MS2 VaBeach, VA 23452, Ask Google

Written by Clarke Kent

On January 13, 2018 a source sent me a copy from a Google search on Ms2 Virginia Beach, 23453. It appears as MS2 was promoting some sort of business at an address blocked off by Miranda that was at the location of DK home address. I have attached this copy of the Google Search with the information that gives us an address, hours of operation (open 24 hours), a telephone number #918-236-XXXX and a photo of MS2 and the address in the photo. You can also get direction to the DK Gym operated by MS2. We have numerous copies of pages from MS2’s promotion of himself at an address that is DK’s address.

We know from what we learned that DK claimed under oath that she never ran a business from her house and specifically told us she never had a gym business at her house. We also know that whoever was advertising this via Google were paying for the ad time/space. The days open has changed to occasional and hours were published. Someone was using these ads to promote what they were offering. A gym operated all night and day in a home is a real novelty.

What were they setting, by paying good money for people interested to come to a private home 24/7? Were tenants of this address participants? So many questions and what the heck was going on at this location? The DK association with MS2 in an unholy alliance? Why and what was really happening?

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