Redacted summary of information regarding “4 guys in a car” scenario

Summary of miscellaneous information we obtained from customers of the ______. We also understand that at least one individual already talked to the police, so this information may be redundant. A short time after the murder of Shellie on August 14th, 2005 BH, a steady costumer at the ______, was heard discussing with a group of 3 or 4 male patrons that his son, MH, had something to do with Shellie’s murder. We have the following quotes: “We have to get him out of here” and “get rid of the car right away.”

One in the group, MaH, had the vehicle brought to his house at Birdneck Pt.,  a one story ranch. We do not know what vehicle was stored there, but we know that MH drove a 1991-1992 Gold Nissan Pathfinder and Brian drove a green 1999 Ford 150 straight pick up and that his mother drove a 1994-1995 White Ford econoline 4 door car. We believe that the ’94-’95 white Ford econoline was sold disposed, while the gold Nissan Pathfinder and green Ford 150 straight pick up were retained.

MH also had 2 sets of grandparents that lived locally and we believe that he might have used one of their cars occasionally.

MaH died about 3 years ago and it is believed that 3 males lived together with him at the home. We believe that the 3 or 4 guys in this group know the make of the car that was “removed.” ____ and ______ were mentioned but not verified.

We have addresses and telephone numbers.

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  1. UPDATE: Spoke to the knowledgeable locksmith and he corrected a post regarding MH’s mother’s vehicle. He states that it was a 1994-95 White Ford Econoline Van, not a 4 door.

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