DK’s Attorney – Police Had Real Serious ? About…blog. Especially my Client

Written by Clarke Kent

In the Virginia Beach Circuit Court a hearing before Judge James C. Lewis was heard on June 4, 2019. DK’s attorney, Mr. T. In testifying he accused the website/blog stating “It is a very poignant website. He’s making allegations, innuendos up the wazoo and even it’s to the point where just two weeks ago, I got a phone call from the police dept about MK asking me questions about. My attorney Ms. B objected that it’s not relevant, but court overruled and Mr. T continued with police “so they (police) had real serious questions about what he said on the blog about people, especially my client.”

Now attorney Mr. T introduces the police activity to investigate the blog/website with “Real serious question about what he (Mr. K) said on the blog about people, especially about my client.” He continues with “I don’t know why, they’re investigating it. I wasn’t privy to that.” What an alert and bombshell and shocking surprise. Attorney Mr. T doesn’t have a clue to what we have learned about DK. We are aware of the police monitoring the website/blog and there effort to call the attorney in a civil litigation inquiry on posts written two weeks prior to this hearing on June 4, 2019 indicated their interest in DK and other information published in May 2019 and prior.

With that said I ask all to examine May’s posts and you will get a refresher of what they are interested in pursuing. Could it be the unholy connection between MS2 and DK. Let me hear from you after re-reading the posts from April 30 to May 3, 2019.

May 30 – MS2 VA Beach, Ask Google

May 24 – Google Maps ID’s M; What MS2 at DK’s House

May 17 – Evidence’s Question: What’s Going On? What is DK’s Involvement in Shellie’s Case?

May 10 – MS2 Visible on DK – An Unholy Connection?

May 9 – Plaintiff Owns Words – Judge for Yourself

May 3 – DK Reveals MS2 Murder Threat

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4 Responses to DK’s Attorney – Police Had Real Serious ? About…blog. Especially my Client

  1. Clarke Kent says:

    The VBPD were aware of MS 2 using DK’s Home to advertise a business that operated 24/7. Sometimes the adds show it close for a day here and there or changed the hours of operation, He advertised a gym. Why would someone go to a gym at 2AM or 3/4 AM??

  2. Darla says:

    I do not understand why the VBPD are not helping us. We are trying to bring justice for Shellie. She was beaten to death and someone knows who did it. They know who was around that night. It’s been over 14 years . Why are they monitoring this blog instead of investigating why the same names continue to come up. As for DK, she has some noodles loose and at least 7 former last names. I dont understand her efforts to have this website taken down, forcing us to move to reddit and a much broader audience ?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Darla All police departments only handle a crime and have policy to not share evidence outside of there LE Dept.I agree and understand this policy and respect there rational. When Justice finds a piece of information that we believe would help the LE we pass it on, understanding that policy. I never expect a return effort from the LE to alert us. We sometimes get a short message of Thank You.

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    Darla With regard to there monitoring our website has nothing to do with there investigation the Shellie’ murder case. No one ever alerted me that they are monitoring our website/blog. Miranda alerted me of her advise that from certain information she is privy to indicate the monitoring.

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