Darla’s Question – If Someone Talks Will They Get the Reward?

Written by Clarke Kent

A simple question and a simple answer, NO. They will not get the $40,000 reward that Bill had it in one of his accounts that was mixed with other assets and I assume inheritance money was passed on via Bill’s will. I, however made an effort to bring up the $40,000, however relatives acting for other was not interested in my plea and proceeded as if it was part of the inheritance. Bill and I signed a legal document when we hired our attorney, which called for each to contribute 50% to the monthly fees until the lawsuit was concluded. I had brought this up and again the relative acting for the estate ignored my plea and proceeded with collection of all assets and the distribution of the Carson assets as dictated by the will. It was  very somber time for myself to see the greed as they collected all assets for their own benefit and ignored me and the justice for Shellie. Bill and Charlotte, if alive to see this relative combine their assets and completely turned their backs to Justice for Shellie was the most REPREHENSIBLE to me, personally as well as to everyone who participated in helping to fine Justice for Shellie.

The money we helped build for the reward was turned over to relatives with no thought of those who contributed.

P.S. There are relatives who do not know the true story as they had no knowledgeable input.

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8 Responses to Darla’s Question – If Someone Talks Will They Get the Reward?

  1. Miranda says:

    I am totally floored by this news. Clarke had never mentioned it to me before and now that I know, I am totally disgusted and questioning the legality of this situation. That money was solicited from the public and people donated to the REWARD for finding Shellie’s killer. How can it be legal for the family to take this money, and it not be considered stolen or obtained under false pretenses. Was there some sort of legal plan for what to do with the money if the killer was never found? Is there a law regarding this. Maybe something related to fraud. These we not people who were living paycheck to paycheck in the first place. But to take money that was donated for a cause, and use it for their own personal gain is really upsetting to me and I believe that something needs to be done about this.

  2. Miranda says:

    While I am busy being upset, maybe we can find out why Shellie no longer has a page on Crimesolvers? I even checked the list of cold cases. She isn’t there. Have they closed her case? Is the investigation no longer ongoing? Who would tell them to remove that page, or why would they choose to do so when there are cases on there from the 70s. And if they moved it, why not just redirect, instead of the page just being gone?


  3. Watcher says:

    Greed and people that never really cared for Shellie or now they are no longer in Shellie shadow. But in reality they will always be in her shadow until the murderer is found. I have lost everyone within my family and still have more respect for others than this person. So sad.

  4. Evidence says:

    Yes it is quite “REPREHENSIBLE” to me as well, but not unbelievable. I remember well the day on the Blvd. when the Billboard was placed up and so many folks gladly giving to the cause of finding the murderer of Shellie. Personally I feel like it is a form of stealing. Akin to stealing from a charity and worse yet the wishes of the Father.
    Most people would not want this money, nothing but blood money. Not worth the impact on their conscious.
    And the sad part is the fact that it was such a valuable tool in finding the murder. Someone scared for their life, etc, this money might have been the one thing to move them forward to talk.
    There is also something else to consider. Other than greed, what would be a motive for someone to not want this tool (reward) out there?
    You have to remember the Brother was and is a person of interest. I always felt he had a certain dark side. And some of his actions demonstrated this. (like his own Shooting incident). I always wondered about his relationship with the BF. It was odd, especially since the BF was so far up on top of the list.

  5. Evidence says:

    There is a documentary that I suggest every one spend some time to watch. It is about a couple of citizen sleuths that have spent a enormous about of time investigating the murders of a serial killer or killers in Long Island and other places.
    The amount of evidence that they uncover is astonishing. It is proof that concerned citizens like Justice for Shellie can uncover a myriad of facts and evidence that the Police will just ignore or not care.
    It is also interesting to see how corrupt the Police can be. How citizens themselves just do not care. In this documentary you will see a corrupt police Chief, and you will see a Honest Chief one that takes a stand that the murders should be open to the Public and kept in the Public’s eye on a constant and consistent basis. He advocates getting as much Info available, because he states that has always been a key to one of the most successful ways they have solved the majority of crimes.
    Justice for Shellie is hell bent in not letting the murder go unforgotten. Watch this documentary and open your eyes to how Web Sleuths and others in the public can find so much EVIDENCE!

    The Killing Season



  6. Just living life says:

    What has happened is horrid.. however unless that money was set up in an account separately, and/or the will clearly stated that x amount of money from the estate is to be disbursed as the reward, that money is legally part of the estate and cannot be separate unless all
    Parties in the will agree to it. Those that chose not to are horrible persons. They should be ashamed of themselves. In my opinion it appears that they want nothing more of dealing with the vicious brutal murder of Shellie. Apparently they have no heart, and clearly shows greed and disrespect for Bill and Char.
    Shame on those family members.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Just Living Life I alone with my attorney had a meeting with the the person in charge of the will along with the attorney and asked them what they intended to do with the reward. The person in charge was evasive and would not address the Reward. They were so intent of getting their share that they refused input from J4S. I know that both Bill & Char would be devastated.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Justice living I along with my attorney made sure the Executrix of the will was aware of the Reward Money. This Executrix was not interested and proceeded with the sale of the Carson,s estate as quickly as possible. She was interested in one thing $$$$. I am sure the Bill & Char would have not condoned this behavior and would have returned the money to those who participated, including myself or donated it POM Parents Of Murder Children.

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