PH Daughter – Where working? – Contact Made – False Alibi?

To answer the questions TK made in her comment on “Justice Responds to Evidence with a Fresh Look at PH” posted on February 15, 2020 inquiring “Has anyone been in contact with her daughter who PH was driving to work…verified…this was actual time? Where she was working…could this have been a false alibi?” To answer that question I will quote exactly what I wrote after my first and only interview with PH. This is coming from my post dated Nov 5, 2015 in Post “Justice Interview with PH – Part 1” You will see by the first paragraphs that the question could not be answered. Judge for yourself.

“I arrived early at Bill’s home for our 5 PM meeting/Interview with the Good Samaritan (PH). We discussed the interview and Bill pointed out that PH was prepared to talk about the discovery of Shellie’s body and what transpired at the discovery location across from the Kings Grant Circle.  He repeated that this will be difficult for him and also PH and he wanted me to understand his feeling as well as PH’s. I told him I understood. At exactly 5PM both PH and his wife arrived and were introduced to me and after a cordial chat we began the interview. I was prepared with many questions, however PH made it known that he wanted to tell his story of the discovery. Leaving his home on Suffolk Lane with his 19 year old daughter to drop her off for work restocking merchandise at a business in Lynnhaven Mall. I interjected with can you tell me the name of the store? This basic question ignited an incendiary response from his wife. The wife who preferred not be identified was annoyed at my questions as being instructive in his daughter’s business. She was also upset at how we have her address that was invasive to her. With regard to my question to PH on where his daughter worked he didn’t seem to concern.

Her spontaneous rebuke of the question created a confrontational atmosphere. She perceived that my intention was to conduct an inquisition, instead of allowing PH to tell his story. Justice has waited this long for this opportunity we weren’t going to abort this opportunity. It appeared to me that she was about to abruptly cancel this interview and leave. Voices were raised by myself and the wife. Justice calculation was we have to came to far to let this mini-confrontation conclude this interview. I explained that I was trying to  do a thorough job in obtaining information. I saw the interview disappearing with their abrupt departure. I told them we wanted to hear his story and that I would only interrupt to get better clarification. This seemed to placate the wife and we returned to the daughter’s drop off at Lynnhaven Mall at 5:30 AM.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Couple things that always seemed strange to me: First, that the new wife was so defensive. She is not the daughter’s mother, and it all just seems a little sketchy that they reacted that way. I’m protective of my step-daughter but if someone else’s child was murdered and this many years had passed and my husband or daughter could help in any way, even if it was just giving information so that the parents felt like they were getting somewhere by getting information that one of them might have, I would expect them to help the person. I wouldn’t assume that my husband was in trouble, unless I had reason to believe that.

    Second, is something I am going to check on tomorrow, and then post back what I found out.

    • Miranda says:

      Okay, I spoke with a security guard from the mall today and he told me that without permission from the mall itself, no one is at the mall at 5 am to stock shelves. They allow them to come in an hour or two early, but 5 AM isn’t something that happens. I am guessing that this is why she got so upset about bringing up the daughter.

      Keep in mind that the mall doesn’t even open until 11 AM on Sundays, which puts it even later. If the store where she works didn’t have special permission then there is no way that he was taking her to work at that hour. I can’t even think of any special events that would be coming up mid August to have people there at that time.

      That was the second thing that bothered me, but I didn’t want to suggest it without finding out more.

      • sherluck says:

        My research showed similar findings, Miranda. Forgot it was on a Sunday and that makes his alibi even more unbelievable. Maybe he was having an affair or something and taking his daughter to work was his cover for the public, but how would investigators ever buy this alibi?

  2. TK says:

    It’s bothering me that the police did not check PH’s alibi. They could of easily verified this information by contacting his daughters employer. Can we verify this now…pay stub, income taxes filed, time card?

    • Clark Kent says:

      TK When we tried we were told by first wife very strongly that she did not want to bring her family into the investigation.

      • TK says:

        Dear Mrs. Ex H…Nobody wanted to bring their family into this, especially the Carsons!!! I could not live with myself knowing that my ex husband used my daughter as an alibi to cover up a murder so he could selfishly continue living his life freely. I’d be afraid of the man upstairs


  3. sherluck says:

    The mall opens its doors to employees at 8am – it’s been that way for years. So he drops his daughter off two hours before the doors to the mall even open. Bulletproof alibi.

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