DK’s Pandora’s Box Reveals Unholy Partnership and A Duped Third Party

Written by Clarke Kent

Evidence’s comment on a post I wrote on July 22, 2019 entitled “The Birth of an Unholy Association – DK and MS 2” 7/22/19 in which he alludes to the 14 year relationship between MS2 and DK which he thought was “extremely serious.” He asks the question – Why would anyone allow this continual threat?” Evidence then sarcastically asks, did she set in motion a “Pandora’s Box?” What was exposed as we learned from DK’s Exhibits, Depositions and Interrogatories was that a 3rd person unwillingly became involved. The 3rd party is BW and had relationships with DK and MS2.

Let me explain the importance of BW. Early on in the investigation of Shellie’s murder her name comes up several times by sources that she might have witnessed first hand the brutal murder of Shellie Carson. We learned that the day after the murder she was admitted to the hospital in Williamsburg Va Beach, Va. The rationale was because she may have witnessed such a brutal murder, we knew that the only way this murder case of Shellie’s would be solved by either DNA or from someone who would possibly testify against the murderer. So when we discovered that BW was arrested regarding operation and manufacturing meth lab we had high hopes that the investigators into Shellie’s murder could get evidence to help solve Shellie’s murder case.

As you know, we followed the meth lab investigation as well as we investigated the people surrounding the storage facility that the meth lab was located. Five days after the bust, I wrote a comment answering another comment that it was a laugh (on work at Justice for Shellie). It was a good chance to tell the people really interested in why we were so interested in the meth lab and our rationale. I posted the absolute truth on why we were interested. We wanted to see who had the interest to inquire and if she would cooperate with police.

We did not get any interest of value until we received an Exhibit in DK legal proceeding. It was Exhibit “H” and was to be used duting our long lawsuit, it however showed us that DK had interest. She was the one who was interested.

The comment posted on Nov 12, 2014 simply stated “This is no laugh to Bill as we both spent this afternoon interviewing people associated in the police action last Fri Nov 7th. What learned may lead LE offering a deal to the one arrested to reveal the evidence needed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney to effectuated the needed arrest warrant for the killer of Shellie Carson.” See Attachment.

My next post will discuss what we know and learned from BW and our interviews.

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5 Responses to DK’s Pandora’s Box Reveals Unholy Partnership and A Duped Third Party

  1. Evidence says:

    First of all, my comment was not meant to be sarcastic, but a honest question. The meaning of which, is has she opened up other clues and evidence, which are not actually beneficial to herself.
    Confused about who BW is. Could you post some old post that put her reverence that helps follow your post.
    It is very interesting that the person BW, was treated at Williamsburg and not VBCH. And the fact that it was the next day is of great concern. I personally do not believe on coincidences. Not this many for sure. Have the police investigated BW? Would like to know more.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence LOOK at Inf RE BW/RK/DK 4/30/19:Why we Highlight 4/24/19:Anon Research Reveals another Arrest 6/5/2015 & BW Interview 8/7/17 Also put BW in search and you can discover o.ther info

  2. TK says:

    Good question… Why was BW treated in Williamsburg and not VB? do we know what she was treated for; physiological reason or physical?

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    TK It was Va Bch not Williamburg, sorry my mistake.I have Hundreds of pages from my Anon Source which of Conversation of Anon Source regarding BW and I am debating with myself to expose them 0n the blog. I would like your response to this thinking. I welcome others peoples contribution, also.

  4. TK says:

    Please publish this info, the more we know the closer we get to solving this case.

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