Wolfman Revisited – New Evidence Explored

Written by Clarke Kent

On April 12, 2019 Justice was contacted by a source  to be named Anon CCC, stating “I have some personal information that is…most probably directly related to Shellie Carson’s tragic murder…I would really appreciate a contact from someone from the investigation…I was present along the same path at the same time as Shellie. I have information.”

Justice responded immediately and an interview was set up and Justice has learned some new evidence presented at the meeting. Two young women, 23ish, got together and had a friendly time together at Anon CCC’s house. A few drinks and smokes and much laughter. It was about 2 am on August 14, and they needed to get more cigarettes so they decided to bike to the 7-11 store. Together they both biked to the 7-11 store, picked up their cigarettes, socialized, left the 7-11 and started the return home, however they decide to stop at the duck pond and took a break for a drink and some smokes that lasted 30 to 40 minutes enjoying themselves. They then biked to CCC’s friend’s home and when CCC reached the corner to her street she observed a person who recognized as JS however JS turned from her view and changed direction to avoid her. At this time one estimates it was early morning and the sun was rising. Estimate time close to 6 AM. She thought it was peculiar and took note.

The relevance was that when she learned of Shellie’s murder, she recognized JS and her seeing JS at about the same times as when the body of Shellie was discovered. That has bothered her ever since and as she tried to tell the police she brushed aside and got nowhere. She wanted someone to listen to her.

I spent over 2 hours with her including an exact trip in her car to the exact places she was that early morning of Shellie’s murder. She was very specific on where she observed JS and I saw the area and took note.

Why is this important? It is important because JS was known at that time as “Wolfman” and was a teenager who was described to Justice as weird, spooky and different. He also was known to roam the neighborhood at all hours of the night and day. One person said that he was known to sleep in a tent behind his house. The police, early on, considered him a prime suspect. The day after the murder, police executed a search warrant at his residence on Kemps Lake Drive. His house is one block from where Shellie’s body was discovered. The only point of interest is that with the warrant and affidavit was signed by a judge to allow the execution of the warrant. We have tried to get a copy of the evidence supporting the action and it is sealed. If a piece of the affidavit considers an alibi concerning the whereabouts of Wolfman between the hours of 4 AM and 6 AM, the information from Anon CCC could contest that as Anon CCC was positive that she encountered JS between the hours just prior to sunrise on Aug 14, 2005. Since we don’t know what is in the affidavit, this information is a small piece that may or may not interest the VBPD.

Anon CCC also brings up the point that conflicts with an article written by Duane Bourne’s headline stating that “Va Beach Police Shift Focus of Homicide Inquiry.” It relates that “Days after police searched a home in King’s Grant for clues…the investigation has shifted towards the last place she was seen alive. Investigators want to talk to anyone who stopped by the 7-11 store at 425 King’s Grant Rd between 2 and 5 AM Sunday.”

Anon CCC states they were at the 7-Eleven as well as spending time at the local duck pond between these hours and were never contacted by the VBPD. The video Anon CCC states would identify them at the 7-Eleven at the time police requested.

In conclusion we have identified two areas of interest to VBPD. Anon CCC 1. being at the 7-Eleven but never contacted and 2. Eye witness of JS at the location at sunrise on Sunday, Aug 14, 2005 at approximate time the body of Shellie was discovered.

I would urge you to read November 12, 2012 “Wolfman” – An Early Obstacle to Early Resolution, as well as December 4, 2016 entitled “Wolfman Affidavit Indicates Rationale for Search Warrant” and Feb 18, 2016 entitled “First Focus is Wolfman – Focus Shifts to 7- Eleven.”


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5 Responses to Wolfman Revisited – New Evidence Explored

  1. Evidence says:

    Welcome back Clark
    Did not need a crystal ball to figure out they would drop the frivolous law suit. Always said from the beginning it was just a low class way to try and make a few bucks.
    As far as Wolfman, I think we know that they diverted away from him too early. Same kind of flops like not taking in the BF’s car for DNA along with the Good Samaritan’s Van.
    I still remember talking to a VBP forensics person who said “We made a big mistake at the beginning.”
    Since you have been away, there is one thing that sticks in my mind. Always has. And that is the position of Shellie’s bicycle on the side of the road from the Pics on file. The way the Bike is positioned facing the street. I can’t seem to shake that image and the reason for this . It appears to have been brought in from behind the trees. Maybe it means nothing, but it sticks in my mind. I have a picture captured from the news clip, but do not know if I can post it here. Might try later.
    It was interesting to see the cold case solved of the murder of the two young women that took place back in 1973 or 1974. Must be nerve racking to the murderer of Shellie to know that at the end they will find him and just a matter of time. He was 80 years old.

    Any way, glad you are back and back in the saddle. Hope to meet up with you in the next coming weeks.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence Great to see you back to. You made some great points to think about. The position of the bike may have some relevancy & your picture that would be interesting to put on the website as it captured your imagination .useless for it may have been compromised in some way and not available The DNA may have been compromised for use in building a winning case and conviction. If that is what happened we then need direct testimony from someone who observed the actual murder.That in my thinking and the main reason we took the Meth Lad episode so serious.We must get together. Contact me,

  3. Evidence says:

    Hopefully this pic will show up.


  4. TK says:

    PH’s van parked at the crime scene? Has anyone reached out to his ex wife. She filed for divorce shortly after Shellies death. She may have a piece to the puzzle.

  5. Clarke Kent says:

    TK We originally talk with her when she still reside in the house and she was evasive and refused further contact with Justice. She claimed family privacy. She did move and I believe she still in Va Beach.I would love to talk with her if it could be arranged.

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