Clarke’s Update on Lawsuit

Written by Clarke Kent

With the death of Bill, the lawsuit still proceeds with discovery which includes interrogatories, document requests and depositions. The lawsuit forced me into looking very carefully at the motivation of the plaintiff and a reoccurring name presents itself. The name is known to the cadre at Justice for Shellie. Justice believes that the information we are learning will be helpful in our pursuit of justice for Shellie.

Stay tuned.

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8 Responses to Clarke’s Update on Lawsuit

  1. Blankman says:

    As a former follower, I’m at a loss as to why the blog has seemingly ceased all activity. Despite a lawsuit, is it not legal and within your right to still operate amongst this site? This vine should still thrive, regardless of the withering wishes of the opposition.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Blankman Very perceptive,we are looking at the real Motive and our research is observing evidence that it surrounds a person that has been known as a suspect in Shellie murder case from the beginning. We only discovered his presents because the plaintiff motive brought us in this direction.

  2. Evidence says:

    Very interested in the motive as well. Something very strange about the whole thing. It smells. Sorry you have to go through this ordeal. Keep your head high.

  3. Christina kriss peta says:

    No way you get a convenient conviction

    • Knight Rider says:

      What does this mean to you Christian Kriss? What is a convenient conviction? What are you referring to? Seems to be emotional or non stability. Doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Evidence says:

    Clark, are there any updates you can share at the present time. Hope things are going well.

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