VBPD Quashes Subpoena – Does It Tell A Story?

Written by Clarke Kent

Puzzle Piece #2

During the three depositions Plaintiff DK would answer questions concerning the meth lab episode with a blanket statement that it was turned over to the VBPD. Not once could she produce evidence that she was being stalked, etc, etc. She had no evidence and her rationale was she turned it over to police.

As defendants we needed information to bolster our case and prove that J4S was not involved with sending people to harass her. With that said, it was decided to look at what she was reporting to VBPD and to that end we subpoenaed her records at the police department. What we found out was unexpected and a huge surprise to defendants and attorney. It appears that our request was quashed with the reason being #1 “The information requested by counsel is part of the investigation file for an active homicide investigation being conducted by the VBPD’s Cold Case Unit related to the 2005 death of Mary Rachel Carson” it continues with #2 “Pursuant to Rule 4:1(b) of the Supreme Court of Virginia and the criminal investigative files privilege; the requested investigative files and their contents are privileged and not subject to mandatory release. See In re: Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of State Police, 1978 Va. LEXIS; 41 VA. Cir. 571; Decker v. Watson, 54 VA. Cir. 493 (2001); and Harrington v. Roessler, 2014 Va. Vir. LEXIS 106 (Case law is attached collectively to this motion as Exhibit A.).”

“#3. Because the criminal investigation of this matter is still pending and part of an active and ongoing investigation, the City invokes such privilege pending resolution of the criminal investigation and any subsequent criminal proceedings that may take place in order not to interfere with any ongoing investigation or eventual prosecution of the matter. ”

“WHEREFORE, the City requests that this Court grant its Motion to Quash. If the Court makes requisite findings and other disclosure of some or all of the items sought, the City in the alternate requests a protective order regarding secondary dissemination, the specific provisions of which the City asks leave to propose.”

My opinion as your opinion and thinking is requested and important in putting the sub information in the puzzle piece (2) entitled Quashed Subpoena.

Why would a request in an entirely different criminal charge of the meth lab and Shellie’s murder, all be captured in the Carson murder file. The Carson file after 14+ years of investigation must be huge. The question is does this in any way infer that it was a dual investigation and Plaintiff’s involvement is linked to a murder investigation. My opinion is that this quashing of the Subpoena indicates a link to the Carson case.

Your thinking and comments are solicited.


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28 Responses to VBPD Quashes Subpoena – Does It Tell A Story?

  1. Watcher says:

    Someone didn’t want js4s to continue. Could it be that people living there are somehow connected in some way. Did someone say a long time ago that someone was looking at who was coming and going? Who was paying or renting the storage unit?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Watcher The Storage where the Meth Lab was raided and BW was arrested. DK and son had rent a storage in the same complex, and BW reside there. That unit was closed Sept 10 and Meth Lab was raided on Nov7,2014. I will be posting a Puzzle Piece as part of getting a clearer picture of the real Story. Is the non Meth Lab storage a piece of the Puzzle?.Stay tuned.

  2. Just living Life says:

    Is this the same DK that contacted me via my personal email saying things about Bill etc that I forwarded to him?

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    Just living life Hope everything is good for you. Yes that DK was the one who wrote you a letter/email on Nov 30,2016 of which turned over to me. Your reply was “Who the heck is this and how did u know my name and email.”DK went out of her way to tell you negative things about me personally. She wrote to emails back to back.I would like to use the emails in one of my Post on putting the puzzle to tell a Story. I would redact your email & name. Let me know as it is part on many link that will tell a Story,

    • Just living life says:

      Yes you may post them however please make sure any of my contact information is completely blackened out

      • Miranda says:

        I will ensure that there is no personal information listed. On a related note, use your other email. Your name in your email is what is triggering moderation. I don’t allow your name to show up without permission at all. 🙂 Welcome back!

  4. Clarke Kent says:

    Jli I failed to mention that DK went out of her way to out me by putting me whole name to you, We have other information that show my name to the public. Now because of the litigation my name appears on all legal documents and easy to discover on the internet,

  5. Miranda says:

    All of this seems very odd to me. I have no idea how anything even relating to DK would end up in Shellie’s file, unless there is someone from the meth lab that they might be investigating in connection. Seems strange all the way around, but of course, this is only my opinion.

  6. TK says:

    What I don’t understand , if people’s lives were at risk why not go after the ones who are causing this fear instead of going after people who are trying to let Shellie rest in peace?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      TK If a party was threatened with murder the logical next step is contact the VBPD. If they have her claim it would be in the Carson Murder Files, that we at Justice were Quash from seeing. The only ones to answer that is VBPD.

  7. Watcher says:

    Maybe said individuals and owner of storage unit were sellers of said drugs. Why would the owners let these people live there? I still believe-DK and BW are related. Wonder if more storage units and certain real estate holders of real estate need to be watched. Did someone say DK and MS2 had a business out of her house at one time”WHAT”

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Watcher The owner of the Whole Storage rents about 100 units to renters and does not know what is happening in each unit.I believe he does not rent to people to live there, however some people did stay over night and in BW case she live there 24/7.DK and BW are not related. BW had a 5 year old boy living with his Grandma(BW) mother.Furthermore the father of her son was MS2. Of importance is that BW was charged with Meth Manufacturing. The charges were later dropped, however there was Meth drugs involved.

  8. Watcher says:

    If you lived in a storage unit and owner was collecting rent wouldn’t he also owe city taxes. I would like to know how many people in virginia beach live in storage units and how many run businesses out of them.
    City zoning would love this one.
    What happened to the owner? Did the raid uncover any drugs?

  9. TK says:

    Then why is the meth lab being investigated?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      TK The meth lab was important because of the arrest of BW. We also learned that several suspects in Shellie murder might have been involved We had information that BW might have witnessed Shellie murder.We were hopeful that the police would question her and offer a deal for her revealing what she learned at the murder site.

  10. TK says:

    Obviously the vbpd have worked slower than a snail with this case. If BW holds the key she needs to come forward. It’s been too long and Shellies soul needs to rest in peace.

  11. TK says:

    Clarke Kent have you received my email?

  12. TK says:

    What is a good email for you?

  13. Clarke Kent says:

    TK I will send it to you via your email.

  14. Darla says:

    If someone talks will they get the $40,000?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Darla No because the family refused acknowledging the $40000 people like myself contributed to the Reward Fund. I brought this up and they were not interest as it would lessen their share. To me it was a reprehensible.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Darla When Bill died I met with the legal group handle his will and brought the $40,000.of Reward money of which I donated as well as many others.They were not interested in keeping it as it would lower their share . It was a HUGH slap in the face to J4S and very reprehensible.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Darla I will publish a Post entitled “Darla’s Question -If someone talks will they get the Reward”? I’m sure that will answer your question.

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