Plaintiff’s Own Words – Judge for Yourself

Written by Clarke Kent

I will be presenting actual quotes from documents in the litigation of what DK stated during the three plus years of the litigation. I’m starting with some of her answers to questions in Defendants Second Interrogatories dated September 26, 2017. My personal opinion is that after three plus years of litigation I can only describe her as a disjointed, malicious and vicious person, who I found to be very repulsive. Please read and ponder what she stated in her own words under oath with an open mind.

  1. DK to J4S – “I have become a target in my community.”

    Question: Please identify any negative consequences that have occurred at your job…that you contend are a direct or indirect result of the website/blog J4S?

    Question 2: How was your reputation harmed?

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5 Responses to Plaintiff’s Own Words – Judge for Yourself

  1. Just living life says:

    And this is the same woman that sent me emails that she had no business doing so. The same woman that found a way to seek me out by personal email and send me numerous emails which I believe stated something about j4s etc can’t remember the words

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Just living life Yes you are correct . I have of the first email sent to you and in she tries to persuade you not to deal me me as I was corrupt and only wanted to write a book.I still have it in my files.She has said manny negative things about me and J4S.

  2. Evidence says:

    I know Paranoia is a common symptom of induced illegal drugs, but this woman has gone completely insane. I wonder if she is seeing helicopters following her.
    Makes me wonder what her involvement in the Shellie case might be.

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence Your wondering is perceptive. That is the an excellent perception as i wonder also as to her motivation and possible link to the Shellie Carson murder case. THAT IS MY MOTIVATION FOR MY INTEREST IN HER. Who does she associate with and who has an imprint on her and her home??

    • Evidence says:

      She might be on the verge of breaking down anytime with information. Somewhere in her mind is “Shellie Carson”. Yes, she needs to be looked into, friends, time line etc. She is sending up a lot of flags.
      By the way, saw MS2 mug shot on Rapsheetsorg. Man he looks like the drugs have really been taking a hold of him. Totally burned out look and dangerous.

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