New Info Surfaces to Bolster Connection of DK to Shellie’s Case

Written by Clarke Kent

The question is what part is DK playing with her unholy association with MS2. I can understand that VBPD don’t want to reveal any information on DK that is in the VBPD files, but why did her meth lab episode have to do with Shellie’s murder? We were requesting her information on her contention of sending info to the LE regarding her problems associated with the blog. If it was related to the meth lab wouldn’t it (being) in a meth lab episode file since it was a drug case, not a murder investigation. Why would VBPD be putting all new information in a murder case investigation? With her revelation of her unholy association with MS2 and the LE contacting her civil attorney as well as the quashing of our subpoena certainly raises questions of her involvement with MS2 and Shellie’s murder case. It certainly raises more questions.

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5 Responses to New Info Surfaces to Bolster Connection of DK to Shellie’s Case

  1. Clarke Kent says:

    Clark Kent thinking resolves around the classification of the criminal crime, A drug crime is not investigated by a homicide squad and murder would not be investigated by the Nargo Div., Why are files
    that belong in the drug investigation in Shellie Carson Murder Files???

  2. Insider says:

    If the crimes are due to drugs and murder then both divisions would be investigating. Let’s use a term called, ‘Human Trafficking” if Shellie saw something when riding her bike or walking home that night like lets say to home, and Shellie tried to help someone else that was being raped, again let’s say BW for instance well if DK and BW were related and lets say for instance she has keys to a storage unit or other properties which I feel she did because CT said he was hiding out right, was this the same storage unit that DK was paying for? Who would place a toilet in the unit unless he had someone MS2, DK, RK and others were keeping eyes on. Drugs were being sold out of that unit according to the owner right? How long was that unit in rent and to whom? I would say DK has plenty to answer to. BW if not talking only two reasons for that either she is related or scared. I wonder if they took fingerprints of that storage unit probably so and what you see now is follow up. Maybe they will talk to the meth lady from the oceanfront to see what she knows maybe more than we think.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Insider Who do you consider the lady at the ocean front? If it is DK I have plenty of info to expose.Let me know via a follow up comment,

      • Insider says:

        MRB-Dealing numerous drugs from her home.

        • Clark Kent says:

          Insider Please ID your MRB dealing numerous drugs from her Home.

          EDITED BY MIRANDA: Please ID in private, thru email at mirandartv at and I will get the information to Clarke or you can reply to Clark directly when he emails you. Please do not post first and last names on this blog. Thank you!

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