15 Years Ago Today, Shellie was Brutally Murdered. Now What?

The Anniversary of Shellie’s brutal murder 15 years ago is today. Auguat 14, 2005 was the date.

Justice for Shellie led the fight to expand our knowledge of what happened and was very helpful in passing to the VBPD information we learned.

Bother parents of this 18 year olf girl have passed away. Who cares now?

Can we allow the case to join the hundreds of other cold cases?

Now what?

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5 Responses to 15 Years Ago Today, Shellie was Brutally Murdered. Now What?

  1. TK says:

    I wish law enforcement would trace the Vin Number to PH’s old van and look for DNA

  2. Leigh says:

    I missed the interview last night on the news.

    • Clark Kent says:

      TK When the VBPD arrived at the murder scene PH car was parked and it stayed all day until PH was allowed to remove it. The LE had plenty of time to investigate the parked White Honda Odyessy. The forensic team had plenty of time to examine it,however we have no proof that it was searched.If the body was transferred using the White Honda Odyessy we have no knowledge.I believe if the vehicle was clean of evidence concerning Shellie it would go along way in proving he was not involved in her murder.If however the VBPD did not investigate the vehicle it would indicate a breach of investigation that may cancel PH Proof that would either help him or hurt him.

  3. Evidence says:

    Watched the news and the featured story and his comments about the Boyfriend.

    Seems like they are getting close for a arrest.

  4. Clark Kent says:

    Evidence I missed watching the featured story. Could you fill us in on what was said & what you learned.

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