Information Concerning BW/RK/DK – Judge for Yourself

Written by Clarke Kent

As I begin to write this post, I want readers to understand that this is my opinion on what I learned in working for J4rS. I want to try to explain how these 3 people are connected. I am leaning very heavily on an anonymous source who has in the past been very accurate. I will present 3 separate emails that I feel helps tell the story. Before I begin I just want to explain clearly that there were two separate storage units that were in a storage facility on Virginia Beach Blvd. Unit #105 was opened June 10, 2014 and closed on September 10, 2014 and was rented by RK and DK. The second unit #101 and was opened after unit 105 was closed down. Unit 101 on November 7, 2014 was raided by police and BW was charged with operating a meth lab. The only links between them were that BW was physically there 24/7 and RK’s name was associated with both units as well as DK’s involvement with the owner of the facility.

2) 11/14/2014 (3:19 PM) and 1) 11/21/14 (10:03 AM)

It is obvious that BW was duped into being there 24/7 and given alcohol and drugs to keep her there. RK had her strung out so she wouldn’t leave the unit. Remember she had a 5 year old son and she stayed with the drugs.

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