Anon NH New To J4S – Keen Investigator – Discovered Info on MS2

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has been communicating with Anon NH for about 4 plus months, and have continued to receive valuable information concerning numerous J4S blog/website. On Aug 9, 2019 Anon NH sent me an email “I’m not sure if you noticed, that MS2 is now using your personal address for his 24 hour gym?” Anon NH sent me some documents confirming her discovery that my personal home address was being used in an ad to advertise his gym. I learned quickly that me residency was indeed used, that my address was used to advertise his gym and his association with USALocalGym for Va Beach. We also learned that that his name (MS2) was also in other areas of the internet. If you Google Search “MS2 Va Beach” you would see my address of y personal home is highlighted again in association with USALocalGym.

I immediately took action and contacted my attorney and law enforcement. I filed the appropriate documents with LE and obtained my incident report which is a legal document with LE. In my communication with LE, I learned that this procedure is vital in order to protect my property. I also have been advised to take a number of other precautions. Being an Army MP, I brought myself up to speed at the shooting range. I have also taken other precautions which I can’t discuss.

Bottom line, I prepare all aspects to be ready and prepared. Are we getting close to the unholy association? One last observation, when I reviewed the documents I received concerning my personal property that links that property to the gym, has a google map. Exhibit B attached, with an icon indicating DK’s home address. He/she/they forgot to remove the Google Map of DK’s residency, where it was advertising for years. Exhibit B indicates the gym location which is DK’s address.

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