Google Map ID’s MS2 ar DK’s House – What’s Going On?

Written by Clarke Kent

During our investigation of Plaintiff DK we spent a lot of time and effort researching what we believed had to do with her association of MS2 and her home. We start off with Googling MS2 in Virginia Beach, her address and MS2 at the address.

We received numerous accounts of MS2 operating a business at DK’s home. During her deposition, she was adamant that no business ever existed. We pointedly inquired about a gym which she denied.

We followed our research and made copies of dated information that was out there on the internet. We have about 2 years of copies we recovered. We were interested because we wanted to understand “WHAT WAS GOING ON BETWEEN MS2 and DK.” We can speculate of what we were trying to understand and why this information was visible on the internet, yet people were still unaware. We therefore decided to open this questionable oddity for our records to contemplate, discuss and arrive at their own conclusion. With that said I am going to share copies of what we learned. We started off with Googleing MS2 in Virginia Beach, her address and MS2 at her address. Please read and review and we welcome your input and thoughts. We have more specific info to follow.


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5 Responses to Google Map ID’s MS2 ar DK’s House – What’s Going On?

  1. TK says:

    Into the woods said it well. I think this is a michelle best situation. I’m sure Shellie has somehow has come up along the way.

  2. Hurricane Ready says:

    I think the family name says it all. MS2, BW, and DK says it all. So now we know that MS2 knew DK and BW back in 2003. MS2 had a party in her home without her knowledge, what crap. What if this is where the first rape of BW happened and she was told to keep quiet by MS2and RK, We’ll hurt your family. We know MS2 has had her keys to her house for a long time. What if another party in 2005, Shellie was there, seen him and she wanted to leave because she thought the same would happen to her. What if Shellie got caught on way to home and they beat her to death because RK, MS2 thought she wanted them. I remember some one saying maybe Shellie was at the wrong place at the wrong time. What if right after this party DK came home found them and she knew they were looking for Shellie. What if she found her son and MS2 beating Shellie. Maybe they feel they own the family now, and they can ask and do what they want. BW has a son last name of, “W” so who is the father? I thought someone said it’s MS2’s. So who is BW in a relationship now. Hopefully she has picked a better partner.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Hurricane MS2 is the father of BW child a boy and I believe BW was 16 years old. With regard to DK I only found about the 2003 Party at her house at a deposition. I also learned about her relationship when she state she met her on a street corner in the neighborhood and she tried to help her. This is after her renting a storage facility with RK at unit #105 and BW lived there with her son. SOMETHING SMELLS BAD.

      • Hurricane Ready says:

        Smells really bad, awful. We can assume that a private residence open all night and day is really up to no good. Sounds like a meth house to me. They had to make money some way. I guess Duke was right in the middle of business and has been at least since 2003. Maybe she was afraid she would show up on that video. The detectives now should know she lies and did have a business running out of her home. I do not believe she was helping BW I think she was helping MS2 and her son they probably couldn’t find a girlfriend so she had to find weaker people in trouble that he could control with her help. MS2 was going to North Carolina and other cities in Virginia, anyone can look up all the cities and see his record. If this happened in 2003 again at her house I do believe Shellie was there how many times who knows. She and her son and MS2 seem to have a bond but how deep and what are they all trying to hide? I think Shellie was there at her home that last night she seems to find girls in trouble for her own needs. If she sold real estate and had keys to properties what happened at these property locations, “Does anyone know?” Should this be considered? The house party in the neighborhood, who was renting this house or owned this house? Who name was on the contract? We need to find out. Maybe DK maybe not it may be worth finding out.

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