Litigation and Research Helps Define the Puzzle

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice digests what we learned during the 3 plus years of litigation and research as a big puzzle concerning plaintiff motive of bringing a frivolous lawsuit. Her motivation may tell a different story when we put the pieces together. With that said, I have decided to approach the puzzle issue by discussing what was learned piece by piece. In other words, we must look at each piece separately, piece by piece. Each sub-story is a puzzle piece, and while they alone have value, together they tell a story.

An important point prior to me commencing what I learned, there will be factual exhibits I will attach as well as my opinions. I must advise readers that they themselves must read what I write, ponder what is said and make your own conclusion. Justice welcomes your comments, suggestions and your opinion. We will listen along with other readers.

Today I will give you your first puzzle piece. It is entitled Puzzle Piece A and called “Initial Communication”

Puzzle Piece A – The initial communication occurred while on vacation with my wife, outside of the USA. This occurred with 16 urgent emails on December 29, 2014 at 10:41 AM by Duke. I received an email that only said “Is this private email to Clarke Kent?” and ended on January 1, 2015 at 8:30 AM with Duke writing “Bring Bill. would be great. What pseudo name is the other person?” The fifth email revealed the most salient point on Duke’s concern. I attach a copy of the email with name redacted, but with initials. This 5th email frames the essence of Duke’s concern and motive. Her concern centered around threats on her life and family. After reading her email I knew that MS2 was the one she really was concerned about. A dead giveaway was her telling me that he was getting out of jail. At this point we had no idea that MS2 was incarcerated, however she highlighted this point. This simple fact caused us to investigate MS2 thru the Circuit District Court System in Va Beach, however we couldn’t locate where MS2 was incarcerated, however a tip pinpointed North Carolina. To our amazement we visited the court system and made copies of what transpired. Right now I will only say we confirmed Duke’s email on him being released from incarceration. We will deal with what we learned which in itself is a blockbuster.

It is my opinion that Duke had a connection to MS2 to know that he was incarcerated and date of release.

Duke opened a Pandora’s Box to understand some kind of unholy connection with MS2. What we discovered will be discussed in other puzzle pieces, however that is another piece of the puzzle.

Please remember the above is my opinion and I welcome your comments. Alone this puzzle piece has worth, however the puzzle will tell a story.

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2 Responses to Litigation and Research Helps Define the Puzzle

  1. Into the woods says:

    Just a thought but isn’t DK and BW related. To me MS2 is a joke has always been a joke. Little Junkhead trying to be a bullie.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    INto the woods DK is not related to BW. Her relationship will be discussed in a Puzzle Point Post which is part of putting the puzzle pieces together to tell the Story of what I learned from the lawsuit. Please stay tuned.

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