DK Reveals MS2 Murder Threat

Written by Clarke Kent

On December 29, 2014 at 2:41 PM I received an email from Duke (DK) in which she states “I am trying to prevent the murder of BW, RK and their families by[redacted] , [redacted], and MS2…Your posts of meth lab and court are skewed and much of it is inaccurate.  You are facilitating those meth addicts by giving tout information about victims and their families and posting it. Redact all the information off the website immediately. MS2 READS YOUR SITE AND GETS OUT OF JAIL TOMORROW [capitals added to add emphasis of importance and told me immediately who was the person person threatening her and her family. It could not be clearer.

The state of North Carolina charges MS2 with (File # 15CRS123) Possession of Methamphetamine Precursor after his arrest on October 16, 2014. Defendant MS2 pleaded guilty and “the court having considered evidence, arguments of counsel and statements from defendant orders that the above offenses, in more than one, be consolidated for judgement and defendant [MS2] be imprisoned for a minimum term of 19 months for a maximum of 32 months.” The court now continues with “Subject to the conditions set below, the execution of this sentence is suspended and the defendant is placed on supervised probation for 18 months. MS2 was required to pay $1955.00 as restitution, attorney’s fees, costs and other fees.” MS2 also got credit for 47 days spent in confinement prior to the date of this judgement. The probation was supervised and required him to “enroll into the rehabilitation program and be at house arrest until enrolled and from 8 pm to 6 am for 7 days a week not interfere with his employment.

So MS2 as stated in DK’s email to me on 12/29/14 was correct and MS2 was allowed probation. What DK failed to reveal is how did MS2 have all the information of what was being stated about the meth lab arrest. How did he get any information since he was incarcerated from Oct 16, 2014 and the meth lab arrest was on Nov 7, 2014? How was he communicating to her and how did she learn about his death threat against her family and herself? How does she have to support this threat from a N.C. jail. This is another in a long line off links, connected with her. There is an unholy connection that we are seeing  in their connections. It does not pass the smell test. See attached court documents.

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20 Responses to DK Reveals MS2 Murder Threat

  1. Watchee says:

    This guy is gutless he uses his muscles to intimidate these women and they him do this. If they would stand up to this Wuz they would feel better. I still say DK and BW are related
    Maybe MS2 and DK knew each other more than we know years ago.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Watcher MS2 had a party at DK residence in 2003 and Dk was not aware of this party until she came home from being out ot town. My question was Shellie present?

  2. TK says:

    Why was MS2 at DK’S house to begin with?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      TK DK has repeatedly denied a connection with MS. We at a deposition asked her “How do you know MS2” her response was “don’t know how him I meet him”…”in 2003″…”he had a party at my house when I was out of town” Her sworn testimony Sept 6,2019 I will be posting a Post that reveals her testimony. I will quote from her deposition and inform readers another piece to the Puzzle in my next Post.

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    LK CORRECTION Her respose was “I Don’t him (MS2), I met him”

  4. TK says:

    How could a “stranger” have a party at her house, im confused. Did he break in ? Was he staying with her?

  5. Evidence says:

    So all these threats and no one doing a thing about them? Does not make sense. No one even reporting this to to the police? How scared can you be that you would just sit and wait for these scum to actually do something? MS2 has always been a retarded low life. Certainly not the brightest bulb, and not his first time Bullying women. Why not have gone to the police while he was still in custody. Even a restraining order filed?
    Why the heck would any woman in her right mind have anything to do with this creep to begin with? What did she think would happen even being near this guy? Her credibility has to be questioned as well. Sorry, just not buying into all this.
    If one of them is actually frightened for their life, then get proactive and go to the police. When dealing with these people, what can you really believe? And if one of them actually had info about the truth on who killed Shellie and did nothing all these years, then they are no better than he is.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence DK creates her own story. I sat listening to her response to our questions at all the deposition and can state that she creates her own story. One of the first questions was did you ever meet and talk to Clarke Kent. I always acknowledge we set up a meeting, however we never had a conversation. As i stated on a post we were hoodwinked ,by this women when she took out her camera and took pictures of myself and a women know by the website who came with me. NO conversation,as both myself and my assistant left the premise immediately because she was so irrational and we abruptly left. During the deposition she states that she conversed with for 50 minutes and she told of all the negative things I said. She based her whole lawsuit on our conversation..Since we never talked and I had a someone present that would testify that this conversation never occured and what she stated was all false.

  6. In the woods says:

    If there was a party in 2003 how old was BW then? How does this person DK make a living, real estate, what? If she was in real estate she had keys to a lot of properties was this the first party she held or just one she admits to? Who sold Ph’s house? How well does DK know PH? Why was PH not charged with rape? She was probably seventeen when relationship started. Someone got mad at Shellie. Ph’s wife out of town, plans made then he arrived late and found Shellie. What was PH doing out so late looking for Shellie or someone else? What was Wolfman’s prior record?

  7. TK says:

    I wonder how many other young girls PH molested? If so I hope someone comes forward. There is a 20 year statute of limitations in the state of Virginia.

  8. Darla says:

    Who was the first person at the crime scene? PH

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Darla PH discovered her body as he was returning from dropping his daughter off for job. The discover in itself is a story itself and he is and was a suspect.

  9. Just living life says:

    It really seems people here are trying really hard to bring PH back into it..
    And take focus off other important information

  10. Clarke Kent says:

    Just living life With all due respect PH is a suspect in Shellis murder. Our policy is to follow all leads,and talk to anyone with information and report it for the readers to ponder and draw their conclusions. Shellie lived her life very impulsively and followed her own path.

  11. In the woods says:

    I do believe we have a connection. DK, RK, and others. Storage unit -What were they using BW for sex for everyone. I think they set up BW to take a fall for them so they could own her. Who rents out a storage unit for someone then deal drugs? I guess not enough drugs sold to buy a house. Why sell if you never have enough money. MH was a joke in the community. But I do believe someone was protecting him/others in this city. Well the meth lady living at the oceanfront was arrested and charged with more than thirty years. Now the oceanfront has had more shootings near 7th St around that area. I guess family doing the same thing. I guess momma could do it better but no more, prison is home. I think if someone went to see her she would talk to them, just maybe she would remember Shellie or maybe even met her. If the bone is priced right she may bite and give us some information for a shorter sentence. Evidence what do you think, value your opinion.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      in the woods BW after living with RK in Storage Unit #105 she was kept there with alcohol & Drugs. So when RK was kicked out of the unit another unit #101 took her in to be there all the time 24/7 and was kept there with alcohol o r drugs. It is believed RK and MS2.CT & MH stated this unit and put it in under the name of SS.We have observed that that MS2 had a unholy control of both DK & RK.

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