Was RK/BW/DK Storage Experience a Dry Run for Meth Lab Birth?

Written by Clarke Kent

It is important to keep in mind that these were 2 separate units related to understanding what transpired. Unit #105 was the storage unit DK refers to as the office for her son. The unit in which the meth lab occurred is unit #101 which was a separate unit about 4 doors away and was where the meth lab was operated. The time frame was that unit #105 was opened July 2014 and vacated September 10, 2014 while the meth lab was rented by a proxy person on or about August 2014 and raided by VBPD on November 7, 2014. So there were two units #105 and #101 that followed each other.

It is firmly my opinion that the RK-DK-BW opening occurred from July 2014 to Spetember 10, 2014, and that the sole rationale was a dry run to confirm that BW would live and exist in the unit 24/7 in preparation for the opening of 101, the meth lab. It is my opinion that DK and MS2 needed someone at the new meth lab unit 24/7 with alcohol and drugs always available as well as someone existing there at all times relate to BW, DK, RK, and MS2.

Things I learned related to BW, RK, DK, and MS2 relevant to the storage dry run for the metho lab birth. It is important to keep in mind that there were 2 separate units, with unit 105 being the test unit to see if BW would exist 24/7 everyday. When they were assured that BW would follow that existence of alcohol and drugs to control her not leaving they vacated on September 10, 2014 and opened #101. They associated with MS2 in the unit 101 and the start of the meth lab was born. Also equally important is keeping in mind that MS2 was arrested in October 2014 for meth lab manufacturing in North Carolina and was incarcerated there until Dec 30, 2-14. It’s important since now the question to who was not in charge of the meth lab. Justice has learned that DK complained to the owner of the entire storage facility and he related to me that she complaned that with the arrest at this meth lab she lost $5000.

Of more importance is the early e-mail to me on Dec 29, 2014 in which DK (Duke) told me the following: “I am trying to prevent the murders of BW, RK and their families by SS, MR and MS2 or any other they would have to do their dirty work. Your posts of meth lab and court are skewed and much of it is inaccurate. You are facilitating these meth addicts by giving out information about victims and their families and posting it. Redact all the information off the website immediately. MS2 reads your site and gets of of jail tomorrow. Do not trust any of your sources about the meth, court or your new anon (Anonymous). Remember we meet at 5PM Thurs.”

Losing money ($5000) and her openness of revealing that MS2 threatened her with her fear of being killed substantiates her fear. Ms2 is blaming her for allowing the raid by police and her not protecting BW. Think this out carefully.
Attached are DK (Duke) email 12/29/14 and MS2 arrest in N.C.

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4 Responses to Was RK/BW/DK Storage Experience a Dry Run for Meth Lab Birth?

  1. Taylor Kelly says:

    This has nothing to do with shellie

  2. Not fooled says:

    This blog has gotten completely off track. This meth lab was 9 years after Shellies murder, why the obsession with this meth lab? BW obviously didn’t take a deal and tell what she knows or CT and MS2 would have been arrested for murder by now. I just don’t understand why this site keeps taking about a meth lab and believing that a tweaker is going to give the key information into solving this case when she is homeless, on drugs, and has no one to protect her.

    • Clark Kent says:

      Not fooled I am trying to show a link between DK and the 2003 party at DK’s house and her eventual relationship and partnership with MS2 and her vital interest in the Meth Lab. We have some uncorroborated information on BW being present at Shellie’s murder site and Dk took BW under her supervision as a nurse advocate at no cost to kept her from revealing her viewing
      who murdered Shellie.That brought her to the unholy partnership with MS2 and took over to make sure she did not talk to LE and reveal what she viewed. That and her vital interest in the Meth Lab leads me believe her job from MS2 was to control
      her and guide her to keep quite, MS2 being a suspect in Shellie’s murder is not a secrete in Va Beach.


      • Not fooled says:

        Okay, thanks for clearing that up. I have not been able to read this blog in it’s entirety yet. I do know that MS2 and also CT let’s please not leave that sorry no good excuse out of this murder case because I feel he is the MAIN SUSPECT. Have you guys never watched his profile and some of the stuff that he posts. It’s all relatable to what happened that Shellie that night of you ask me. A girl crashing her bike meme, could they have cause Shellie to crash her bike. American Psycho, Lost boys, primal fear. Seems to me like this CT character is playing with everyone’s mind. Just a thought. I feel if someone was to get this other poor girl BW off the streets and drugs and away from that area she just might talk to someone. I believe she is threatened by CT and MS2 along with DK and her crew. They used her and destroyed her by reading her posts on Facebook.

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