VB Citizen DT’s Observations – 4AM to 6 AM – Create No Interest with VBPD

Written by Clarke Kent

I have worked on the Shellie Carson murder case since 2009 to present (10 plus years) and have always thought that DT’s observations during a 2 hour period have been glaringly overlooked by the VBPD. My opinion is that the VBPD missed the opportunity to question DT on what he observed prior and during Shellie’s murder. I have spoken to DT and find that his observations during a period of 2 hours tell part of the tale of Shellie’s murder. I have written many posts about the observations and I realize that Don T didn’t know what his observations were revealing. He believed very strongly that he observed something on the circle where Shellie’s body was discovered that was very strange and may have something to do with her murder. His observations that he brought up to Shellie’s father Bill had to do with two vehciels at the circle area where the murdered body of Shellie Carson was found. The time was 5:15 AM. I believe that he observed a pick up truck and a small car in an exchange that ended in the pick up truck speeding away and the smaller car following very closely behind. As they sped away Don T, who was getting ready to cross King’s Grant Rd at the middle school, watched these two vehicles make a right hand turn and drove right past him. I firmly believe that they were leaving the area of Shellie’s body being dumped on the circle and were in a hasty retreat from the dumping site. It is my opinion that the pick up truck carried her body and that the smaller car was a look out vehicle who alerted the pick up truck to vacate quickly. I believe that Justice can identify the two vehicles and the people involved.

Justice also believed that there are three other observations that also can reveal information pertinent to our investigation.

Justice further believes that 2 vehicles and their rapid departure from the dumping area at the circle reveals where they were heading as well as who were involved.

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2 Responses to VB Citizen DT’s Observations – 4AM to 6 AM – Create No Interest with VBPD

  1. Evidence says:

    “Why is this important to Justice? We know that Shellie spent over 80 minutes with MF at this 7-Eleven between the hours of 2:31 am and 3:50 am and Shellie was murdered some time after leaving that 7/11. Justice estimates her murder occurred between 4:12 AM to 5:15 AM when we believe her body was dumped at the Kings Grant Circle.”

    Again we are back to PH. And the timeline fits perfectly from the time Shellie left 7/11 to the spot near his house were the citizen saw a female rider at that early hour.
    Why would the VBP not be interested in this???? First of all ask yourself why would they not impound his vehicle that day? Was this the mistake that VP Forensics spoke of?
    His Van at the murder sight is chilling. I still do not believe he saw anything going around that curve so early in the morning.
    And I have always said, there is something about the Bike that stays in my mind over and over for years. Something about the way he was in that position. Sounds crazy, but I swear I feel there is a clue there and just cannot see it.


  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence Thank you for insights into PH’s discovering the murder site. I will go into it deeper on my next Post.

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