PH – Interview – Part I

Written by Clarke Kent

Bill Carson and myself worked very hard to set up a meeting with PH. We both know that this would be our only chance to inquire into what we had already learned in the 10 years since Shellie Carson was murdered.

Please read it carefully and remember that it is now 5 years after we interviewed PH on Nov 4, 2015. Now 15 years after PH discovered Shellie’s murdered body, interest in PH has increased. Our question now is was PH the Good Samaritan the Carson’s believed him to be? I will post the part 2 of the interview sshortly after we have a chance to digest what we learned about PH. We welcome your thoughts and comments. Now the interview:

I arrived early at Bill’s home for our 5 PM meeting/Interview with the Good Samaritan (PH). We discussed the interview and Bill pointed out that PH was prepared to talk about the discovery of Shellie’s body and what transpired at the discovery location across from the Kings Grant Circle.  He repeated that this will be difficult for him and also PH and he wanted me to understand his feeling as well as PH’s. I told him I understood. At exactly 5PM both PH and his wife arrived and were introduced to me and after a cordial chat we began the interview. I was prepared with many questions, however PH made it known that he wanted to tell his story of the discovery. Leaving his home on Suffolk Lane with his 19 year old daughter to drop her off for work restocking merchandise at a business in Lynnhaven Mall. I interjected with can you tell me the name of the store? This basic question ignited an incendiary response from his wife. The wife who preferred not be identified was annoyed at my questions as being instructive in his daughter’s business. She was also upset at how we have her address that was invasive to her. With regard to my question to PH on where his daughter worked he didn’t seem too concern PH.

Her spontaneous rebuke of the question created a confrontational atmosphere. She perceived that my intention was to conduct an inquisition, instead of allowing PH to tell his story. Justice has waited this long for this opportunity we weren’t going to abort this opportunity. It appeared to me that she was about to abruptly cancel this interview and leave. Voices were raised by myself and the wife. Justice calculation was we have to came to far to let this mini-confrontation conclude this interview. I explained that I was trying to  do a thorough job in obtaining information. I saw the interview disappearing with their abrupt departure. I told them we wanted to hear his story and that I would only interrupt to get better clarification. This seemed to placate the wife and we returned to the daughter’s drop off at Lynnhaven Mall at 5:30 AM.

Now to what we learned. PH headed home after dropping his daughter at her job and headed to Va Beach Blvd to Kings Grant Rd passing Little Neck Rd and entered the Kings Grant circle. After making a right turn he observed a bike laying under a bush and thought it might be someone who fell off his/her bike so he continued around the circle again and parked his white van type vehicle where the bike was and left to look what happened. He then discovered a body lying there bleeding from head wounds. He described a horrible scene. He tried comforting her and secured a towel he had in his vehicle and put the blue and white stripped towel under her head. He was afraid to move her for fear of a neck injury he might injure further. He described hearing her gurgle which brought tears to his eyes. He was empathetic that she was alive and he prayed for her. He describes calling 911 operator from his cell phone. On the phone after giving the location he prayed on the phone with the operator. PH estimates he arrived a little after 6 AM and he put it at 6:04 AM. As he waited with the body he left briefly to knock on the door of the home, but didn’t realize it was empty. He immediately returned to the body, just at the time the EMS arrived. Medics rushed to the body and a female medic spoke with PH, who was very shaken. At one point he heard the police up near Little Neck Rd and Newcastle and waved them down towards the circle. He said a rescue ambulance was there as well as the fire department. He reveals that the medics covered the body with a white blanket over her and he protested that she was alive.

He discloses that she had no pants or underwear on and that her shirt was pulled up over her breasts. He also mentioned she had a sock on one foot and he did not observe any clothing, socks or sneakers visible.

There are several startling other discoveries which I will discuss in part 2.

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7 Responses to PH – Interview – Part I

  1. TK says:

    Has PH’s daughter ever been interviewed?

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    TK When we got involved PH daughter was not living in Virginia and we never had the opportunity to speak to her,

  3. DoctorEyebeeS says:

    Has justice obtained the transcript of the 911 call?

  4. Wham says:

    I do not trust this Sherlock persons sudden interest

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Wham Sherluck has been working behind the scene and indicates to me a very strong interest in working with Justice on the PH involvement in this case. Justice is interested in people who are willing to help gather real information on people pin pointed as having possible knowledge of importants to the murder of Shellie Carson.

    • Sherluck says:

      Hey Wham, you’re right – I haven’t been around recently. Around the time of the court case against Shellie, we weren’t getting a lot of updates and like many people, I fell out of touch. I’m here now and dedicated!

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