Justice to Coordinate PH with Sherluck as Point Man

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has had meetings and conversations with Sherluck to specifically coordinate all information and new information on his possible involvement in the Shellie Carson murder investigation. Sherluck has indicated his willingness to help coordinate new information with Justice. All people interested will be able to contribute via comments on the Justice for Shellie blog site. We now must be creative in seeking information from all sorts of documentation available to citizens. I need people who can check the court documents as well ass all supposed documents surrounding PH finding Shellie’s body on Sunday Aug 13th, 2005. There is a call from PH to Police at 6:09 AM which we need to be able to view and get a copy via “Freedom of Information.”

We need people willing to ask for information that legally should be available to the public. Please coordinate with me and Sherluck directly or via the Justice for Shellie website thru the comments Justice for years has tried to get documents, however it was always blocked by VBPD that claimed it is a currently in an open investigation and they do not want it available to citizens. Let’s try again now after 5 – 7 years of refusals

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