The Carsons Plea For Help Involves Greta Van Sustern-On The Record

Written by Clarke Kent

In an effort to get publicity for their daughter Shellie’s brutal murder the attached letter was sent to the “On the Record” T.V. show on Fox news. In the letter we discovered that they met a person from the organization called POMC which stands for Parents of Murdered Children. the person they met was Janet Pelasara, the mother of the VCU coed Taylor Beihi who was murdered in Richmond last year (2005). They tell Greta that Janet and her friend Cindi White have the highest respect for you (Greta) and encourage them to seek your compassionate help. Both Bill and Charlotte authored the letter which stated in part the following: For 11 years, we have applauded your efforts to help murdered victims and their families to find truth and Justice. Now Greta we need your support. My husband (Bill), our 20 year old son (Drew) and I are desperate and grief stricken. We urgently need your help to find out who brutally murdered out 18 year old daughter, Shellie a year and 3 months ago.”

Please read the attached letter and understand their desperation to find Justice for Shellie. The letter certainly speaks for itself.


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  1. Peirce says:

    Off topic but curious as to where Miranda and Moles went? Also interested in the status of PH, LJP, MH, CT, MS1 & MS2, along with TN? I know KU is currently held in Norfolk jail. Thanks.

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