Bike: Timeline Established via Shellie Cell Conversations

Evidence perks interest in the bus driver who feels that she observed Shellie on Va Beach Blvd prior to her murder. Evidence asks in a comment on the post “HRT Driver Sighting Raises Perplexing Scenario,” post date September 1, 1017  “In relation to the Bus Driver observations. I feel that she may have mistaken the time by the one hour.” Back in Feb 2014 I requested ANON L (Bus driver) to please confirm that she started work at 11 PM instead of 12 AM on Aug 13/Aug14, 2005. I also alerted cold case unit via Det Horvath at the same time of Anon L sighting and sent him a copy of my post “Justice in Pursuit of Now Information, post date Feb 11, 2014. In my last correspondence with ANON L she replied on Feb 12, 2014 to my question of her starting time with Hi Clarke, “I called HRT and the boss wasn’t in so I left a message. No one in dispatch could answer that question.” That was our last conversation as she never contacted me further. I have tried in vain to reach her recently and have had no luck or success even talking with her. Did we have interference from LE would ask her not to talk further with Justice, I do not know. If it was earlier 11:20 -11:25 PM it would fit in with Shellie talking with BB while the white/cream color car followed her home from the 7-Eleven.

The cell phone recorders indicate that Shellie was on the phone with BB via his home phone, not his cell phone. With the understanding now available to us BB could have been not home and had “call forwarding” transferred to his cell phone while he and another followed her home from the 7-Eleven. We know for a fact 2 things. The first is that her father met Shellie at the side door as she enterest her home at 11:49PM on Sat, Aug 13, 2005. We also know that Shellie talked with BB via a call to his home phone from 10:54 PM to 11:49PM. Now if the bus driver was 1 hour late when she observed Shellie was actually 1 hour earlier it would put BB as the driver of the white car following her. Justice could not confirm that that is the reality and the young girl on the bike was someone else. If only there was a way to confirm that the time was actually 1 hour earlier it would put BB in a difficult position. We must deal with reality, however I’m not convinced and it only would prove he lied.

Evidence also asks a question “Was the Bike Rider unaware of the car following her?” In my original post I wrote “She (busdriver) feels that the bike rider (Shellie) was unaware of the car.” Evidence also questions the point of observation and where would rider be coming from? The point of observation was the bus stop on the eastbound Va Beach Blvd prior to Little Neck Rd. Shellie would have taken her bike from the 7/11 via Kings Grant Rd to Va Beach Blvd riding her bike in the west bound Va Beach Blvd making a right turn around 11:25 PM and arriving at her home and greeting her father at11:49 PM, which is a 24 minute ride home

And questions or thoughts?

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