to be with shellie. Now I do believe that Shellie did care for bb. If she didnt, she would have just broke up with him and that would have been that. But I feel like she really did have feelings for him, or at the very least, did at one point and didn’t want to hurt his feelings by breaking up with him, so she stayed and continued to pursue a relationship with mf at the same time. But again, why was bb ok with this? And ok, let’s say for a second that bb really was that naive to not know there was anything other than a friendship going on between the two. What about after the murder? After all the facts about MF and Shellies sexual/emotional relationship were revealed to bb. Why is he still defending him? Saying statements such… That’s not true. Shellie didn’t cheat on me. Or another one I remember is, well Shellie must have thought we were still broken up when she went to mfs house and they had sex. He always defended mf, no matter the circumstances surrounding it. In my mind, the reason for this is that mf knows something about bb that he doesn’t want to get out. He is afraid of what mf will say about him, if he is crossed. In my opinion, bb feels by defending mf and telling the world that they are best friends, makes him believe that whatever dirt mf has on him, will be kept secret. He feels this undying loyalty to mf for protecting him from this “secret”. I mean, I don’t know, maybe I’m way off here, but it’s the feeling I’ve gotten all along. There is far more to the relationship between those 2 than meets the eye. And even still, to this day, when i know the two of them havent hung out, bb still tells people that they are good friends. Just weird if you ask me. How can a guy that slept with your fiance behind your back, admits it to everyone, except you, even has typed it up and has0 been presented to bb in writing, that he slept with Shellie the night she was killed, yet bb still doesn’t believe it’s true and still says mf is his good friend. But can’t say the last time they a tally talked or hung out. Fishy. Sketchy. Grimy. All of the above. Something stinks. And id be willing to bet, when all is said and done, bb and mf (intentionally or unintentially) will have had a hand in Shellies murder. Not saying they killed her, just that something they did, made a phone call to someone, something, started the chains in motion resulting in the murder of Shellie carson. I hope this all makes sense. I’m still half asleep.

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