Miranda – VBPD Quash Odd Unless…Someone…Meth Lab…Investigation

Written by Clarke Kent

Miranda on a comment on Puzzle Point #2 “VBPD Quashed Subpoena” make the statement. “All of this seems odd to me. I have no idea how anything even relating to DK would end up in Shellie’s file unless there is someone from the meth lab that they might be investigating in connection [murder case]. Seems strange all the way around, but of course that is only my opinion.”

Putting the puzzle pieces  together after all is finding the right piece that fits, in other words, finding the connection between pieces. In my first puzzle piece entitled “Litigation and Research Helped Define the Puzzle” and the initial communication begine to put a puzzle piece together. I revealed this email frames the essence of Duke’s concern and motive. Her concern that around threats on her life and family. After reading her email I knew that MS2 was the one she really was concerned about. A dead giveaway was her telling me that he was getting out of jail. At this point we had no idea that MS2 was incarcerated, however she highlighted this point. This simple fact caused us to investigate MS2 thru the Circuit District Court System in Va Beach, however we couldn’t locate where MS2 was incarcerated, however a tip pinpointed North Carolina. To our amazement we visited the court system and made copies of what transpired. Right now I will only say we confirmed Duke’s email on him being released from incarceration. We will deal with what we learned which in itself is a blockbuster.

In conclusion, Miranda makes the connection – Someone (MS2); meth lab (MS2) and murder investigation MS2. When I came to that conclusion it forced me into discovering Duke’s motivation and guided me to realizing that she was trying to protect someone who would benefit from the Justice for Shellie website/blog disappearing for good.

Could a piece of the puzzle be linked?

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