PH – Interview – Part 2

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice will be concentrating more vigorously, and now that we have a Va Beach citizen who has an ardent enthusiasm for investigating PH. And will be introduced on my next post. I wanted to have everyone read the interviews prior to my introduction of “Sherluck.”

Here is my Part 2 of PH’s interview.

PH explained in a diagram (See attachment A) where he parked his vehicle (see #1), the vacant house (see #2), parked police car where he was initially sitting until detectives talked to him, and #4 indicates the place on the circle where detectives interviewed him. Justice put in the road names and Brill Field. As I stated in Part #1, the white vehicle, a Honda Odyssey was parked at diagram #1 and was there until Monday when it was released. I attach a Wavy photo as (Attachment B) which reveals a single white vehicle, van type in the picture. It was taken just after the Forensic Team arrived. If you look carefully, you can observe a privacy shield on the ground and the bike to it’s left. Indicated also in the photo is the police yellow crime tape that blocked people and vehicles from the area. A tape was stretched between a small tree across Kings Grant Circle, etc.

When PH was asked if he recognized the body, he said no. He describes the face, however the LE said she was hit by a blunt object. He did say that he learned on Monday when his daughter told him it was Shellie. You coached her on the basketball team. He also told Bill and I that when he initially tried to assist this female that “she moaned once.” He also revealed that at first glanced he thought that she was attacked sexually. The police incident/Investigative Report indicates that at 6:09 AM and would be consistent with PH’s assessment that he arrived at 6:04 AM, found the body, returned to vehicle, secured a towel and tried to comfort her and call 911. The LE incident report of found at 6:09 Am would be when the cell phone was docketed in police records. The EMS arriving prior to police and the police not able to find the Kings Grant Circle and the body location from the call is a question of PH’s indicating when he and the location for help…the police arrived at Newcastle and were at a point close to the Little Neck Rd and PH had to wave them to the body location. Either the police went to Newcastle instead of Little Neck Rd to the circle via Kings Grant Rd. PH however said he was clear to the operator as indicated by EMS earlier arrived at the least we know that the police reaction time needs to be reviewed. Usually  a police vehicle is patrolling an area and if notified could respond within minutes.

Back to PH. He indicated that he was on a holding pattern in a police vehicle (See diagram #3) location and was talked to by a detective at location #4 on diagram. During his brief interview with Detective if he was aware of who it was, he would have revealed it at that point. PH also reveals that a few days later police asked him for a DNA swab and he agreed and it was taken.

Others thought at one time during our interview PH stated that “she was salvable at that time.” He also mentioned that he sought out the pastor at Bill’s church to ask advise. It appears that Bill and he had as PH describes it an encounter at this church. Bill asked him to come talk with Charlotte. That is how PH arrived to talk to both together. Bill had forgotten this meeting.

Bill has told me that PH several days after her murder, that PH visited with Charlotte and himself. He said “Although it appeared difficult for him, as it was for us, he explained what happened that morning. He was very kind to make this visit and his visit gave us great comfort. We were and I remain deeply indebted to him for his kindness in finding Shellie and praying for her and relating the traumatic details to us.”

Some other aspect of our interview: Ph mentioned that he wanted to keep his identity private, that he preferred Good Samaritan. Bill asked me to refer to him as the Good Samaritan. I told I can’t since he is a POI and also identified as PH.

I called PH on his cell and left a message to call me to discuss a few issues. As of this posting today, 11/6/15 he hasn’t returned my call. I’ updating, PH did call and he agreed to meet with me w/o wife in one week when he returns. I asked him at the interview if he checked the website/blog and he said he didn’t but his ex referred to getting other information on Shellie’s murder via other means. He did not know Don T or recently the Coworker. The issue of Suffolk Lane, Coworker, Incident Report and neighbor’s comments were not reviewed since we only focused on what happened at the circle with the body.

As I said in Part #1 it was a confrontational atmosphere and presented questions on Don T, Suffolk Lane, and other topics.

My next post will deal with questions, what we learned, conflicting matters, timeline and other input from the PH interview.

Bill was afraid if I used PH in my post, PH himself would get upset and maybe jeopardize future interviews. As I understand it this was a one time only interview and he didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I’ll close with telling readers that PH wold us he was upset and anxious about the interview and didn’t sleep well the night before.

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