Going Forward and Getting Back to Justice for Shellie

Written by Clarke Kent

During my first three plus years of this lawsuit my quest was to understand why this plaintiff sued me and Mr. Carson. I, at all times, believed that this lawsuit was an attempt to get money from me and Mr. Carson as well as an effort to intimidate us, as well as close down the website/blog of Justice for Shellie. I note here that the plaintiff DK was never the focus of our investigation into the murder of Shellie Carson. She was a bit player in an episode that may or may not be connected to the murder. We were interested in BW, who was arrested at a meth lab and that was our focus of interest. We have heard that BW may have been at the murder site and may have information to share with the LE in exchange for a plea deal in her arrest. It was DK, the plaintiff, who inserted herself in this case. We had absolutely no interest in her or her son, however thru her intrusion she inserted herself in the website/blog with intense negativity. We did learn that her motivation would be key to understanding why she manufactured a frivolous, sham and spurious, unwarranted lawsuit. We did learn (from her testimony under oath) that she did have conversations with one person we believe may be connected to the murder case. We also were anxious to discover other information on the plaintiff that would be helpful in our litigation as well as Justice for Shellie.

I will share my opinion and let readers evaluate, ponder and come to their own conclusions. I may publish documents publicly available that I believe to be helpful in our quest to uncover the murderer of Shellie Carson.

I will post at least once a week that which I have discovered, bit by bit, for readers to evaluate and debate among themselves pieces of the puzzle that confront us.

Tomorrow will the be the first of many posts delving into what I learned thru our lawsuit. Alone they have worth – together they tell a story.

Special note from Miranda:

Due to the lack of posting because of the lawsuit, the site may not always post your comments right away, as it gets back in to a rhythm, just like Clarke and myself will be doing. As we start posting again, if your comments end up in moderation, we ask that you be patient with us in approving those comments as soon as possible. I typically get notifications on my phone for posts that are placed in moderation and will approve the posts as soon as I am able, which should take no more than an hour or so (could be minutes). However, if your post does not appear within 24 hours, please leave another comment to let me know or send an email to Justice and I will check the SPAM folder to ensure that it didn’t slip that far down. This way, I can pull it from the SPAM folder and get it posted ASAP.

Tips for avoiding moderation:

-Do not use any last names, especially of persons of interest. This is a direct violation of one of the very few rules we have here at Justice for Shellie. If you have a tip that includes a last name, please email us so that we may get in touch and either pass the information to the detectives, or discuss the information that you have with you and proceed as you would like. All tips and information are kept anonymous for the safety of all involved and that is a rule that we never break. In addition, you can contact the cold case detectives directly if you have information, but Justice is also here to help get that information to the proper people should you be looking for a way to submit the information without revealing your identity. Justice will never out an individual who is providing information and fears for their safety or just simply wants privacy.

-Do not place more than two links is a post. While we LOVE when people provide a source for the information they are providing, by putting more than two links in the post, you will increase your chances of getting pinged as being a spammer because typically spammers are posting multiple links that they make money from. If your post needs to include more than two links and you do not want to make more than one comment, please just be patient as I will approve it as soon as I can.

-Do not use multiple or fake email addresses. If the system detects a fake email address, it will automatically put the post in moderation.

Welcome back and thank you so much!


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2 Responses to Going Forward and Getting Back to Justice for Shellie

  1. Taylor says:

    So is her case still open

    • Miranda says:

      Shellie’s case is still open. It is just with the Cold Case detectives now. If you are referring to the lawsuit, it has been deemed a Nonsuit and she has six months, if I understand correctly, to go back to court over it, and thus provide the proof that she has been yet unable to provide.

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