An Email’s Request, re: PH

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice received this email on Feb 20, 2020 from a valued participant with Justice for Shellie. RK asks a very basic question. RK inquires “Has Justice ever attempted to make contact with SH or her daughter?” A very simple request as Justice has tried many times to contact SH, however we have been rebuked. I’m not meaning to avoid all the attempts that were made with no success, but believe that we need help. We reside in Va Beach and others have knowledge of Shellie’s murder and the existence of Justice for Shellie and may know SH or her daughter and they may be in a position to help in some way to arrange an interview or another avenue to reach SH.

Please read the attached Email and give it a thought. It is not 15 years and things have changed. Please consider what we can do to speak with SH or her daughter. You never know unless you ask.

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