Another Family in Mourning on Shellie’s Murder

Written by Clarke Kent

A tribute from her fiance’s family on Shellie’s murder. B, plus his mother and father sign a letter on Support to the Carson family on Aug 31, 2005. In it which is 17 days after the brutal murder they state “I pray that the Lord will give you the strength to heal your broken hearts. A very close friend of mine made a lot of copies of Mary’s (Shellie’s) death announcement and I am sending them 2 you so you can have them so you can give them to your family. That is the least I can do for you all. Well take care and may the riches of the Lord be with you and your lovely family. Signed Love in prayers always and signed by the mother, father and BB (her fiance).

Your opinion is welcome, however would not have been the return of the ring in their possession be more effective?

See Attachment


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