The Birth of an Unholy Association – DK and MS2

Written by Clarke Kent

The start of the unholy connection between DK and MS2 started in 2003.

By carefully analyzing DK’s sworn deposition I believe I have identified the start of what I believe is their unholy association. During the 3 1/2 years of litigation we have 3 separate depositions from DK. I will endeavor to accurately quote conversation under oath that I find helpful in testimony taken of DK on the following dates. The first deposition was taken on December 8, 2017; September 6, 2018 and January 21, 2019. I also include my opinion and interpretations as well as over 9 years of investigating Shellie’s murder.

Sometime in 2003 MS2 organized a party at DK’s home. Here is how it happened when my attorney asked a question to DK “How do you know MS2?  DK responded “I don’t know him. I met him in 2003.” A follow up question was “How?” DK response was “He had a party at my house when I was out of town.” Question “How did that come about?” DK’s response was “My son invited him over and he brought a bunch of his friends over and they had a juvenile party. And when I got back I went over to the parents house and then we dealt with it.” Question – “Your son invited MS2 or your son invited people who invited MS2?” DK – “My son invited MS2.” Question – “Has he ever lived at your house.” DK – “No. Never.” Question – “Has he ever run a gym out of your house?” DK – “No.” My attorney also asked DK “Have you ever been threatened by MS2?” DK answer “We have had direct heated discussions where I made my point very clear.” Attorney Questions [from here, referred to as “ATT Q”] – Ca you give me a time frame?2014, 15 for this conversation. DK – “2003.” ATT Q – “2003. So this was not long after the party at your house?” DK – “Correct.” ATT Q – “And we’ve had that discussion since as well.” ATT Q “Since 2003?” DK – “Yes” ATT Q ” When was the last time you think you had that conversation with him? DK – ” Beginning of the Summer.” ATT Q “This Summer?” DK – “Correct.” What we’re learning is that since 2003 DK has been continuously threatened by MS2. My attorney asked How did that (the conversation/threat) come about. DK – “He came over to my house upset about things he’d heard.” ATT Q – “Okay, what were the things he was upset about?” DK – “The things that were on the blog and the people associated with it.” ATT Q – “Why did he come to you about it?” DK – “because I’m on the blog and he thinks I’m against him.” DK’s answer regarding her conversation

What we learned was DK has been threatened by MS for over 14 years. A simple question is why? My opinion starting with MS2 running his own party at her house to his, visible imprint on her home address leads me to conclude to an unholy partnership. What happened in 2003 at the “Juvenile Party at her house” was the birth of their unholy partnership? Was Shellie present, was BW present and what significant event happened to cement this unholy partnership? Was the gym business advertised by MS2 just a subterfuge to hide something illegal?

Ponder the police following DK and the website/blog and the questioning of her attorney about posts in May 2019, add to that the fact that all information on DK is filed in a murder investigation which happens to be the one we represent and is protected from discovery by anyone that was subpoenaed of her in a court of law. The unholy partnership has value and may have information on the murder of Shellie Carson in 2005?

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One Response to The Birth of an Unholy Association – DK and MS2

  1. Evidence says:

    A threat going on for 14 years?? Must have been something extremely serious. And why would someone let another threaten for so long? Did the attorney ask this? Ask if she had called the threats in. Procured a restraining order?
    Did you thank her for opening her “Pandora’s Box” which obviously sets in motion more information to a Murder and more alleged suspects and time lines?
    She talks in circles. Would love to read the full transcripts. Ironic how the word “Temper” gets thrown in. Obviously something that is on her mind and has been for years. Interesting to see how she address’s him coming over to the house after so many years. And he knew she was on the Blog. Was he worried of what others would say, OR was he there to tell her to shut up? Yet another threat. Sounds like she knew him much more than she is letting on.

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