BW – Unholy 3rd Party? Did She Witness Shellie’s Murder?

Written by Clarke Kent

Anon Source communicated with me almost daily from early March 2014. In one of our emails she told me that BW was an eye witness to Shellie’s murder. Anon Source was the person who tipped off Bill and myself to BW being arrested in the Meth lab in Va Beach area of Va Beach Blvd. Bill and I spent a day visiting storage facilities until we finally found that storage unit where the arrest occurred. Anon Source had related to me earlier that her sources revealed that BW was at the murder scene of Shellie Carson. This was our opportunity to see if the VBPD could work a deal with her to reveal the truth about Shellie’s murder in exchange for a deal concerning her arrest on Meth manufacturing.

With that possible knowledge we felt we were getting close to closing Shellie’s murder case. I now go to April 29, 2014 and quote from an e-mail sent to me by Anon Source. Please see below with some redactions.

Anon Source has alerted me prior to 4-29-14 that BW had firsthand knowledge of Shellie Carson’s murder. I will attach exhibit A, a copy of an email sent to me on April 29, 2014. I’ll quote a portion “BW is knowledgeable to an extent what she knows. I’ve already told you (witness Shellie’s murder), but she lives every moment in serious fear she is terrified of MS2 or someone else will find she is talking. I can not have her initials hit the blog please. She has been told by MS2 and someone else along with her friend CB told, if she ever thinks about talking she will be killed the same exact way Shellie was except this time she gets to live her own hell.”

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4 Responses to BW – Unholy 3rd Party? Did She Witness Shellie’s Murder?

  1. Not fooled says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious who was involved with this poor girls murder. MS2 AND CT were both involved. Both of these guys are complete losers that like to prey on damaged females. I believe without a doubt that CT beat her to death. He is very territorial and does not take to well to rejection. He is obsessed with serial killers, he likes to intimidate people and also don’t let him lie and have everyone of you thinking his only vice is alcohol, he’s also a meth head. He is actually sitting in jail right now on a probation violation with an attached felony charge from Chesapeake. Please feel free to search those records. I do not understand why trash like these guys are allowed freedom to keep committing these crimes. I do not believe for one second that his DNA is on file and I feel like VBPD are a joke as far as law enforcement goes. Please don’t take the focus off these 2 losers… This is the game they play and everyone of you have fallen for it and actually have defended CT on here numerous times.

  2. Lost DNA says:

    If people would just talk. But what I want to know is who is helping MS2 within the court system. Why r lawyers keeping him free. What r the judges doing. I have been in court and one of these people let lawyers go to extremes and if they know the law better than he then they let them go. The system is all about the idiot forget the person that got hurt. Everyone cannot have a mental health defect. But look at the brain cells of this MS2 he really believes he can escape punishment using someone else’s address this guy thinks he can intimidate all. This guy is a loose cannon. Why is he not going to anger management or drug classes, I’m guessing they didn’t work. I’m glad I don’t know him what a waste so sad he don’t know which side of the face to face on a daily basis.

  3. Darla says:

    Unfortunately ms2 has multiple lawyers in his family

  4. Looking back says:

    He has a sister that’s an attorney!

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