Justice to Coordinate PH with Sherluck as Point Man

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has had meetings and conversations with Sherluck to specifically coordinate all information and new information on his possible involvement in the Shellie Carson murder investigation. Sherluck has indicated his willingness to help coordinate new information with Justice. All people interested will be able to contribute via comments on the Justice for Shellie blog site. We now must be creative in seeking information from all sorts of documentation available to citizens. I need people who can check the court documents as well ass all supposed documents surrounding PH finding Shellie’s body on Sunday Aug 13th, 2005. There is a call from PH to Police at 6:09 AM which we need to be able to view and get a copy via “Freedom of Information.”

We need people willing to ask for information that legally should be available to the public. Please coordinate with me and Sherluck directly or via the Justice for Shellie website thru the comments Justice for years has tried to get documents, however it was always blocked by VBPD that claimed it is a currently in an open investigation and they do not want it available to citizens. Let’s try again now after 5 – 7 years of refusals

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  1. Aubreenup says:

    Hello to all
    In this puzzling span, I love you all
    Appreciate your one’s nearest and friends

  2. Evidence says:

    It is frustrating to say the least that in few days marks the 15 anniversary since Shellie’s brutal and heinous murder. Hopefully the local newspaper will have some mention of this.
    Obviously this investigation has been a total failure of the Virginia Beach Police. (Which it was from the very start). Not to mention a corrupt cover up from them. Mistakes and Politics.

  3. Evidence says:

    Meant to say a few months AUGUST. And once again to revisit the Time line of events that started off that Saturday before her death and immediately after her death on the Sunday morning when Police made the visit to the BF. His reactions and why?

    Example: Why did he call his friend at 7/11 on the ride home from JC Penny, even before he came home?? That person who was one of the last to see Shellie alive in the early morning of her death and later told Justice he saw a “White Car” near them when he walked her outside of 7/11.

  4. Evidence says:

    What is going on with the Blog. NO post. Is Clark ok? How come no post from New SHURLUCK? Aug is right around the corner. The anniversary date of the Murder of Shellie.
    Some are talking about going to the local news for some coverage. Any thoughts. It is imperative to keep this murder in the Public eyes. Someone out there has information.

  5. Clark Kent says:

    Clark Kent I am so disgruntled with the Carson Family after Bill’s death.They were only interested in their the bottom line of their inheritance.When I inquired about how they were going to handle the Reward money that was $40,000.They would put money into the pool for their inheritance and they did not repay the people who donated the money Both Charlette and Bill. were wonderful parents and did everything they could do help solve her brutal murder.

  6. MH says:

    I sent an email a little over a month ago but haven’t heard back yet. I am just reaching out again to see if I can speak with someone directly from Justice for Shellie? Thank you!

  7. Clark Kent says:

    MH You can speak with me Clark Kent.Contact Miranda via email.She reads all incoming.

  8. Sherluck says:

    I hope you all are faring well during this Pandemic. Shellie is still in all of our hearts, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t ponder about her murder. Stay safe, stay sharp, stay vigilant.


  9. MH says:

    Hello again! I just wanted to reach back out here in the comments section to make sure that I messaged the correct email… I used the one I found under ‘contact’ — clarkekent298@gmail.com — on Wednesday afternoon, the 22nd. Just making sure it’s the right one!
    Thank you!

  10. Clark Kent says:

    MH Justice For Shellie was created to obtained any information on the Shellie Carson and her brutal murder. If you can add to our knowledge we will appreciate your contribution.We do not want to get side tracked.

  11. MH says:

    So do you only want leads at Justice, not to answer any questions? I want to do right by Shellie by having as much insight into her case as possible. I am an investigative journalist focusing solely on her case at this time and just hoped to speak with someone further, as you all have been working on it far longer than myself. I did not see that as getting side tracked.

  12. Clark Kent says:

    MH I would be available to meet with you at my house where I have all of Shellies documents etc. Contact Miranda she will give you my location in Va Bch and will get your tel# and I will call you to set up a meeting.

  13. Ocean air says:

    Any information that anyone has needs to contact the VBPD cold case unit.

  14. Billy The Kid says:

    Look at her brother and his friend Kevin.

    • Clark Kent says:

      Billy The Kid I’am interest in your statement:” Look at her brother and his friend Kevin”. Please contact me if you have any information on Kevin.Kevin is not on our radar. I am interested in learning more about your knowledge on Drew and his friends.

  15. TK says:

    Rest in peace Shellie. I hope today is the day someone speaks; and
    Thank you Clark for keeping this case alive.

  16. Evidence says:

    Any one watching the news last night on channel 13 (8/13) saw the Detective now working the case. Very interesting. He mentioned the BOYFRIEND and the argument they had the day and night before. And how he said, “allegedly” made up. Also that that they have interviewed him about 6 times. He stated that they have a few other suspects but are in the process of elimination.
    I really had the impression they are getting close to a arrest and the obvious suspect will be getting a knock on the door real soon.

  17. Chaos free says:

    They have to use the word “Allegedly” because only one person says they made up. Therefore they must use that word because it is not fact if they did or did not.

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