Commentor Help Define Obstacle in Shellie’s Murder Case

Written by Clarke Kent

In a post dated August 18, 2019 & entitled “BW – Unholy Third Party? Did She Witness Shellie’s Murder?” Three commentors express their frustrations with obstacles and the Va Beach Community steps forward. The three separate people who commented are “not fooled,” “Lost DNA” and “Darla.” “Lost DNA” alerts us the forgotten person (Shellie) is caught up in a justice system that appears to protect the criminals and allows the criminal to get away with murder with their attorney’s dealing with judges. Darla brings up that MS2 has multiple lawyers in his family. Lost DNA relates his/her experience in the system with a frustrated complaint of “What are the judges doing. I have been in court an one of these people let lawyers go to extremes and if they know the law better than he then they let them go.” “Not fooled” contributes by telling us that they are complete losers that like to prey on damaged females.” He continues “I do not understand why trash like these guys (MS2 and CT) are allowed freedom to keep committing these crimes.” “Not fooled” continues “I do not believe for one second that his DNA is on file and I feel like VBPD are a joke as far as law enforcement goes.” He/she continues “Please don’t take the focus off these two losers.”

In all these three comments related that people have to step up and talk. We also understand that the person being forgotten is Shellie Carson, the victim. The recurring theme of intimidation is quite obvious and repeated as a fact.

The bottom line is someone with firsthand knowledge of the murder scene and was present has to come forward, and be protected from intimidation and brought to justice by the Va Beach best lawyer to make the case. Easier said than done, however it will only happen if the person has community support and protection. Justice believes that more than one person was at the murder scene, therefore the person who decides to talk will get the best deal for themselves.

What’s your opinion??

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