Trial Set For One Year From Now – May 6, 2019

Written by Clarke Kent

Clarke has received a document from the plaintiff’s attorney entitled “Praecipe” and certifying the following “I certify that the above styled cause (the lawsuit by plaintiff) is mature for trial on its merits and request the clerk to place it on the docket for trial with a jury.” The plaintiff’s attorney continues stating “I certify that a true and correct copy of this Praecipe has been mailed this date to all counsel of record and to all parties not represented by counsel, if any, pursuant to the provision of Rule 1:12 of the Supreme Court of Virginia.” It was filed on April 30, 2018.

I attended the May 7, 1028 hearing and was called to speak to the Court Clerk and was advised that the case was set by a party representing the Plaintiffs office that they request 1 year and the court clerk told me they set it for 1 year minus 1 day by request to plaintiff.

We, the defendant were planning on a trial this Summer and was somewhat puzzled by the demand to wait 1 year since the plaintiff’s attorney testified that they were satisfied that it matured and they requested the date to be 1 year away. Why? It means that Justice’s opportunity of exposing the truth will have to wait after a year. Justice speculates that motive we examine is the answer to the questions of plaintiff motive. I will abide by the decision and work more diligently to build a stronger case.

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6 Responses to Trial Set For One Year From Now – May 6, 2019

  1. Evidence says:

    Interesting. Sounds as if they really do not have a case to begin with. Not wanting a Judge to verdict on law alone must say something. And postponing for a year for a Jury trial sounds does sound like a ploy to not even have a trial based on Case law or a very weak case to begin with. Almost like sweeping it under the rug in order for it to just fade away.
    Is it possible to counter sue for attorney fee’s etc.?

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidense Your perception is right on. I never thought the plaintiff had any case at all and because of Bill’s involvement took a more conservative approach. I made every effort to get Bill dismissed but the Courts denied it until some discovery was taken. It was dismissed as his attorney did a very revealing job in questioning the plaintiff who could not show defamation on anything Bill wrote on the blog, because Bill didn’t author any Posts . My feeling has always been one of the main interest was to destroy Bill& Myself and the website/blog.By bringing a lawsuit,Plaintiff tried to intimidate Bill and I to stop the blog and the prevail with Justice for Shellie. Bill was intimidate and I while being very annoyed was resolute. I now have a full year to make the case for the truth. I seek the Trial and will take that opportunity to make my case of the real Motivation.

  3. Evidence says:

    Clark, I find your comment “I now have a full year to make the case for the truth. I seek the Trial and will take that opportunity to make my case of the real Motivation” to be very interesting. Obviously that motivation is something we all would want to know.
    My question to you is, after spending so much time with this law suite, has your feeling toward any suspect been reinforced or suspicions heightened?
    Hopefully in a few weeks, we can meet and discuss any developments in Justice for Shellie. (if you are inclined to do so).
    My hat is off to you for your dedication and resoluteness toward Justice for Shellie.

  4. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence To answer your inquiry regarding a suspect I do feel that thru our investigation of Plaintiff a name keeps appearing, and we are learning of a possible link that I can not reveal at this time.

  5. TT says:

    Is there anything the justice for shellie followers can do to help?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      TT Yes be patients and follow very closely the motive of the plaintiff.I am following legal advise and not being able to share what we have learned concerning plaintiff and the association with those that may be in control. The plaintiff team wanted a May 2019 trial.This give our team much time to continue our preparation and our investigation.

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