Both of Shellie’s Parents Have Died. Now What??

Written by Clarke Kent

With the death of Bill Carson, Shellie has no one willing to stop forward to make sure that Justice for Shellie keeps trying to keep Shellie’s murder investigation going. Justice is aware that the cold case homicide unit is still trying to solve this brutal murder. No one thought it was important to contact Clarke Kent or Lois Lane. From what the obituary revealed the family of the Carsons were not interested in inviting myself or acknowledge the 7 plus years were important in his life, which was exactly the opposite of Bill and Charlotte’s passion to solve their daughter’s murder. Justice is alone with Lois Lane interested in continuing our blog and keep her name and murder on people’s radar. Justice would appreciate your input. The lawsuit regarding myself and Bill Carson is still on going as his death does not end the pursuit of the woman who is trying to close the blog at any cost. Her lawsuit has caused Bill’s last year and a half a difficult time for Bill. His girlfriend Pat gae Bill much support and comfort as he fought his cancer.

Please let us know that after this lawsuit is concluded we will pick up a pace from what we learned from the woman’s pursuit which may lead us to learn more about Shellie’s murder. Something doesn’t add up. Legal restrictions hold me back.

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11 Responses to Both of Shellie’s Parents Have Died. Now What??


    Bill and Charlotte would still be searching if they were here. Other family members may need some time to greive. Pat probably has the best insight.
    It doesn’t make sense that someone is so “scared” the truth will come out that she would sue.. I hope you will not give up.

  2. Evidence says:

    I remember well the day I asked Bill who did he believe killed his daughter. I think we all know what his answer was. I believe Justice has done well in presenting the over whelming evidence against him.
    There is still more evidence that can be brought forward, and a great possibility that someone may still come forward with more.
    The Killer has to know that Justice never sleeps, alway’s there, alway’s waiting, lurking for the right time to make a arrest. I believe it will happen.
    Does this town really want to do nothing but let this murder get swept under the carpet like so many other cold cases in Virginia Beach?
    It could take just one Poster to present just one piece of evidence on this crime that could very well be the catalyst to make a arrest.
    Not going forward could be a big mistake. Is it worth the risk not to?
    And Yes, the media should have given credit to “Justice”. In many cases of Murder, it is the Public that solves the case.
    In the meantime, the killer runs free. Will he kill again? Think back of how heinous this murder was. Think hard.
    We know he is smug, a sociopath, and believes himself to be smarter than the cops. Does he think he got away with Murder? Will he out live “Justice for Shellie” and become even more confident?
    I say keep the pressure on.

  3. Lois Layne says:

    Evidence I couldn’t agree more. I hope that Clarke and I will be able to continue this journey, never giving up hope, until this monster is behind bars. The lawsuit has put us at a standstill, but I am not going to give up that easy. Shellie deserves justice. And equally, so do her parents. It is my belief that bill and charlotte would want clarke to continue on this journey. So much has been discovered thanks to him. And there is still so much more to uncover. I hope you all will stand with us and fight for justice for Shellie!!

  4. Rocklifter says:

    What does the person that is suing have to hide? I would say a lot. Sooner or later rocks are lifted to gain access to what one needs. What does this person have to lose if someone,s name comes up. Blog or no blog rocks will tell a tale. Good rocks and bad rocks one will be lifted. This has a start and end like most outcomes.

  5. Vincent Vega says:

    Lifted rocks or rolling boulders, terrible analogy. It’s more like casting stones, from biblical times. Stoning people to death without actual facts, or casting stones with no evidentiary value. I don’t feel bad for this blog getting temporarily crippled. “He without sin then let him cast the first stone”. I’m personally not responsible for whatever lawsuit that’s in effect and currently has this site in paralysis, but be realistic. It was only a matter of time. When representatives of this network are careless enough to “slip” on names, and reveal locations of unconvicted “suspects”, and inform viewers of “suspects” newborn’s birthdate and weight… it’s not only irrelevant to the investigation, but it’s asking for the very crippling current cast this blog is laid up in. I understand that the Carsons are deceased, I still wish them justice, but let this be a lesson if you all truly desire closure, to be more mindful of how you go about seeking this justice. “Slip” ups not only are inexcusable, they’re unacceptable, considering what’s at stake. The ego, pride or personal vendetta against potential suspects, as we can see, only hinders the progress and purpose in which this website was initially created. Tighten up and good luck.

    • Early morning rising says:

      Vincent Vega is a character in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, portrayed by John Travolta in an Academy Award-nominated performance who played a HItman. i guess you claim to be something but what? Is this a Evidentiary cause for Intimidation. i consider you to be intimidating so people will not post. Are you being intimidating so people won’t post or are you trying to Cripple a good cause? The only people here that will Slip up will be the Murderers of a help less girl. The/these people whoever they are, are Murderers. No hiding anywhere will save these Cowards. Everyone has Sinned that’s a fact. No evidentiary value I do believe this blog has Value. I bet if the Value was right and more money offered people would come forward maybe even ones that helped to Cover up this crime. I wonder how much Money it would take before people would come Forward. i’m curious how much money would it take, “do you know?” No names used here so i guess i have TIghtened up. It doesn’t matter if this blog is crippled someone else will start another one. i have heard from some families that are going through the same set of circumstances that they will be starting a blog. Maybe rules for Blogs need to be adhered to but families with murdered Loved ones want and need answers and they should have a way for that to Happen. do you agree?

  6. Merry-go-round says:

    Of course Vincent Vega was (not is), a character in Pulp Fiction… along with the rest of your Google searched sounding opening sentence. Claiming to be something but what? I wouldn’t think too in depth, regarding the alias sweetheart. Obviously, we are instructed to refrain from (real) full names, and VV came to mind. I simply enjoy classic films. But I’ll be whatever you need me to be, for you. Personally, I focus more on the content within the post. Let’s not poke at one another over fictional or non- fictional characters. Eye on the ball. Intimidation so people won’t post? Negative. That’s your perception. You are completely entitled to that in which, or whatever, or however you perceive as you read it. To answer, no, I’m not trying to cripple a good cause. I’m in agreement with this blog, unlike a few others that I have encountered. I agree, a helpless girl was murdered. That’s terrible. Uncommon in that area. Now, what makes you so certain that there were multiple people involved? You used the words, “murderer’s, cowards” and ” one’s that helped to cover up this crime”. You certainly appear convinced in your theory, which validates my point exactly, by stating the such ( again, with no evidentiary value). A merry-go-round. To answer, “how much money would it take? If your theory of multiple suspects involved was correct, I’d say it wouldn’t take even a quarter of the active reward numeral. For these, “cowards”, to come forward (or at least one of them by now), it most likely wouldn’t have taken a dime for one of the slime balls to roll over on one another. Zero loyalty exists. You do not have to agree with my theory, I’m at peace with that and my perception. Last but not least, yes, I do agree with you, that families undergoing these circumstances of murdered loved ones, certainly should have a (blog) way for that (this) to happen. Absolutely.

  7. Common Traits says:

    Gone with the WInd is a classIc fIlm but Pulp Fiction Is a cult film maybe classic. Be careful your age Is showing. Please be yourself please. A murder uncommon In that area what does that mean? Does this mean murders In other areas are more common? Not following that thought process.

    You said, “I’d say It wouldn’t take even a quarter of the active reward numeral.” Again what does this mean It’s like talking in riddles or riding on a merry go round.

    Why didn’t you use slime ball instead of slime balls? It’s perception seems to be agreeing with mine. i have to agree about zero loyalty but when one Is looking at centuries In prison what would one/more do? You see being loyal and having loyalties to a cause are different for different people and the sItuatIon they are in. People can be loyal in a marriage but for how long, as long as It serves a purpose. But If you are loyal to a gang that murders for nothing more than drugs and money then loyalty takes on a whole new meaning. You see intimidation and loyalty have different outcomes. Intimidation means bruises, loyalty means to some, death as the outcome if you cross the line in the sand.

  8. Merry-go-round says:

    Indeed, “Gone With The Wind”, is a classic film / example. Pulp Fiction, when I have heard someone mention the movie, to me, it’s like, “ahhh, yes, I remember that part, what a classic “. The Goonies, Total Recall, Ghost, hell, even The Lion King etc. ( although not retro), will go down as classics (along with Pulp Fiction ). But you’re right, and I can appreciate healthy criticism or correction. No contest. As far as being careful because my age is showing, well I don’t remember ever trying to hide it. I am thirty three. Furthermore, I am being myself. This is me, how I read, how I write/ type, and debate. Not necessary to ask me to please be careful or be myself. My life is an open book, all you have to do is ask. I’m pretty transparent, unlike my earlier years. It’s not so difficult when one is in harmony with the truth. I do appreciate the advice, however. To answer, “what does a murder uncommon in that area mean? Pretty self explanatory. In that particular area, I cannot remember hearing of any other homicide, other than the one in which is our topic of discussion. Example, murders, in certain Norfolk, Newport News, and Portsmouth neighborhoods, are much more “common”, than KG. No riddles, again, your perception, but I’ll rephrase : “I’d say it wouldn’t take even a fraction of forty thousand dollars, for these men in question to snitch eachother out (granted “they” were guilty ). You see, this murder is old, and those potential suspects have been in and out of other unrelated legal troubles. Point is, I personally do not believe that all them person’s of interest would or even could remain silent. Again, personal opinion. Now, slime balls, yes, used in the context of your theory (being multiple individuals involved, as you previously expressed ). Not my theory, but yours, and I wish you luck in this theory because LE obviously didn’t / doesn’t agree. Thus, eleven plus years later, unsolved. This produces the metaphorical merry-go-round in which I illustrated ( in respect to such theories as yours). Reminds me of a classic song : “… right round like a record baby, right round, round, round “. At any rate, I value your input, optimism, correction, criticism, and response. Thank you, Common Traits.

    • Common Traits says:

      You spin me around. The Chip Munks, WOW what a throwback!. Your sense of humor is awesome. We have all had time to think what do you think happened in this scenario. So many people so many perceptions. 4am is early to be out but she was ok until she left the 7eleven. To many chance happenings. Broke up and got back together at the last moment. It’s sad her life and what it would have been like now. Her children that do not exist because someone felt the need to murder her. I know how I felt losing my parents and other family. So pain and hurt I know. People are so wrapped up in petty differences they don’t stop to think that others not just them are left to deal with the emotional burden. Children always suffer and they grow with that hurt. Why can’t people just do what is right? We all have flaws that’s a fact but to murder and no compassion. Then to leave her hurting and dying just senseless acts, not humane. This person probably has a family and children now. I wonder how they can live knowing what they did. Do they deserve a life. But what goes around comes back sooner or later. I wonder what would happen if they had a family member murdered.

  9. Merry-go-round says:

    Common Traits, if you actually found hilarity within my last post, as you stated my “humor is awesome “, well, that’s literally good for you. The only other way for me to perceive that statement is that you’re simply being facetious, which I’m at peace with too. Either way, some events in life ( like this tragedy ), are clearly sad, and not a laughing matter. I do not want to be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Reflecting in hindsight, growing up, I was often misunderstood. This bred bitterness, leaving me to frequently take myself too seriously. Eventually, I learned to uncover the irony and absurdity of life. More importantly, I learned to simply lighten up. In taking myself too seriously, it made it much harder to think outside the box. It made it much more challenging to creatively find new solutions to deal with harsh realities, opposition and conflict. Again, if you truly found amusement inside my last literature, I mean it when I say that it’s literally good for you. Laughter really is a great medicine. I have experienced the death of a loved one too. Saying it’s “tough”, doesn’t hold a candle to the El Nino of emotions that cyclone inside. It’s extremely difficult to smile or laugh in the aftermath of such tragedy. I will tell you this though, had I not of embraced the remedy of humor, learning to laugh at my imperfections, watch comedy, listen to positive / uplifting music, meditation, breathing exercises and physical activity… I would have ended up in a straight jacket and or padded room. I share all of this in sincerity, genuinely because I know a lot of people are hurting inside. I share my experiences, strengths and weaknesses, in hopes that maybe some of you, who are affected by this tragedy, can find ways to smile, laugh, lighten up, and learn to rise above to accept the things we cannot change. Things in life are beyond our control ( particularly the behavior of other people ). It is a fact that humor helps you keep a positive, optimistic outlook through difficult situations, disappointments, and loss ( losing loved ones, friends, or even the family dog etc). I learned that nothing diffuses anger and conflict faster than a shared laugh. Looking at the funny side of things in life ( not this tragedy of course, I mean things present and future), can put problems into perspective and enable you to move on from confrontation without holding onto bitterness or resentment. Example, one cannot feel anxious, angry, or sad when that individual is laughing. Personally, it has allowed me to see situations more realistic and in a less threatening light. A humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which helps one to avoid feeling overwhelmed, again, diffusing conflict. A silly example comes to mind, but an actual song in the background for this shampoo commercial I saw when I was feeling sad one day. It made me burst into laughter though. You may be familiar with this, it goes like this : “…release your inhibitions! Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in…” and so on . Point is, I began to feel and appreciate the power and liberation in humor. Learning later that laughter decreases stress hormones and actually increases immune cells and infection- fighting antibodies. As well as triggers the release of endorphins, and promotes an overall sense of well-being ( temporarily relieving the pain ). A powerful antidote and a tremendous resource for surmounting problems. Did you know that a good hearty laugh actually has the power to relieve physical tension and stress, that’s strong enough to leave your muscles relaxed for up to forty five minutes? Anyway, forgive my tangible track, but know in the same token, my motives are good, as I wish nothing but swift and true justice.

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