MS2 Visible Imprint on DK – An Unholy Connection

Written by Clarke Kent

While DK accused MS2 of threatening her, and threatening to kill her and her family, her actions reveal an entirely different story. Is she in face creating a subterfuge to eradicate the J4S website in an effort to appease MS2? What power and influence does MS2 have over DK, that forces her into an unholy association? Is it in fact part of her strategy to prevent J4S from proceeding further to find justice for Shellie?

Her actions and participation in an effort to destroy J4s and myself is obvious to anyone reading her trying to blame J4s for all of her problems. Everything from being blacklisted in her community and shunned by all as well as her reputation being destroyed along with being followed, surveilled, yelled at and even hit by a passing vehicle with objects. She claims J4S caused her neighbors to be left with excessive litter. And repeated occurrences of fraud on her accounts. I could go on, however J4s website is being accused of doing everything possible to destroy her life and reputation.

When during deposition she was asked to prove what she stated and she could not produce any evidence or document to support her claims.

Is this not proof that something or someone is pushing to destroy and neutralize the efforts of J4S? MS2 visibility is imprinted on DK and her home. An unholy association exists.

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