Not Fooled Challenges Clarke Re: Meth Lab Off Track and CT Overlooked

Written by Clarke Kent

In a refreshing criticism of Clarke’s last post entitled “Was RK/BW/DK Storage Experience a Dry Run for Meth Lab Birth?” Not Fooled challengers Clarke Re: Meth Lab off track and CT is overlooked. Clarke is overlooking the real rationale to Justice for Shellie. While the meth lab introduced the DK and MS2 unholy alliance, the purpose for the rationale of our blog is to obtain information that will help the VBPD solve the murder of Shellie Carson at 18 years old August 14, 2005. Not fooled refocuses our quest to obtain the information that will solve this brutal murder case. While the meth lab existence is important because it shows the relationships between MS2, BW, DK, RK and a meth lab which we believe was operated by MS2/DK with BW becoming a central suspect in its operation. That is of course the only arrest at that meth lab unit. We find out however that BW was but a minor person and early on took the brunt of liability for the units existence. We now understand the rationale for the 2 units 105 and 101 and how she was manipulated to be ever present at the unit. Alcohol and drugs were the bait.

Not Fooled introduces more interest in CT as a main suspect. Not fooled introduces him by saying “How have you guys never watched his profile and some of the stuff that he posts. It’s all related to what happened to Shellie that night if you ask me. A girl crashing her bike meme , could they have causes Shellie to crash her bike…seems to me like CT character is playing with everyone’s mind. Just a thought.” Is CT a viable suspect in Shellie’s murder? Is he overlooked. My question is CT reappearing as a suspect and what have we learned about him that would reintroduce him as a legitimate murder suspect?

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10 Responses to Not Fooled Challenges Clarke Re: Meth Lab Off Track and CT Overlooked

  1. NextToTheTree says:

    Hey Clarke,
    A few of my friends and I have been trying to contact you via e-mail regarding taking on the task of researching Shellie’s untimely death via a new medium. We’d really love to be able to collaborate with you on this project. If you haven’t already, please check your E-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Next to the Tree Miranda passed your email on to me and i have sent 4 emails, however they were returned. Contact Miranda and she will give you my phone numbers. I would be happy to talk with you.

      • Time to start living life says:

        All I can say is wow are ya really going to go down that path? And bring a so called medium in this

        • EDGE says:

          Truth will never come easy to those who fear it….Many cases are solved and crimes prevented by spiritual channeling. Seems so far fetched for those who have been hitting dead ends in circles not receptive in receiving the truth from Every source. What if someone was able to connect with her or had full vision of what occurred before it actually happened . The best way is to call on your own guides if you still can’t trust others around . The investigators and those there must recall the initial early morning breeze, shivers and signs frozen in a quick almost forgotten conversation A cold case silence broken. In all respect to law enforcement, her friends and dear ones, it’s time to connect with the victim(s) to obtain evidence. I understand it’s difficult when you can’t logically grasp the concept of how to uncover And present what happened and who did this and that’s why the case is unsolved. To whomever was involved in the entire evening,morning,the week before and month after this occurred…you must look into letting go of your own inner fear and doubts. Look to open your mind for messages from those physical and spiritual beings that aren’t going to you if you are rejecting or criticizing the source. Open the channels for the answers, justice and peace of mind this revealing will bring all who are ready and not afraid. Time heals emotional blocks and therefore a credible source will speak out and help Justice very soon. Be receptive.

  2. Evidence says:

    The Boy Friend is not off the track either. In fact he remains the number one suspect to many.

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence Boyfriend Bobby has always been a strong suspect in Shellie’s murder and we both are well aware of the twelve hours prior to discovering Shellie’s body. We are also aware of the timelines and interview with him.He will be a strong suspect until the murder case is solved and the case tried in a court of law.Shelliie’s life style put her at great risk.

    • Evidence says:

      He remains my #1 suspect. And yes, I do keep going back over the Justice for Shellie blog and Notes. Right now and for a while, his Mothers call to him at work the morning of the murder and his telling Justice that she said “I have bought you some new shirts”, was more than just a idle memory. It was something that he was concerned about. Her getting rid of the Bloody shirt was on his mind and remained etched in his memory. I have gone over so many statements by him, I believe I understand how he makes comments based on “Concerns” even years later. He has a certain unique “Speak” about himself and his comments. He constantly brings up things that are not asked. He has a certain unique “TELL”.
      I have always believed that someone else either assisted in the murder or was aware of it. Someone that could guide him along the way to keep quiet. I believe someone guided him to go to work that morning and told him to shut his mouth. (And then there was the ride home and the phone call to the other person that we know that was one of the last to see Shellie in that very early Morning.)

      I believe he came home that morning with blood every where. Someone knew to get his clothes off, get him to work and get rid of the Evidence. And then assisted him throughout the morning and the rest of the day. And then into the next few months.

    • Just living life says:

      I will always believe the boyfriend was involved
      I don’t believe ct had anything to do with it at all
      I don’t believe that what DT has to say has any bearing on the case

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