The Carsons Plea For Help Involves Greta Van Sustern-On The Record

Written by Clarke Kent

In an effort to get publicity for their daughter Shellie’s brutal murder the attached letter was sent to the “On the Record” T.V. show on Fox news. In the letter we discovered that they met a person from the organization called POMC which stands for Parents of Murdered Children. the person they met was Janet Pelasara, the mother of the VCU coed Taylor Beihi who was murdered in Richmond last year (2005). They tell Greta that Janet and her friend Cindi White have the highest respect for you (Greta) and encourage them to seek your compassionate help. Both Bill and Charlotte authored the letter which stated in part the following: For 11 years, we have applauded your efforts to help murdered victims and their families to find truth and Justice. Now Greta we need your support. My husband (Bill), our 20 year old son (Drew) and I are desperate and grief stricken. We urgently need your help to find out who brutally murdered out 18 year old daughter, Shellie a year and 3 months ago.”

Please read the attached letter and understand their desperation to find Justice for Shellie. The letter certainly speaks for itself.


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9 Responses to The Carsons Plea For Help Involves Greta Van Sustern-On The Record

  1. Peirce says:

    Off topic but curious as to where Miranda and Moles went? Also interested in the status of PH, LJP, MH, CT, MS1 & MS2, along with TN? I know KU is currently held in Norfolk jail. Thanks.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Peirce Justice is in the middle of a law suite that is threatening us to withdraw the Justice For Shellie web site/blog and our attorneys advise us to be more prudent and refrain posting until the trial is complete. Please be patient we will continue our quest for Justice For Shellie. When we return we will continue stronger as we expect to share information of what we will have learned. At the conclusion of the trial we will reveal the truth behind the law suite. Meanwhile we will share occasionally Posts of interest, however none dealing with the current legal matter. Be patient it will be worth your wait for new the information.

  3. Peirce says:

    Understood. In the meantime, I encourage you to maintain perseverance.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Peirce Yesterday i wrote a post entitled” CT faces Two Parelle charges=Verdict Pending” I have corresponded with CT via email and learned that he made sincere effort to stop drinking. I have numerous emails from CT that I will post prior to his next hearing. When I investigated the ABC Caper I learned from the Manager that the value on the small bottle of liqueur was less then $10.00 including tax. I’m not trying to absolve CT but look at the price he will pay. Does it deserve 4 years I think in all fairness it doesn’t. I sincerely wish him success and hope he can receive another opportunity.

  4. Evidence says:

    If VAPD spent as much time and resources on this murder investigation as they do on prosecuting a theif of a $10.00 bottle of booze, this case would be over.
    They need to start investing more time into the boyfriend. Just the odds alone have him as the top suspect. Not to mention all the details we have learned, his explosive temper, and on and on.

    “Disease Control and Prevention today.”

    “The CDC analyzed the murders of women in 18 states from 2003 to 2014, finding a total of 10,018 deaths. Of those, 55 percent were intimate partner violence-related, meaning they occurred at the hands of a former or current partner or the partner’s family or friends. IN 93PERCENT OF THOSE CASES, THE CULPRIT WAS A CURRENT OR FORMER ROMANTIC MEMBER of those cases, The report also bucks the strangers-in-dark-alleys narrative common to televised crime dramas: Strangers perpetrated just 16 percent of all female homicides, fewer than acquaintances and just slightly more than parents.

    ABOUT A THIRD OF THE TIME, THE COUPLE HAD ARGUED RIGHT BEFORE THE HOMICIDE TOOK PLACE.and about 12 percent of the deaths were associated with JEALOUSY.”

  5. TK says:

    Have they tested his DNA? supposedly the police collected DNA from the scene; it has to match someone out there. I wish the VB police would inform us who has and has not been tested so we can narrow it down :/

  6. Clarke Kent says:

    Tk in answer to your question did the VBPD collect DNA the answer is yes.It was sent to a lab, however it took 6 months before the police advised the Carsons that the results were back. The DNA test alone may not be enough to consider to make the case and the reason is that report could have had several persons DNA .According our thinking and research,prior to the discovery of her body she had sexual contact with her boyfriend and her ex boyfriend,possible contact with several suspects at a late night party and was discovered by someone that was her coach who also had contact. Those are 4 reasons that multiple DNA may make it impossible to convince The Commomwealt Attorney that you have a slam dunk to go to bring the case to Court. We believe the only way it would be solved is by direct evidence of someone who was present at the murder.

  7. TT says:

    Why was her coach involved with an 18 year old girl, then oddly found her body?

  8. Monsters says:

    Just a thought here but according to latest comments DNA from boyfriend and ex boyfriend ok but others DNA was probably later on her after or just before her murder. That other DNA meaning someone knows whose DNA it is. Two people justice knows so whose other DNA was there? Story in virginia pilot concerning DNA was traced and a girls murder was solved using DNA other families are being helped so why not give this a try
    A poster a long time ago said until a new way is found to find the murderer then this case wouldn’t be solved well now we have a new way so maybe the family can pursue this method. Older DNA on the body and new DNA well these people can be narrowed down with this new method. Someone said what was ph doing with an eighteen year old girl and I would ask how many older men do you know would do the same?

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