Justice Responds to Evidence with a Fresh Look at PH

Evidence’s comment on Feb 9, 2020 on my post published Oct 28, 2019 entitled “VB Citizen DT’s Observation – 4AM to 6AM – Creates No Interest with VBPD” created my interest, especially his comment “Something about the way he was in that position,” to reexamine being at the circle and finding Shellie’s body. I decided to reexamine DT’s observation with an interest of putting PH as my prime suspect in Shellie’s murder. My thinking brought me to DT’s 5:15 AM seeing two suspicious vehicles at the circle area where the murdered body of Shellie was discovered by PH at 6:09AM. My thinking was always predicated on the 2 vehicles being the culprits who were there solely to dump the body and leave the body at the circle. I, therefore asked myself the question: What if these two vehicles had absolutely nothing to do with Shellie’s murder? My thinking was always that it was absolutely part of the murder scene, and Evidence’s comments allowed me to consider looking at the case without the two vehicles having anything to do with the murder investigation. While it did occur (the 2 vehicles) it may have had no barring on the murder.

With that said I realize that our scenario could change to PH becoming more involved than just discovering Shellie’s body. If that young girl on Suffolk Lane at 4:10 AM riding her bike was indeed Shellie and she was in the area of PH’s home on Suffolk Lane being in position to being involved with Shellie is viable.

We must take another look at PH and evaluate his involvement with Shellie, who we knew he was having or had clandestine meetings. With regard to Shellie’s secret times with PH it is important that it was only discovered many years after her death. The information was told to be by a close girlfriend of Shellie’s who identified PH via a picture shown to her.

Justice has interviewed PH, and has discovered an abundance of information. He is a suspect in Shellie’s murder, along with others in a case that must be solved. Evidence also has a wealth of information and has been a valued contributor in the Justice for Shellie effort of leaning information that will help in solving this murder case. If anyone has information on PH or others we ask that you contribute it to our blog and become a part of the Justice for Shellie contributors.

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10 Responses to Justice Responds to Evidence with a Fresh Look at PH

  1. Taylor Kelly says:

    That’s amazing I was at a party one time and her name got brought up I immediately told the cops the two boys names that were bragging about her dead body

  2. sherluck says:

    For some unknown reason, I decided to come back to JFS today. It’s been years since I looked at the website. I looked at the case for a year straight and I could never let go of PH as a suspect and my reasons for leaving the forum was because he wasn’t being looked into enough. There are people that surrounded him during that time that must know things and are afraid to speak. I agree that it’s time to take a deep delve. PH had motive, opportunity, and means. Glad to be back.

    • Sherluck says:

      This may be meaningless, but in the interview, He said when he found her, she wasn’t wearing underwear. How did he know she was wearing underwear?

    • sherluck says:

      There have been many POIs in this case, none have been cleared. PH has a listing of Involved other on the police report, so I believe that’s because he’s was or is a suspect to VAPD.
      The many accounts of Shellie being murdered by a group of people lack reasoing and evidence. He was there, the last person to see her alive, (He says she showed signs of life in the interview), and he knew her.
      The suspect is “organized” or the police would have caught him by now. Organized – he staged a sexual assault and got rid of evidence. Teenagers, 20 year olds – not organized.

      Did he have the means? Yes, he had a house with a fenced in backyard, a garage with tools of all kinds, his wife was out of town, and he had a van to dispose of the bike/body.

      Did he have a motive? Yes, if gigi is as credible as justice believe, I think that her statements about the coach are damning. He would have been having relationships with a minor at that point in the timeline. A quote from the post in which justice revealed what gigi said – “While waiting Charlotte and Bill were in conversation near the door with Shellie basketball coach who was chatting with them. Shellie told her that the coach and Shellie were having sex together and that he as pressuring her to do sexual acts that Shellie refused. While he was there talking to her parents she whispered to gigi that she threatened to tell his wife. She also told Shellie that he said he was going to get a divorce from his wife. Gigi described him as “creepy” and that he “look preditory” she also mentioned that Shellie “didn’t want anything to do with him anymore”
      She threatened to tell his wife, ruining his marriage, and if it became public he would lose his job and be relieved of his duty and become forever shamed.

      Did he have opportunity? Yes, she was spotted by DonT in front of his house hours before she was murdered.

      1) Shellie knew nobody else on Suffolk Ln. – the only person she had a connection to who lived on suffolk ln, a 2 blocks PAST her house was PH. She didn’t have her phone, nobody knew where to find her. The chances that she is last seen in alive in front of the man’s house who “finds” her body are astronomically impossible. The eyewitness account – which im not sure how much longer we will have as testimony – is the single most damning piece of evidence.

      2)He had no reason to be driving around at 530am. No, he wasnt dropping his daughter off at the mall to work a restocking job – just no. I’m not buying that at all. The mall has never and will never open that early-Or any store-not even during the holidays.

      3)His use of words during the interview – The shirt was “pulled up” over her chest – how did he know that? It could have just as easily been pulled up as she was being dragged. “He discloses that she had no pants or underwear on and that her shirt was pulled up…” I’d like an exact quote of what he said there.

      4) Numerous accounts from the neighbor and coworker who said he knew who the person was before she was identified.

      5)When we finally get the interview with him, he refuses to answer any questions and insists on telling his side of the story.

      6)He dissapears then reappears as the medics are arriving. He goes and knocks on the house next door which he knows is vacant (commonly known that the house he knocked on was vacant at the time). Why not knock at the house where the body was dumped?

      7)By “discovering the body”, he gives his dna a reason to be at the scene, and a reason for her DNA to be on him. There wasnt any reason for him to put a towel under her head, I would think he would be scared of doing more bad than good by moving her head.

      8)His neighbors, coworkers, and spouse all noted dramatic changed in him after the incident. His marriage ended not long after.

      I want him to just be a good samaritan but there’s too many unanswered questions and justice deserves answers. It’s time to reach out to SH and daughter of PH; for so long they were protected and “off limits”, but they are people with the answers we need to clear this very important POI.

  3. Leigh says:

    I hope this case gets solved !

  4. TK says:

    We all know PH’s car was at the crime seen, yet never searched. Has anyone been in contact with his daughter who he was driving to work that morning and/or verified this was actually true? Where was she working at the time and why did she have to be there so early in the morning? Could this have been a false alibi ?

  5. Clark Kent says:

    LK I will write a Post today that will help answer you inquiry about what we learned about the daughter.

  6. Look at facts says:

    The is NO Proof and never has been that DT spotted Shellie.
    No one knows if Ph’s vehicle was searched or not. Do you think the VBPD is going to tell everything they have done on this case, absolutely NOT.
    How did PH no she was wearing underwear? Because her body was exposed and he did not see any. Did she actually wear under any? Who know if she ever even has any on..
    Many people have to be at work at the crack of dawn..
    Follow the trail of the 12 hours prior to her brutal murder..

  7. Clarke Kent says:

    Look at facts When I questioned PH at Bill’s house he told me among other things that he tried to put her under ware back on her.It made an unforgettable imprint on me as I thought it was weird. Even today his statement does not make sense to me. PH is educated & experienced and obviously knowledgeable and knows enough that he is involved now in this criminal action and his effort to put the under ware back on is interference in a crime location. He did however state that he tried to comfort her. No one at this point knew that PH and Slellie knew each other via an affair,discovered many years later

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