Police Share Newly Released Details in Unsolved Murder of Shellie Carson

Written by Clarke Kent

I have attached a link of a printing on Aug 14, 2020 regarding detectives with the VBPD Cold Case Unit sharing new information about the murder of Shellie Carson on the 15th Anniversary of her murder.

I will be following up on my opinion and thoughts concerning what was said and thought concerning what was said by the VBPD. There is one thing said that bolsters my thinking of who was the killer. Please read it carefully so that we can have a dialogue concerning Shellie’s murder.

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5 Responses to Police Share Newly Released Details in Unsolved Murder of Shellie Carson

  1. Mary Erickson says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated on this horrific crime. Bill and Char are with her now and have her in their loving arms.

  2. Byron says:

    Hello and thank you for the update. I don’t know if I remember correctly but I think I read that the person who found her also knew her. Now what are the chances of that happening and them not be responsible for her murder? Come on now people. I have always been interested in mysterious crime cases and my ex father-in-law was a life long law enforcement agent at the Federal level. I was asking him his opinion about certain aspects of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder(that everyone remembers) and I’ll never forget one of the things he said:”there are no coincidences in murders”. Of course I’m nobody but I earnestly believe that. There are a LOT of people living off that traffic circle. And you’re telling me that the person who just happened to find her knew her?! If I have my facts wrong please forgive me and forget about my post here. Teenage boy with a lot of angst bashing in his girlfriend’s head? Sick, perverted middle aged man coming across victim, fantasies instantly remove all self control, sexual assault begins, something goes wrong, bashes her head in, calls police to look like a good Samaratine?

    • Meddling says:

      Well let’s see wife gone, Shellie goes over to meet him at his home. Kills shellie dumps her at the traffic circle. Another good male friend finds her murdered. Like minded, nothing is a coincidence. Is this a reason for a divorce? Well now that person can testify against ex-husband. No dumb ass kids could have kept this secret for so lone but adults could.

  3. Clark Kent says:

    Byron Your comment is very interesting.You alluded to learning are no coincidences in murder.I have uncovered many interesting things regarding PH with several happening just prior to Shellies murder.Could they all be coincidences? I will be publishing my next Post and will reveal what i learned just prior to the discovery of Shellie’s Body.

  4. Byron says:

    I totally agree, well said.

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