Evidence’s Question: What is DK’s Involvement in the Shellie Carson Case?

Written by Clarke Kent

Evidence asks a basic question in trying to understand DK and propose his thoughts thru a question. What is DK’s involvement in the Shellie Carson murder case? To me it’s a basis of her interest in the beginning when Justice broke the story,, that BW was arrested for the operation of a meth lab in Virginia Beach. Please understand from the beginning that there was not a police report at all about the arrest and following the investigation. Justice found out by a tip from a source who knew what was happening. The Source known as Anon Sourcec was well plugged into the goings ons of the cult of kids in Shellie’s age category.

Let me tell you about what we learned while investigating the meth lab episode. We learned that the owner of the storage facility had a recorder on a surveillance camera that included RK and BW. The recording we received was in the last 4 days of the Unit #105. DK had gone to the owner and demanded that he turn it over to DK. All attempts to get possessions of the evidence on the surveillance tape was eventually given to Bill and myself. What DK didn’t know was that we only got the last days prior to the eviction from the unit. The owner told me he was kicking out RK for dealing drugs. I believe that what DK and RK were interested in was the old tape that possibly incriminated on selling drugs.

We found out that DK and RK were the owners of the unit #105 and this was verified by DK in her deposition, when she states that they did rent a unit, however they called it an office and RK was dealing with computers, etc. We also learned that BW was kept in the unit 24/7 by supplying her with drugs and alcohol. When they were evicted BW found another unit that was just open at unit #100. We found out that RK, MS2, CT and MH were involved. On Nov 7, 2014 the meth lab was discovered and BW was the only one present and was then arrested. The question Evidence aasked was what is DK’s involvement in the Shellie Carson case? We know that MS2 had a party at DK’s home in 2003 and was a close friend with MS2. My thinking is that there is a connection between MS2, DK, RK, BW and the Shellie Carson case. ONLY MS2 is linked as a person of interest in her murder.

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